Sun is shining by annebardas
Sun is shining Sun is shining, the weather is sweet Make you want to move your dancing feet To the rescue, here I am Want you to know y'all, where I stand Sun is shining - Bob Marley
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Crowded Desolation.

This one is full of people.
People driving.
People going to their jobs in the great capitalist mazes of rats.
People consuming bean water.
People talking
Starting their day with a mechanical stiffness to their gait and a yawn that nearly knocks them over.

The thermometer reads off a numerical value of the present cold or warm
The clock reads off a numerical value of this very moment’s four digit label
The calendar that hangs on the wall and denotes nice even squares of numerical value
A world of numbers all chasing that abstraction we call the now.


Sol shines down on a world in transit. Everyone seems to be going somewhere. Hopes and dreams reside at the end journeys not yet taken. Major organized thought policing religions talk the masses into believing this life is just transitory, that reality as we all know it is just a journey to the after world, a land which we all must go, and our positions and situations will be determined on what we do as we travel onwards. The thoughts on the road to the afterlife, defining our level of suffering, and our dedication to the reading of certain books and memorizing the poorly written sentences therein…
In this collective reality, stagnation is the greatest sin, like some kind of religion of sharks…movement is life and stillness is certain damnation an doom….we are the upright speaking animals of movement…our civilization the settlement of perpetual motion…

we the movers and our ancestors have made and filled our realities with abstraction and characters which denote an exact sliver of this abstraction…
Letters which are assigned exact sounds of vibrating vocals chords, are everywhere in dozens of languages…the human voice
On signs
On walls
On the streets
In the gutters
In our homes
In our storage places of knowledge…

Welcome to earth.
Land of numerical values and vibrating vocal chords.
The civilization that reflects the unnoticed spinning of our planet, with a subconscious obsession of movements.

Framing up some paintings tonight for my art showing in June at Sol Shine gallery/boutique. Really excited to have my paintings going on display finally, and its going to be amazing yet bitter sweet to see them go


Check out Eddy and John playing a track called “Baby But” at the beach!


DemonTHON raises money for Lurie Children’s Hospital so that they can the aid brave children, like Harlow, in their fight against cancer. We are honored to be playing there tonight. I hope all those going to DemonTHON wear their dancing shoes. We go on at 3AM!