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You said you were working on redesigning all of the payday gang's masks, how's that going? [mastermindng-my-manners] I just didn't want to sign in on the computer at work, sorry!

((Oh lord, Moro. I can’t figure out a good design for the Sokol mask I have, and I’ve yet to get the other four that are infamous -Dallas, Chains, Wolf, and Houston- but here’s the others. )) 

I’m trying my best to grab the infamous masks for the four, but it’s slow going!

Series: The Most Important Thing - Dowla, 22

Several months before this picture was taken, repeated bombing raids forced Dowla, 22, and her six children to flee their village in Sudan’s Blue Nile state. The most important object she was able to bring with her is the wooden pole balanced over her shoulder, with which she carried her six children during the 10-day journey from Gabanit to South Sudan. At times, the children were too tired to walk, forcing her to carry two on either side. Doro refugee camp, Maban County, South Sudan.

UNHCR/B. Sokol