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Can we talk about Sophie? Like, what do you guys think her thoughts were surrounding what Izetta was doing? Do you think she realized that Izetta was trying to end all magic? Why did she choose to start absorbing it too rather than either getting out of there or simply attacking her? Do you think it was really just about killing Izetta? Making sure she would die? Her facial expressions give me this feeling that it was something more. I don’t know. In the shots above, I captured her expressions before she started, as she was starting, and when her body finally gave out. There’s a bit of a smile on her face at the end. And her eyes look a lot kinder.

Is it too hopeful to want to think that she decided to leave the world a safer place after all? Or that she decided to make it possible for Izetta to survive? “If she crystallizes all that magic at once, she’ll die for sure.”

I really feel like there’s more to that scene than just an enraged maniac back from the dead.

Alright I’m sorry but I have to admit that I actually kind of like Sophie now. I really disliked her at first. But realizing that she is very likely the reason Izetta survived (she crystallized part of the magic, Izetta doing it all herself would have surely killed her) and also deciding for myself that she literally made the decision to make that happen in those last moments has pretty much transformed my opinion. She made for a great villain but I’ll bet she made for an even better hero. I’m really interested in what kind of person she was before she was betrayed.

Izetta Finale Thoughts (Ep. 12)

Well, since my noob ass hit the Tumblr photo limit (that I didn’t know about rofl) and I have a bit less than 6 hours before that resets, I will post the rest of my finale caps and my comedic shitposts later for you guys. For now, I’ll simply divulge my thoughts about the finale and about the series as a whole. It’s been one hell of a magic broom ride and I’m feeling so blessed right now. I hope you feel the same.

There are LOTS OF SPOILERS HERE. If you haven’t watched episode 12, don’t read this!

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