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Fanwright: I admire you Azula fans. You love her character in such way that you would take the time to explore any angle writers can take with her. So I apologize if I don't do that as much as you guys and tend to focus on Sokka a little more if he appears in a story with Azula. He admittedly doesn't get the attention as a more complex character like Azula does, but has much to offer in, say, how Zuko can look to him about being a good brother. Stuff like that.

Don’t worry about that, no need to apologize about it xD in fact, it’s quite the sad coincidence that both the characters in our ship are in the dire need for more love and appreciation, both from the fandom and the creators. Granted that Sokka isn’t some sort of hated character or anything like that, but people always seem to set him aside in favor of the benders in Team Avatar, and he’s usually relegated to the role of comic relief. It’s twenty times more common in fics to see Zuko as the main character than Sokka, I think. And then there are some who have Sokka as the protagonist but they turn him dark, or they Gary Stu-him, because somehow that makes it easier for them to write him, I guess… *sigh*

And truth be told, it annoys me to see so many people treating such a great character in this way. Out of the traditional Team Avatar, he became my absolute favorite member even before I was losing my mind over this ship. There are so many aspects of Sokka’s character that are just so intriguing and fascinating… he’s a lot like Azula in regards of how contradicting he can be, but not in a sense that refers to being badly written, fortunately. Sokka’s contradictions usually refer to how he’s often the most skeptical, realistic member of the group, yet at times he shows certain innocence that is just really surprising and endearing to see in him. He projects this aura of utter satisfaction with himself, saying things about how benders are annoying/elements are stupid, yet he also shows he feels like he’s not all that special because he’s not a bender. He bickers with his sister day in and day out, but when she needs him, he has her back. He can be cold when the situation calls for it, but he’s not merciless. 

There’s also his character development, which seriously is the best one in the entire show (another reason why I grew to love him so much). I don’t care what anyone says, seriously, I firmly think Sokka’s character development was the best one we saw. Look at how he starts out, a grumpy, arrogant teen with skepticism and sarcasm instead of blood flowing through his veins xD And then see how he’s happily drawing a silly portrait, a big smile on his face, in the very last episode. You can see how he’s no longer relegated to minor roles (as he often was in Book 1) when it comes to the battles they fight, now he’s almost regarded as the leader of the team. He started out as a clumsy warrior, his boomerang his best weapon… he ends up as a fully-fledged fighter, his boomerang still a great weapon, but now he’s also a swordsman, and on top of that he has learned to appreciate his own qualities and to use them in the battlefield.

Sokka’s story ends up being one of overcoming insecurities and becoming the best guy he can be. Well, that might not be right xD he has enough potential to even outgrow the role he was given there. So yeah, with all this in mind, Sokka really makes an extraordinary character. Not in vain am I having as much fun as I am with him as my main character in Gladiator. He’s just a really well-rounded character, complex even though he tries to appear simple, inspiring even though he’s not some extraordinary bender… which honestly just might be the reason he’s so inspiring. He gets to stand next to all those master benders with pride, regardless if anyone would expect non-benders to have no place amongst the Avatar and his friends. Sokka finds that place. He makes it for himself. And in the end, turns out these guys need him direly! It’s really amazing if you think about it xD

I’m sorry we don’t get involved in big Sokka discussions that often, I know I’d gladly be up for them if they were brought up. The closest I usually am to arguing about Sokka on Tumblr is when I see those “Team Avatar” posts and he’s not in them just because he’s not a bender. You have no idea how much it annoys me .____. He’s been a member of Team Avatar since day one, but he can’t bend so in the eyes of a lot of fans he’s not worth the same as everyone else, apparently… really annoys me beyond belief .___.

Still, know that I’m well aware that this man is complex and amazing xD he really makes for a fantastic main character, and his potential is beyond me. He’s just that amazing.