sokka and boomerang=otp

Harry Potter au where Zuko can’t conjure a patronus to save his life. he gets increasingly more and more frustrated because none of the teachers can help him and none of the books have any useful advice

and then loud, mouthy gryffindor quidditch star Sokka offers to help him out and they spend long hours together just talking and hanging out, and Zuko has no idea how the fuck this is supposed to help him, and then one day Sokka leans over and kisses and him and lo and behold the next time he tries to conjure a patronus it works

ATLA couples in gifs

with a bonus included!

Zuko and Katara:

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Aang and Toph:

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Sokka and Suki:

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Aaaanndd here’s the bonus!

Drumroll please….




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A co-taught chemistry class where Zuko is the super smart, kind of awkward first time professor and Sokka is the goofy and fun loving lab instructor. They plan lessons together and argue over literally everything, but they’re everyone’s favorite professor duo and can usually be found eating lunch together and arguing about the accuracy of science puns.

oh my god IMAGINE THIS

Imagine a Tv-series kinda like Once Upon a Time but instead of the book being fairytales it’s fanfics and the main character (the one reading the book) gets to live in each fanfic or the fanfics get mashed together or something and help its OTPs to get together!!

Imagine your favorite fanfic on the big screen.

I’m so selling this to Netflix.

I love how Avatar makes the nonbenders just as cool and powerful. It’s like saying “hey you don’t have these cool powers but you can still be like these awesome characters” Korra fell in love with a nonbender. The fire lord fell in love with a nonbender. The self proclaimed greatest earthbender of all time had a crush on a nonbender. Some people argue that the fire princess fell in love with a nonbender. The avatars son was (for most of his life) a nonbender. The two greatest warriors to come out of the water tribe were nonbenders. The universes greatest bounty hunter was a nonbender. The fire princess chose two nonbenders for her small elite team. Two thirds of the gaang were nonbenders. I just think it’s really cool.

Coffee shop au where Zuko is the perpetually flustered, slightly socially awkward barista who tries to communicate his crush on hot chocolate-loving regular Sokka by drawing chocolate syrup hearts on top of his whipped cream.

Sokka, once he actually takes the lid off his cup and notices, is charmed and asks him out immediately.