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Big Bang Reaction - They have a crush on you

Someone requested this I think. Enjoy! 

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Ji Yong:

He’d be both shy and extremely nervous when he’s around you. He hasn’t exactly had the best experience with love, so when he started crushing on you, he would get extremely nervous. He wouldn’t try to avoid you, but he just gets so nervous that he thinks it’d be best to stay away from you. During that time he’d be making a lot of songs, mostly about how he feels about you. When you do talk to him he’d be kinda flirty:

“Why are your cheeks so red (Y/N)-ah?”

“Kwon Ji Yong you know why,”

“I know my presence makes you flustered,”

“I could say the same about you,”

“Don’t you know who I am? I don’t get flustered,”

“Then explain to me why you couldn’t stop staring at me and giggling as soon as I walked in”

He’d love spending time with you, no matter how nervous he gets. He’d love it when it’s just you two, but he’d also hate it. His heart racing, his palms getting sweaty. After a little time, you’d ease away from his nerves and you’d have a wonderful time together.

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Choi Seunghyun:

He’d stare at you when you’re not noticing. He’d tried to play it off cool when you catch him, but he’d be blushing wildly. He might be the type to fall slowly, and not realize that he likes you until the little moments. He’d just be looking at you, watching you laugh loudly or watching you study. Something about you when you were doing these things just made him smile. It’s not the big things, but the little ones, like the small habits you do when you’re concentrating or the little hiccup your breathing does when you laugh. He’d always try to play it off cool when you caught him:

“Seunghyun oppa, what are you doing?”

“What? Nothing,”

“No, you were staring at me. Is there something on my face?”

Yes, your amazing smile that makes me wanna kiss you “No, I was just… daydreaming?” 

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He’d get flustered and nervous around you, but he’d handle it much better than Seunghyun. He’s very cool and chill so I think he’d be very okay and very playful. When he realized he developed feelings for you, he’d be surprised, but not upset. He’d be a bit nervous around you at first, but give him a few minutes and he’ll be back to his usual chill and playful self. He’d be himself when he’s around you, not that he wasn’t before, but he’d be more him I guess. He’d be more playful and joking. He’d playfully smooth talk, but not get too far in the flirting unless he’s in the mood:

“Wow (Y/N)-ah, I never thought that you could be this pretty,”

“You must’ve been looking at a different (Y/N) because I’ve always looked this beautiful,”

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He’d always want to make you laugh and smile. I honestly thing that he always wants his love to be happy and feel good. When he starts to develop feelings he’d be extremely nervous but would want to spend time with you. Even though his heart would be really fast, and although he might mix up his words, it makes you smile and that will always be his goal.

“OH (Y/N)! I didn’t see you there!”

“Hey oppa,”

“What are you doing here (Y/N)-ah?”

*Light laughter* “You invited me here remember?”

“Oh yeah,”

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Lee Seunghyun:

He’d try to be casually and manly about it. But like, things kinda go downhill for him at times. When he first realized that he had feelings for you, he’d flip out. He’d call the rest of the members and ask them what to do. They’d all give him ridiculous suggestions to get you to like him, but in the end, he did what he thought would make you smile and impress you. I mean like other than sweet things he would say to you, he would try so hard to impress you. 

“Hey, (Y/N)-ah, you know I’m the maknae of a world famous Kpop band, right?”

“Seunghyun, I’ve known you for years, what are you doing?”

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Big Bang React: Jealous of Your Sexy MAMA Dance


At first he’s gonna be throwing you hearts every time you glance at him trying to show you how proud he is of you and how amazing your performance is going.

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Then when you lay down between one of the dancer’s legs and you climb up the guy sexily (does this make sense? I’ve seen this move before trust me) GD’s gonna be like… “Wait… WHAT? When did they come up with this move? I didn’t see this one in the dance practice?!”

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At first he’ll be sitting there with a smile on his face and enjoying your performance with the rest of the guys hyped up about it too.

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Oh boy…. when you grind your butt on the dancer’s crotch?? Not good. Not good at all. Everyone’s going to go eerily silent because they can feel the jealousy seeping off him like a waterfall.

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At first: Can we say heart eyes?!! He’s just gonna be sitting there in awe of how he’s so lucky to have you as his watching you up there dancing your heart out. Like seriously he’s gonna have his elbow on his knee, chin on his fist just sighing. 

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But OMG when you do a body wave with two guys on either side of you? Nu uh! Not. having. it! He’s gonna go up on the stage and act like he’s supposed to be part of the act (or act silly as a distraction) and take his rightful place up there beside you. 

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(Okay this is kinda awkward cause he’s currently in a relationship but… since he’s not married and I know a lot of people stan him, I’ll do it)

Come on ya’ll. Let’s be serious. He is going to BEG to be in the back dancers. I can just see him watching the dance practice all giddy.

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Then that dry humping move comes in and he’s like “Babe let me do it! I can be sexy! See! Pleaaaaaase?! I PROMISE I’LL KEEP MY SHIRT ON THIS TIME!

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He’s gonna be super impressed and floored - in the beginning - because you kept how sexy your dance truly was so he could be surprised.

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Then when your dance partner sits on the chair and you climb on his lap he’s gonna be super jealous (though I don’t think it’s going to show up on his face). He’ll be cool as a cucumber but on the inside he’s gonna be thinking “NO. N.O. She hasn’t even done that for me yet! NOT FAIR!”

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