07.07.2014 • On the world’s most dangerous trail: plank road, Mount Hua (华山), in China. 

After finishing my exchange semester in Shanghai, a few exchange friends wanted to visit Xi'an and hike the mountain Hua. I was hesistant to join as first, because I also needed to find an internship first. 

In the end I’m so glad I did join them into this trip, because it was definitely one of the best things that I have ever done in my whole life! It was my first time hiking, and I literally died multiple times when I hiked this mountain. The sun was crazy hot and the mountain would get really steep sometimes. The prices of the drinks and snacks would also get insanely expensive the higher we got. 

After 4 tops, and 8 hours of hiking we set up our tent on top of the mountain and spent the night on there. In the early morning we woke up to watch the sunset and then we decided to walk on this crazy plank road!