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Here are some Domestic Boyfriend/Girlfriend!Zutara headcanons because I’m trash
  • The two are literally the cuddliest couple you will ever meet. When most people who’d known Zuko before Katara see the two together, they’re shocked. Zuko has never seemed like someone who enjoys physical contact, but with Katara, it’s like they’re joined at the hip. If you turn around, they’re always holding hands, or linked at the arms, or hugging. 
  • BUT they don’t throw it in your face. They aren’t one of those gross couples who can’t keep their hands to themselves. In fact, for the longest time, no one had ever actually seen them kiss. Besides cheek kisses, of course. Cheek kisses are a common occurrence. You’d think with all the motherly kisses Katara gave Aang, she’d give more than she receives. You’d be wrong. Cheek kisses are almost always given by Zuko to Katara. 
  • One day though, Sokka caught them making out behind a pillar at the royal palace, and they were both so embarrassed they couldn’t look him in the eyes for a week. He has NEVER let them live it down. 
  • Even as teenagers, the two were the mom and dad couple. Everyone KNEW they were going to get married. They act like grandparents. When Katara visits from the SWT, they take daily walks through the gardens and feed turtleducks. 
  • Everyone in the Fire Nation hardcore ships the two. Ever since Katara saved Zuko’s life, the people have loved her. Zuko’s council didn’t like her at first, and hated the idea that a waterbender was invited to join meetings as an ambassador. Katara didn’t take any of their crap, and eventually won them over. When the two finally start dating, the Nation FLIPPED OUT. Towns and villages everywhere celebrated. 
  • Once, at the start of their relationship, Katara confessed to Zuko that she always secretly loved the idea of running to hug someone and having them spin you in their arms. Ever since then, WITHOUT FAIL, Zuko makes sure to pick her up and spin her when they are reunited. 
  • While Katara and Zuko have been jealous people in the past, the two are weirdly never jealous of the other… At least, not in the angry way most people are. When one sees the other talking to someone who may or may not be flirting, they don’t run over and start slapping them. The two just gravitate towards one another. So say if Katara is talking to a nobleman at a party and the nobleman starts sweet talking her, Zuko will magically appear behind her, wrap his arms around her, and join the conversation. If some Fire Nation fangirl starting giggling too much around their Fire Lord, Katara will be right next to them, giggling just slightly louder. The two are so in love with each other and oblivious to other advances, however, that they don’t realize that the other has come to rescue them from a flirty pursuer. They’re just happy that the other turned up. 
  • They both have only had ONE angry jealous moment each, both at the start of their relationship. An adviser’s daughter somehow slipped on a piece of ice (which is so weird, since it was a FIRE NATION party) and into a servers tray of wine, and a poor, unsuspecting busboy who tended to flirt with anything and anyone stood too close to one of the torches in the room, and his pants burned clean off, leaving him in his underwear in front of everyone. 
  • Zuko would never, ever, in a million years admit this, but he loves having his hair played with. Katara discovered this fact on accident. He was running late for a meeting and asked her to help him put his hair up. As she started to gather it up, she noticed he instinctually leaned in slightly at her touch. Curious, she continued running her fingers through it, and Agni as her witness, he closed his eyes and sighed happily
  • Lucky for him, Katara loves playing with Zuko’s hair. It’s just so soft! During cuddles, she will always absentmindedly run her fingers through it and twirl it. Once it got to around his shoulders, she even started braiding it. 
  • For all their cuteness, however, the couple has one fatal flaw: They’re competitive as fuck. It started with just Katara. Everyone was on a vacation at Ember Island, and the two were challenged to a beach volleyball game. They both got really into it, but Katara got too into it. When the opposing team won with a foul move, Katara lost it and started yelling at them. Zuko had to throw Katara over his shoulder and drag her away as she kept yelling. But then the opposing player insulted Katara, and Zuko flipped. The two went back for a rematch and obliterated them into the ground. They were sore winners, too. 
  • Katara and Zuko are not allowed to play beach volleyball. 

so the other day @theclockistickingwrite and I started flailing about a:tla and our post-series headcanons and I pulled it all out of the chat archive to post it here because some of this stuff was just too good not to share

  • after Zuko is crowned Fire Lord, Katara spends her time in the northern and southern water tribes helping to heal her people and combat sexism in bending - more waterbender boys become healers and more girls take up warrior craft
  • and Aang is here/there/everywhere doing his avatar thing
  • and Toph eventually makes the decision to return home and reconcile with her parents - she doesn’t stay, but at least takes the time to work things through with them and they’re horrified at first by their tiny gross badass daughter
  • and Suki returns to Kyoshi Island with Ty Lee and the girls to start recruiting new warriors from ALL the nations
  • and Sokka is still lurking around the Fire Palace and Zuko is all “uh… hey Sokka… so I guess the Fire Nation could use an Ambassador to the Southern Water Tribe???” *rubs back of neck all awkward* because he doesn’t know how to say “I’m scared and I need a friend”
  • and this results in political shenanigans the likes of which the Fire Nation has never ever seen ft. Fire Lord Zuko and Ambassador Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe Bitchezzz
  • and unfortunately Zuko and Mai end up breaking it off because they both realize they’re too similar and have too much gloom in them and they need optimistic counterbalances, but its an amicable split and when Ty Lee comes back she and Mai totally become a thing
  • and in the meantime, Aang took Azula’s bending as punishment/for her own protection and Zuko’s making sure she gets some therapy and she’s kind of healing? Like never “better”, but she’s picking up the pieces
  • Azula’s quiet now, almost timid after they’ve snuffed out the rage and the fire inside of her
  • and Zuko agonizes over the idea for days - he talks to Sokka, Mai, Aang, Iroh, Katara, even TOPH - but he wants to meet with her, wants to try to heal her and himself and their terrible terrible history
  • so he arranges it somewhere quiet, with Ursa and Iroh waiting in the wings to see her if it all goes well
  • and Zuko doesn’t wear his Fire Lord robes or fanciness or anything and Azula looks small and scared and stays approximately seven feet away from him, just kind of looking at each other
  • and she finally breaks the silence and says “Hi Zuzu” and smiles just the littlest bit
  • and Zuko smiles back even though it still freaking hurts because she’s done so much but she’s still his sister and he holds out his hand and says “Hi Azula” in that really soft, raspy voice
  • her hand kind of hovers over the scar she knows is still there in the center of his chest, and she has such a hard time looking him in the eye when she says “what did they do to us? what did I do to you? both of us. all this hatred.”
  • and Zuko doesn’t do an Iroh impression, not quite, but he channels Uncle something fierce and says “it’s nothing that time can’t heal” because he realizes that as much as she hurt him she was Ozai’s victim too
  • and they both cry together
  • and when Katara gets the letter about their reconciliation she nearly takes Appa and flies to the Fire Nation to kill Zuko because IDIOT but eventually she makes it back and sees the progress Azula has made and has a chance to learn from the mind healers and Katara isn’t ever NICE but at least they manage to be CIVIL
  • when Zuko finds the first of a new generation of dragon hatchlings and adopts it (and names Uncle - not “Iroh” - just literally Uncle the Dragon which Sokka laughs about for a week) Azula is more shocked than anybody when the dragon accepts her, lets her pet it and curls its tail around her wrist
  • and she takes so much comfort in the dragons
  • Zuko sends her with Iroh to the Sun Warriors and they show her the truth about fire and wrap her in flames and she feels safe in a way she hasn’t felt since she first knew she had that spark in her, since before her bending became a reservoir for pain
  • and she reconciles with Ty Lee and Mai
  • and on a trip with the girls to the earth kingdom for a retreat with some of the Kyoshi Warriors she meets a nice earth bending boy and has a mini crisis because ~romantic feelings~ for an EARTH BENDER
  • meanwhile Sokka and Zuko are getting lots of mail from Katara who will not stop harassing them because she is mom
  • “make sure you’re eating” “don’t get too stressed” “keep my idiot brother from doing the thing” “keep my idiot zuko from doing the thing” “MAI KEEP BOTH THE IDIOTS FROM DOING THE THINGS”
  • and Sokka sends her ridiculous, longwinded notes in reply about Zuko doing crazy things which zuko is not doing thankyouverymuch and Zuko sends back lovely elegant letters full of affection and awkwardness
  • Aang and Katara show up periodically to surprise the boys with their stories and adventures
  • and eventually they bring along Suki
  • because suki has been busy being a BADASS and creating a massive Kyoshi spy network across the nations to share information and facilitate safe politicking and no more Ba Sing Se and Fire Nation uprising catastrophes
  • and she finds out about a plot to assassinate Zuko because there are still jerks who are loyal to Ozai
  • and she shows up with a whole goddamn contingent of Kyoshi and Ty Lee and is like “hey Zuko hey Sokka we’re your bodyguards now” and Zuko just kind of rolls with it? “cool, please don’t kill any of my ambassadors by mistake”
  • and Sokka thinks this information network is the greatest thing since sliced seal meat
  • he promptly graduates from Ambassador Sokka to Spymaster Sokka and works to facilitate all of the anti-evil taskforcing
  • Suki and Zuko think he’s a crazy genius but he’s drawing all these maps and secret diagrams and coming up with codes for them to use and they’re like “we love this brilliant dork man” who is GREAT AT THIS
  • and of course Aang is working with them all to do his peacekeeping stuff but he’s also DYING because he’s got nneeeewwwsss and he’s not allowed to share it until he sees them all again and then finally he and Katara show up to the end of the war memorial ceremony and Katara’s the size of Appa and Aang is like “BABY YEP SHE’S HAVING A BABY I DID THAT” doesn’t even say hi, just “BABY”
  • and Sokka is like “my body is ready BRING ON THE UNCLEHOOD”
  • but Zuko is not at all expecting it when Aang and Katara look at him with their big cute eyes and say “will you be a godparent?” because ZUKO AND KIDS?!
  • but obviously he says yes
  • so Zuko and Suki and Tophy and Sokka end up godparenting the Avatar’s baby and Kya is literally the most well looked after child in the universe
  • and then Zuko encounters this little orphan girl roaming the streets and she’s the meanest, mouthiest, most violent little firebending spitfire he’s ever met and he is SMITTEN
  • he adopts her
  • Iroh is DELIGHTED
  • and he and Sokka basically raise this tiny vicious girl together because they are platonic otp
  • as the gaang children multiply they all grow up together and are adored by their zillions of aunts and uncles and TOPH of all people ends up being really excellent with tiny children
  • the gaang walks in and she’s holding baby Kya and COOING and being all SWEET AND MUSHY and doesn’t even PUNCH THEM WHEN THEY SEE HER???

so, basically, Megs Squared needs to be put on the avatar creative team like right now

anonymous asked:

Ok so for Kataang let's forget about how it's forced and lacked development and look at it realistically, no 14-15 year old high school aged girl would ever have a crush on a 12 year old middle school aged boy and make out with them like it happened, the age difference isn't much but at that age it means ALOT, girls mature faster and it takes a while for boys, and along with Kataang being forced this is also something that needs to be looked at but these Kataang shippers just don't buy it..

I agree that it’s not realistic. Even Bryke acknowledged this at first. I find it interesting that in the pilot, they make no effort to hide that Katara (named Kya in the pilot) is not into Aang. She is distinctly older in appearance, definitely more mature, overprotective, and she tells Sokka he is not her boyfriend. She is not the least bit interested when Aang flirts with her. I liked how sassy she was. Aang had a crush on her, but it was portrayed in a normal way. She wasn’t the bland idealized perfect dream girl that Kataang makes her.

The other writers’ portrayal of the Aang/Katara dynamic is actually more consistent with how the characters were in the pilot. Katara is a protective older sister figure, and she just doesn’t see Aang that way. Which is normal for how a teen sees a 12-year-old. And then later, Bryke had to make Katara’s character design look so much younger in order to make her more compatible with Aang. And she loses all of her personality in the comics.

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katara ?

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine i guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

best quality: she’s so amazingly fierce and yet so compassionate at the same time

worst quality: needs to learn to stop doing everything for others and start doing some things for herself

ship them with: zuko obviously

brotp them with: look honestly, sokka. i love their relationship there’s so much good banter but the support is clearly there

needs to stay away from: controversy lmao probably a@ng but not completely stay away. more like, she needs to take breaks from him. she needs to relax and not worry about him so much, stop being his mother and let him learn for himself ya feel me?

misc. thoughts: she could step on my face and i’d probably let her

send me a character & i’ll answer the following about them!

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You watched ATLA!! :D Who were your favorites and what did you think of Azula?

it’s very cute that you are surprised, anon. i kinda feel like anyone who is in an anime fandom has watched atla.

toph especially but also sokka are my faves, and i shipped them pretty hard, but also? the whole cast is astounding. 

azula was one of the most complicated, engaging villains i’ve ever seen. a phenomenal example of what can happen to a gifted child. granted, a gifted child who is the daughter of a despot and the granddaughter of a genocidal maniac, but still. 

yeah atla’s good stuff.  

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