Topi’s Daily Card #999:  Sol Ring

Yes, I’ve gone almost one thousand cards without doing Sol Ring.  Don’t ask me how.  Thanks to the commander sets, I’m swimming in this reprinted-to-high-heaven card, and I’m not complaining one bit(Didn’t bother fetching Sol Rings out of my EDH decks either, so probably chalk up 4-7 more).  

I mean, what is there to say about Sol Ring?  The fact it’s been reprinted in every commander expansion is a telling fact of where a lot of people think this card is best. And let’s be honest, it’s amazing to do a Turn one Land Sol Ring Signet go, or even a turn 2 Solemn Simulacrum to make you ramp even more.  Sol Ring is good in almost any deck, I personally wouldn’t put it in a 4 or 5 color deck unless you can afford the double colorless ramp, as sometimes using ramp with colors like Darksteel Ingot and the like are better.  Sol Ring is the most powerful ramp artifact that’s common in EDH hands down, which makes it a little divisive.  Some people put in every deck, some others would rather see this card banned like it is on French banned lists.  I don’t mind it personally, but I am putting a pretty big target on whoever drops it turn one.  Honestly, it’s pretty hard to imagine EDH without this card, for better or worse.  

anonymous asked:

why are the rose petals there anyways LANCE. what was their purpose, their plan UWU this holiday isn't real and just created by society and retail stores for higher incomes and others, what's your guys opinion on valentines?

K: Lance took so much time laying them out the way he wanted them that we decided to leave them for today, also they smell pretty good so

L: Also they’re not rose petals… they’re some Altean flower that happens to look like roses. 

K: They smell like pretzels…

L: They do smell like pretzels it’s flipping weird

K: Good weird though

L: Yes, and about valentines day

L: It’s silly but fun to celebrate! I wish it were more about love in general though instead of just romantic love, because there are so many types y’know 

K: True true, 

K: I hope everyone had a great day today! 

L: I know i did <3

K: Aww

  1. Quero as ondas desses mares, universo em fim de tarde. 🌊🌥
  2. Um céu, um sol e um mar. 🌤🌊
  3. Minhas chances são de desistir, ou estar em algum lugar e ver o sol nascer. 🌤
  4. Livre pra poder buscar o meu lugar ao sol. ☀️
  5. Vambóra pra praia, vendo o sol estralar. 🌊🌞
  6. Eu quero sol e mar, verão o ano inteiro. 🌊☀️
  7. Tão natural quanto a luz do dia. ⛅️✨
  8. Deixa o mar levar pra longe todo mal que existe. 🌊
  9. Vamos pra praia pra ver o mar, sentir a onda bater, ideias clarear. 🌊
  10. Em plena praia, no céu azul, brilhava o sol. ☀️
  11. Entre o azul do céu e o verde do mar tanta coisa ainda há. 🌈✨
  12. Eu quero a praia, só quero paz, só quero amor. 🌊✌️🏾
  13. Sentado a beira da praia, olhando o mar, cantando pra você. 🌊🎸
  14. Um por do sol é mais um dia que se vai. 🌥🔄
  15. Todo por do sol, traz a esperança do que vem pela frente. 🌥☘
  16. Faça chuva, faça sol, faça amor. 🌦♥️
  17. Vamos ver o pôr do sol, me dê a mão. 💑🌥
  18. Mas é claro que o sol, vai voltar amanhã mais uma vez. 🌥🔄
  19. O importante é que faz sol, com ou sem você. ☀️🕶
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Sol, praia, mar, paz… ☀🙏

Ela nunca entendeu aquela gente que preferia ficar enclausurada e perder um dia bom. Ela preferia o som do vento, o sabor do mar e o calor do sol. ☀🌊

I feel so good today. ☀💕

Debaixo do sol, na frente do mar…💭☀🌊

Quero praia, sol, mar, e a noite namorar você num luar. ☀💕

Felicidade é um fim de tarde olhando o mar…💭🌊

Um céu, um sol e um mar. ☁☀🌊

A vida é como uma maré, quem não sabe surfar se afoga! 🌊

Um céu, um sol e um mar quero as ondas desses mares, universo em fim de tarde. ☁☀

Céu e mar e alguém para amar…🌊❤