when piero asked me to give him a whale oil tank, I didn’t see that there was already one loaded, so i used the lever to get an empty one until i realized my mistake and gave him the first one.

The thing is that i forgot to take the empty one off the dispenser and the game glitched, it won’t give me more tanks bc it says that there’s already one there BUT THERE ISNT

a story told in a mystic way

     It was her first time on land in months. Since the moment her life was forever changed, she remained in the water. Mila firmly believed that with her new life, everything else in the past no longer mattered. She was no longer Mila Demidoff-Sokolov. She was no longer a wife or a sister or a daughter. She had been molded into something else, something new and primal. But her sisters had insisted that Mila go to the surface now, they said that this town was sympathetic to their kind, and so she walked along the crooked streets and looked through frosted windows into warm shops and little restaurants. It was all so familiar and new at the same time.

     Her legs moved naturally, one foot in front of the other, instinct she would not soon forget. It was thrilling, seeing so many people in such a small place. One thing was for certain, it was definitely harder to meet people in the ocean than it was up here on the surface.

     Mila stopped to look through a window, staring at some items on display. There was a porcelain woman, seated on a bench with a man in uniform standing beside her. It was a small delicate looking pair of figurines, and it caught her attention because it resembled one she had in her old life. It used to be there, in the sitting room, on a small round table by the daybed where she would lounge and read sometimes in the early morning, her cup of tea or coffee rested beside it. This one was slightly different, the dress was a different color, and the man had on a hat whereas the one in her memory did not. Without realizing it, she felt the cold touch of the glass beneath her fingertips as she pressed them lightly against the window pane, and a single warm tear slid down the curve of her cheek.

     Her gaze shifted to a shadow reflected in the window. Instantly her hand went up to brush away that stray tear and she moved to face the person now behind her. 

          “Yes? I’m sorry, did you say something?”

I’m taking a politics of immigration class and I was going over a study that stated that even if there is more of a perceived harmful consequence for a white European immigrant who causes more harm to the job market for Americans versus a Latino immigrant who is working a bottom tier job that most Americans do not want receives more hostility and anti immigrant sentiment. They would rather deport a Jose Sanchez rather that a Nikolai Sokolov just based on their name. And this is precisely the reason I want to go into immigration law


//KLK AU based on Snake Eater where Nonon is Naked Snake, Satsuki is The Boss, Nui is Ocelot, Ragyo is Volgin, Isshin is Sokolov, Uzu is the Fear, Ira is the Fury, Houka is Major Raikov, Mako is paramedic, and Ryuko is EVA.