Hair: LeahLillith Heartburn Hair (
Eyebrows: Romantic Eyebrows N23 (
Eyelashes: 3D Lashes (
Skin: Julia Skin Overlay (
Mouth Corners: Mouth Corners N03 (
Dimples: Dimples N04 (
Eyes: Chisami’s Pinstruck Default Eyes (
Earring: Dior Tribale Earring (
Face shine: [ Sol ] - Face Shine (
Eyeshadow: S4 Exotic Eyeshadow (
Eyeliner: Ethereal Lashes N27 (
Lips: LipsSet20 (
Dress: MIDI Skin Tight Dress ( .


10x09 “The Things We Left Behind”
10x23 “Brother’s Keeper”
The Thing about Darkness and Light

So while working on the first part of this meta/spec post for the end of S11, I also came across something else I found rather interesting. Dean and Amara to me represent two sides of the same coin, lock and key, mark and blade and aso darkness and light. I find it really amazing how the moment we first hear about Dean fearing to go darkside again he mentions probably the biggest light source known in our galaxy: the sun. The very antidote to the darkness. It gets much better though still when 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper” rolls around and Death reveald to Dean that a force exists called the Darkness, a force we know will be tied to Dean and all the while the exposition and telling about the Darkness last we have Dean framed with the “El Sol” - the sun - shining like a halo atop of his head and also later his head surrounded by bright lights also giving him a halo. Guess it’s been set up from the get go, who will be the lightbringer… It definitely fits nicely to all these instances of Dean framed as the lightbringer in S11. And how was it said in 11x09 “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”? Right: “It’s the light that vanquishes the Darkness”.