Some detail views of my maps/the program as a whole.  The little tokens represent NPCs/mobs (some of whom are invisible from a player’s view).  To the left is a list of the people in the party.

Fenrick - Kreugan | Abraxus - Sol | Emer - Avali | Orianna - Reg | Rei - Daunt (you need to choose a new token, girl) | Rin - Me

You can also see Fenrick’s totally IC journal in the second shot ;x


A tiny, unpolished (and sound-less) preview of the gift I’m making for Avali and Solacion. It’ll be taking a while though D=

Thor and Tony have a drinking competition, with Spidey as the bartender/referee. Because YES.


I’m not sending individual asks because that smells too strongly of work


since y'all are going to be down here for a HWHILE, I thought a Marvel movie-film-a-thon would be NAIS (since Memphis is … Memphis, and isn’t doing the marathon that some theaters are).

Avali and I own Thor (OBVIOUS) and The Hulk (Ed Norton version), and I am probably going to buy Captain America.  SO IF ANYONE has either of the IM films, BRING THEM.

solacion replied to your post: BROVENGERS

I definitely don’t have the IM movies. On limited edition Blu-ray. <.

fornax replied to your postBROVENGERS

yeah I have p. much all of them on blu-ray! Should probably ask, does blu-ray work? And if not do Sol’s shiny limited edition packs have DVD versions?


BRING WHATEVER YOU HAVE in case we can’t find ours and/or I forget to buy stuff

but yes, Blu-Ray is a go (and preferred, she said snobbily, while sipping her red wine and eating her well-aged gouda cheese), as we do all of our viewings via the PS3.


A one (or two) night D&D adventure :V