I got to attend the New York Antiquarian Book Fair for the first time on Friday! It was so lovely to see all of my booky friends, as well as to see the wonders everyone brought to sell– from the very small to the very large, from gorgeously tooled leather to embroidered cloth, and from fore edge to spine, everything was dazzling! If you can ever get to an antiquarian book fair, even if you don’t have the money to buy anything, I highly recommend it! It’s such a treat to see the wide variety of books that are out there, and to wonder at their beauty.

With thanks to @maggs-bros , Sokol Books, Quaritch, Jonathan A. Hill, @justincroft-blog and everyone else ♥

These are my current influences as of 2017. I’d say I’ve followed these artists for a long time but only started using some of them directly in my art after I started steering into more… adult subject matter. I pulled a lot of inspiration from all these amazing artists, and there are a few more I use often but I wanted to keep this list short. 

I love work with good expression, intricate linework and strong colours. I love the more mature themes by the artists of the first row, two of them being playboy illustrators and one being a pin up illlustrator. It makes me really happy to see erotic art portrayed in such a colourful, beautifully orchestrated way that can be enjoyed on a pleasurable level but also on a visual level.

The fluidity of movement and strong shape language is something else I’m very drawn to as well as character expression. Whether it be a strong facial expression or a piece centered around a characters actions, it can vary I just love looking at people/creatures interacting with the world and people around them. 

I hope I can continue to find influence and inspiration from these artists and I hope maybe you just learned about a name or two or three (: