In rural #Afghanistan, very often I get followed by little girls who watch me work in astonishment ,like this little girl, Rana (7). On rare occasions, they move beyond their giggles and whispers and approach me to start a conversation. All i can hope for is that seeing what a #woman is capable of, inspires and motivates them to work hard and move themselves out of the unpleasant future that awaits most #afghan women: getting married at a very young age and spend the rest of their lives making babies and doing house work.
Last year, around this time, i met 10-year-old Zahra, the daughter of my driver. She tagged along with me all day, patiently watching me work, we chatted quite a bit in the back of the car and had a great time traveling to #bandeamir
i found her to be a very bright, articulate and smart and thankfully, she’s being raised by a lovely father who wants the best for her daughter.
This morning, my driver called me to say that he is on his way to Kabul. When i asked what’s taking him there? He joyfully responded: “Since we last met, Zahra has been admitted to #SOLA (The School of Leadership in Afghanistan, an afghan-led private boarding school for #girls) and now she has received a scholarship to go on a field trip to #India . i am going to #kabul to get her a passport!!”
And that’s how my day started…
#onassignment #bamiyan (at Bamyan)

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¡Brindemos! Porque nunca nadie sabrá lo sola que me siento. Por todas las veces que me imaginé muriendo de distintas maneras. Porque soy un maldito desastre. Porque mis amigas jamás sabrán todos los problemas que rondan mi cabeza. Porque estoy jodidamente perdida en un mundo de mierda.Porque me harté de ayudar a las personas. Porque no soy suficiente para nadie. Porque siempre esperan mis consejos y que los escuche pero nunca hacen eso por mí. Porque un hongo tiene más vida social que yo. Porque odio a todo el mundo. Porque no sé quien soy. Porque no le tengo miedo a nada. ¡Brindemos! Porque mi vida es una mierda.