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Araeph’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

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It’s Araeph’s 1000th post! Thank you so much to all my followers, people who’ve messaged me for discussion, and fans who’ve filled my inbox with such thought-provoking asks. Below is the latest master list of my essays and fiction that I’ve compiled over the past year or so, as well as a few choice reblogs from other tumblr users that are mentioned by name. Have a fantastic 4th of July, everyone!

Fic Recs

A:TLA Friendship Recs
Favorite Zutara writers

Araeph’s fics

Hatchling, Part 1
Spitting Image, Part 1
Breath of Fire
Love Is a Marathon
Defiance, Part 1
Defiance, Part 2
Defiance, Part 3
Defiance, Part 4
Defiance, Part 5
Defiance, Part 6
Defiance, Part 7
Defiance, Part 8

Other Meta

Araeph’s fandoms
Mulan: contrasting messages in pop song vs. theatrical song
The arranged marriage plot in Mulan 2
Mulan and Shang: military dynamics vs. a relationship
What did you think of the Red John arc in The Mentalist?
Was the Jane/Lisbon pairing in The Mentalist treated well?
Did Lizzy marry Darcy for his money?
What advice do you have for up-and-coming authors?
What do you think makes a good romance?
Are there particular directors you gravitate towards?

Steven Universe Criticism

What are your favorite critiques of Steven Universe?
Who did Pearl belong to before she joined the Crystal Gems?
How Pearl responds to toughness vs. niceness
Can autism explain Pearl’s behavior toward Greg?
What do you think of Pearl’s character and her treatment of Steven?
Are there similarities between Aang and Pearl’s clinginess to their partners?
The Diamonds: taking “compassion for one’s adversaries” too far
What do you think of the “Rose is Pink Diamond” theory?
Rainbow Quartz: requited love
I miss the way they used to draw Peridot
The decline of Steven Universe

A:TLA Gen Criticism

I just don’t know how to feel about Bryke!
How do you keep A:TLA’s flaws from ruining the show for you?
Should Teo, Haru, and The Duke have had bigger roles in Book 3?
Should there have been a scene where Aang mourns the dead at the end of Book 3?
The structure of the first half of Book 3
Is energybending Ozai enough to delegitimize his rule?
Could Aang lying to the tribes in “The Great Divide” have been handled better?
Was the Fire Nation secretly looking for the Avatar in the Southern Water Tribe?
Parallels between the Fire Nation Royal Family and the SWT chief family
Does the GAang idealize their parents and mentors too much?
The significance of Momo
How did the characters age visually throughout A:TLA?
Was Ozai an abusive spouse as well as father?
Do you think the Avatar universe has a legitimate afterlife?
Detachment and unlocking the chakras
Avatar cosmology @peacockarehot
What happens before each Avatar is old enough to master the elements?
How well was the challenge of being the Avatar told in A:TLA and LOK?

A:TLA’s Four Nations

Four Nations and childhood education
Four Nations’ view of sex and gender roles
Four Nations: a food contest analysis
Four Nations eye color
What is the best way for the SWT to develop?
What is your opinion on Water Tribe betrothal necklaces?
Why an earthbender shouldn’t be able to lavabend alone
Is the Earth Kingdom united under a cohesive value?
What is your opinion on the Air Nomad council of elders?
Did the Air Nomads get shortchanged in development?
Is Ty Lee an untrained airbender?
What kind of benders would mixed heritage kids be?
Could firebenders draw power from the Earth’s core?
Can waterbenders heat water to create steam? Part 1
Can waterbenders heat water to create steam? Part 2
What is your favorite nation and what type of bender would you be?
Who are your favorite minor characters from all four nations?

Alternative A:TLA Finale and Book 4 Speculation

Zutara would have been a better bookend, even with only 3 books
How would the Book 3 Zutara moments change with Book 4?
What should have been the theme of the A:TLA finale?
What do you find disappointing about the A:TLA finale?
Aaron Ehaz’s plan for A:TLA and beyond @kataraaandzuko @terminaschosenone
Anything you would like to see from an A:TLA sequel?
How do you see the relationships of the Gaang progressing through adulthood?
How would hidden airbenders have been revealed?
Koh in Book 4

A:TLA Comics Criticism

Rosy colonialism in “The Promise”
“North and South” : a settler’s fantasy  @fireladykatara
“North and South” and the issue of progress
The A:TLA comics do not follow A:TLA’s visual style
Bryke’s interference in the comics
What do you think of the role the Air Acolytes played in the comics?

Legend of Korra criticism

A:TLA vs. LOK: simple vs. complex beginnings
LOK and inconsistent bending origins
Which element is the hardest for an Avatar to learn?
How would you write Korra’s development in Books 1-4?
Mary Suyin
How would you write Suyin Beifong?
Suyin: complex vs. annoying characterization
Zaheer and compelling belief systems
Is Zaheer Korra’s foil?
Thoughts on the Red Lotus
What do you think of the concept of Raava and Vaatu?
What do you think are the most well developed secondary characters in LOK?
Varrick, Zhu Li, and abuse
Could Makorra have become compatible?
Bolin and Lavabending
What do you think about the Dai Li surviving into the era of LOK?
Bumi and Air Nomad colors
Bryke’s extreme responses to fan theories
How would a sequel to Legend of Korra play out?

Zutara Meta

A:TLA non-canon shippers keep A:TLA fandom afloat
Zuko and Katara: Color symbolism in “Cave of Two Lovers” @marsreds
Zuko and Katara: character parallels
Zutara is toxic and unhealthy!” (again)
Zuko and Katara, twin flames @peacockarehot
Zutara parallels with Darcy and Elizabeth
Zutara parallels with Beauty and the Beast
Blue Spirit/Painted Lady parallels
The Blue Spirit vs. the Painted Lady
Were the Blue Spirit and Painted Lady connected?
How Zuko shows respect when saving Katara from falling rocks @theadamantdaughter
Zuko and Katara’s parenting styles
Zuko jumping in front of lightning was sacrificial
What would young viewers learn from Zutara?
On Zuko interacting more with the GAang
Thoughts on School Time Shipping

“What Would [X] Gain from Zutara?”
Ursa and Kiyi
The Fire Nation and Water Tribes
The cabbage merchant

Kataang Criticism

Irrefutable proof that Kataang was NOT always going to be canon @peacockarehot
Do you think Katara felt some pressure to date Aang?
Kataang and unwanted advances (with @theadamantdaughter)
Aang’s possessive behavior toward Katara @theadamantdaughter
Why Aang’s behavior in “Love Is a Battlefield” is dangerous
Love vs. attachment
Does Aang respect Katara?
Why “The Fortuneteller” is anti-Kataang
Fanon Kataang vs. canon Kataang
Could Katara and Aang still be happy together?
Katara is aged down in scenes with Aang
Kataang and the magic aging (with @jasubb-8)
Does Aang’s age excuse his unwanted advances?
What if Katara couldn’t give Aang an airbender?
Will-they-won’t-they and Kataang
Aang’s romances vs. Sokka’s romances @peacockarehot
Kataang’s lack of substance in “The Headband”
Kataang’s lack of substance in “The Cave of Two Lovers”

Maiko Criticism

Would Ty Mai be more compatible than Maiko?
Ty Mai and understanding each other
Were Zuko and Mai’s relations consensual? with @theadamantdaughter
Why Maiko is prime for failure @peacockarehot
Maiko, Zutara, and Conflict @theadamantdaughter
The pitfalls of Maiko @peacockarehot
Is Maiko or Kataang worse?
Is Maiko or Kataang worse? – part 2
Why do Maiko shippers ignore the problems in their ship?
Mai never dated the real Zuko
Pros and Cons of Maiko

Character Analysis

How would you have written Aang’s character development from Books 1-3?
Aang exalting Air Nomad culture above everyone else’s
Should Aang’s introspection have followed Buddhist tenets more closely?
Rewriting energybending to improve Aang’s character @terminaschosenone
Should Aang have had a more prominent teacher or guide?
Do you think Aang’s grief at the loss of the Air Nomads was properly presented?
Why was Aang not worried about killing Ozai on the Day of Black Sun?
Aang vs. the vulture wasp
Aang’s reaction to the other Avatars’ advice
Aang’s reaction to Yangchen’s advice
Aang’s response to Jetara
Aang’s anger vs. Katara’s
Did Aang truly exhibit contrition for the EIP kiss?
How Aang idealizes Katara
Did Aang really know how Katara felt because of his own loss?
Who would be a good match for Aang?

Could the dragons heal Azula?
Do you think any little part of Azula ever loved Zuko?
Azula’s motivations for the lightning strike
Azula’s motivations for the lightning strike, Part 2
Would Katara feel a moral obligation to help Azula post-A:TLA?
How would Azula have compelled Mai to go with her initially if Mai had refused?

Iroh’s character journey
Do Iroh’s values align better with Mai’s or Katara’s?
Maiko shipper bashes Iroh and Zuko
Zuko and Iroh’s relationship parallels with Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver

Katara and her emotional iceberg
Katara would have been more independent if she’d married Zuko
Katara puts her emotional needs in front of Aang’s
Katara is abandoned at the South Pole
Katara crying over Aang vs. Zuko
Did Katara’s character development stall?
Should Katara have been at the Boiling Rock?
Should Katara have forgiven Zuko earlier?
Katara lashing out at Sokka during Southern Raiders
How do you think Kya would feel about the Southern Raiders?
Would it have been in character for Katara to murder Yon Rha?
Why does Katara’s character become so irrelevant? @zuzusexytiems
Why Katara is not a Mary Sue @daughter-of-water @theadamantdaughter
Why do people continually try to make excuses for Katara not fighting in LOK?

What would Mai’s ideal character arc be?
Mai doesn’t understand Zuko’s values @honxrable
What personality would be best for Mai’s partner?
Was Mai originally going to be a villain?
Is there any evidence that Mai was scared of Azula?
Debunking Mai’s affection for Tom-Tom

Sokka’s quest to be a man
On Sokka seeing Katara’s face instead of his mother’s
Sokka’s protective nature

Could Toph and her parents reconcile?
Toph and law enforcement

Is Zuko emotionally unstable?
How would Zuko handle the issue of bloodbending?
Was Zuko more open in Book 2 or Book 3?
Hair cutting symbolism in A:TLA
Do you think Zuko has PTSD?
Zuko and Aang’s relationship
Locations of Zuko’s Agni Kais and their significance
The symbolism of Zuko’s scar
Zuko is not stoic (@honxrable)
Why I Feel Zuko’s Betrayal Was to End Zutara @peacockarehot
Piandao as Zuko’s mentor

“Suki, I can change!”
“Oh, Sokka.  No.  You can’t.”

Kicking around some ideas with @uncaringport for a Sokka-as-a-therapist AU!  Here’re a couple of flashbacks to his college experience.


i am years late to this fandom but you can’t tell me that “gaang” doesn’t actually translate to “acolytes of katara”


elararose  asked:

5 headcanons AU Book 1. There is no Zhao. Instead, Yon Rha fills his role by hounding Zuko and Iroh, then later Aang, all the way to the Northern Water Tribe. (Or would he even make it that far?)

1. Episodes one and two go exactly the same way, but after Zuko’s ship is trashed, he is forced to the nearest military outpost, which is headed by Yon Rha instead of Zhao.  The recently promoted former head of the Southern Raiders takes one look at Zuko’s ship and thinks “Waterbender?  Waterbender!  That woman must have lied to me!”  Zuko refuses to tell him anything, afraid Yon Rha will start hunting the Avatar and beat him to his quarry, so Yon Rha unceremoniously has him thrown into the local jail to cool his heels while he leaves to hunt the waterbender.  Iroh and Zuko pull off a daring nighttime escape, round up his crew, and steal a similarly sized, but much newer, faster, and all around nicer ship, and leave to hunt the Avatar.

2. At first, Yon Rha isn’t after the Avatar.  He’s after Katara.  It’s only after he tracks the waterbender to Roku’s island and he confronts Aang channeling Roku that his mission changes.

3. Yon Rha is a lot lazier than Zhao, a lot.  He does not want to go chasing the Avatar across the world.  He would like to hang out in the southern seas where he is the biggest fish in his small pond, and he is perfectly happy to let Zuko do all the heavy work.  All told, Book One should be a lot easier for everybody, right?

4. Except Katara recognizes Yon Rha and wants him dead.  Aang is disturbed.  Sokka is actually kind of disturbed too.  When Katara does manage to drown him, it results in her just about suffering a nervous breakdown.  She’s a fourteen year old kid, and she just killed a man.  She feels sick and dirty all the time, and she keeps telling herself that this was the man who killed her mother, but it only does so much.

5. It’s a very different Katara who lands in the North with Aang and Sokka, who faces Pakku and learns from Yugoda, a frightened Katara who isn’t sure she ever wants to fight again.  It isn’t until Zuko kidnaps Aang and she has to fight to get him back, and fails due to her lack of skill, that she decides to train as a waterbender, and to fight Pakku for the privilege.  For the rest of the series, self doubt and fears as to her own ability to hurt and kill plague her.

many a mile to go: fire lady

@zutaraweek | ao3

notes:  s3, ember island.

“Chop these smaller, please,” Katara says, reaching over to the spot next to her and taking one of the squares of stew vegetables that Zuko has cut, sliding it under her own knife and then halving it before sliding it back to him.  “They’ll cook more quickly that way and I’m running late for dinner—waterbending practice with Aang took longer than usual and everyone’s going to be hungry soon.”

The kitchen in the Fire Lord’s house on Ember Island is well outfitted and now that Katara has cleaned the dust off of everything, she has a better set of pots and pans than she’s ever had access to in her life.  If she has to cook for crowds, she’d rather have good equipment to do so.

And ever since they’ve come to Ember Island, Zuko has been helping her with her chores.  Not all of them, of course, but when he has spare time, he’ll come and spend time with her, helping with whatever task she’s working on.  More often than not, that’s cooking. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I have this issue with the fact that Sokka imagines Katara's face instead of Kya's. it's highly improbable: he's the older brother, it's very unlikely that his perception of his little sister and mother would have changed so much. So is it Sokka's characterization being sacrificed for Katara's or is it authors showing us sexism in a way children are brought up (like Katara was very young and still had to fill in her mother shoes completely)? Sorry for my bad english

I don’t think it’s unrealistic at all. Yes, Sokka is older, but as the “Southern Raiders” shows, they were both pretty young at the time, and keep in mind there are no photographs or videos that could help jog their visual memory. 

That Katara does remember her mother’s face is also not surprising. Her mother was an integral part of a childhood trauma that she personally witnessed. She remembers Yon Rha’s face, too, like it was yesterday; that moment is likely seared into her brain and will be for the rest of her life. 

I do think, though, that Katara filled Kya’s shoes because she thought she had to. No one ever said anything out loud, I’m sure, but little Katara would have seen the way her family was falling apart without her mother, and since her natural instinct is to help people, she would have taken on that burden, probably even before she knew she was doing it. And Hakoda and Sokka and Gran-Gran were in no emotionally fit position to see what was happening until it was too late.

Sokka X Male!Reader - adventure.

Sokka X Male!Reader
warnings: none really
he/him pronouns used for reader
*no i am still not over avatar
**set after the series aye

When Suki left to go back to Kyoshi Island, Sokka was left to himself.

He wasn’t sure what the future held, where he was going or what he was going to do from this day forward. The easiest thing to do would be to follow his sister and her new avatar-boyfriend, but was that really what he wanted? To follow his baby sister wherever she went? No, not really.

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Zutara Week 2017, Day 2: Underwater

@zutaraweek, Day Two: Underwater

Also available on AO3:

Summary:  The Gaang goes camping two years after ending the war. 

AU Notes:  Kataang didn’t get together at the end of the show, Maiko broke up, Zutara became a thing. Normally I would want this to be in the context of a story that has built up to the relationship, but that will have to wait for another day, because the Zutara Week inspiration is happening right now.

Grass tickled Katara’s toes as she slipped out of her shoes, cool and slightly damp from a recent rain. With a smooth shift in her weight, she kicked each shoe over to a large stone set a pace away with a pit and pat, breathing in the earthy musk and feeling each drop of moisture around.

Nearly two years had passed since they had last gone camping as a group – Team Avatar, braving the elements again – but the circumstances couldn’t be farther from what they had been, back then. Dodging the Fire Nation, cutting through spirit trees, rationing food for a journey they couldn’t wholly plan for, no matter how they had tried. Zuko had been their enemy, back then, a relentless if somewhat predictable flame blazing behind them, wherever they went.

A wry smile played at the edges of her lips.

The soft thump of two more shoes flung against the mossy stone drew her eyes, and her smile grew larger still. As she looked over her shoulder, she saw Zuko strolling up behind, dressed in his swim trunks and slipping off a Fire Nation red robe, draped loose and untied. A pleasant warmth rose in her cheeks, less embarrassed than it once was but no less thrilling. The others were back at the camp, ironing out Sokka’s plan, but Katara and Zuko had set off to locate the nearby hot spring. Judging by the rising steam, they had succeeded in record time.

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