sokka hair




Trans Sokka getting really really angry when he’s called “miss” or “lady.”

Trans Sokka throwing an absolute fit when he gets captured by the Fire Nation and put into the women’s part of the prison.

Trans Sokka meeting Smellerbee and thinking maybe he’s not the only “different” person in the world.

Trans Sokka traveling the world and learning new and healthy ways to bind his chest from people like him.

Trans Sokka finding an herbalist that specializes in transitions and getting really excited because of his muscle tone and facial hair.

Trans Sokka using his position as Councilman to better the world for other trans people in places where it’s not accepted like in the Fire Nation.

Trans Sokka.

zukka snippet

an excerpt from a fic that has been in the works since…march? haha wow i am a loser

It happens so slowly that Zuko almost doesn’t notice it.

At first, there are still moments when Zuko has to fight the overwhelming urge to lean over and run his hands under Sokka’s shirt and his lips across his neck. All too often he finds himself swallowing past the dryness in his throat when he’s with Sokka; when they spar—when they eat—when Sokka pulls off his shirt, complaining loudly about the heat—when he pulls out the tie from his hair and runs his fingers through the strands—

But then—slowly—gradually—imperceptibly—it becomes more than that.

Sokka laughing, and Zuko blooms warmth from deep in his gut to the tips of his fingers. The light catching, turning Sokka’s hair to dancing waves of flame, and Zuko’s heart stutters in his chest. Their hands brushing, innocently, as they walk through the plush halls of the palace, and Zuko’s stomach ties itself into desperate, incomprehensible knots. Sokka grinning, his eyes alight and bright and beautiful, and Zuko loses the ability to speak.

It takes a while, but Zuko finally figures it out.

It’s not abrupt and jarring, a splash of freezing water sending him sputtering and reeling, his mind spinning with the realization. It’s not a sudden, grandiose epiphany striking him in the middle of the day, overriding his thoughts and seizing his soul.

No. It’s soft, and it’s warm and welcome and inevitable. It’s the truth, and it feels like coming home.

He’s in love with Sokka.