Help I can’t decide which ‘Solana finds out Garrus and Shepard are dating’ scenario I like better

1. Garrus just tells Sol he and Shepard are together. She nods thoughtfully and says she wishes them both happiness. Then she calmly pulls up her omni-tool. 

Garrus: ….What are you doing? 

Sol: Me? Nothing. *continues dialing* 

Garrus: Who are you calling?? 

Sol: No one. *click* Hello, dad? 

Garris: *leaps out of his chair* 

Sol: You are NOT gonna BELIEVE who- *gets tackled by Garrus*

2. Sol knows he’s with SOMEONE she just doesn’t know who and she hounds him and keeps guessing until she figures it out. 

Sol: Is it someone you work with? 

Garrus: I… 

Sol: Is it an alien? Is it a human?? 

Garrus: ….uh… 

Sol: Is it Commander Shepard? 

Garrus: ….  


3. Solana just straight up walks in on Garrus and Shepard making out and starts screaming

I think a part of her always thought she wasn’t destined for a happy ending, so the rest of her made sure she would never get one
—  (Via - Solana R. )

Famous Lesbians, Lesbian History:

Valerie Solanas (1936-1988) - author, radical feminist

  • wrote the SCUM Manifesto in 1967
  • she attempted to murder Andy Warhol in 1968, confessed that he “had too much control in my life.” She served three years for this attempt. She also stated: “ I consider that a moral act. And I consider it immoral that I missed. I should have done target practice.”
  • Ti-Grace Atkinson, the president of the National Organization for Women at the time, called Valerie “the first outstanding champion of women’s rights” and “a ‘heroine’ of the feminist movement”
  • Valerie herself on feminist organizations: “[nothing more than] a civil disobedience luncheon club.” She stated she “reject[s] mainstream liberal feminism for its blind adherence to cultural codes of feminine politeness and decorum which the SCUM Manifesto identifies as the source of women’s debased social status”