Tunnel Fungi by Pete

To react, is to be a slave to someone else’s actions. Sometimes, a warrior is faced with the decision to strike pre-emptively, trusting his intuition, wisdom and years of training.
—  Soke Behzad Ahmadi
Afro beat songs if you wanna dance with me

Bad girl - Jesse Jagz
Skintight - Mr Eazi
Tonyor - selebobo
Skelewu -DaVido
My woman, my everything - patoranking
Soke - Burna Boy
Adonai (remix) - Sarkodie ( don’t be twerkin to this one 😭 )
Duro - tekno
Sitya loss - eddy kenzo
Hollup - Mr Eazi
I swear - Ice prince ( ignore French Montana’s part 😒)
Ojuelegba - wizkid
Eminado - tiwa savage
bum bum - timaya

Sokee, Coque, Shadow, Tiger, Wade, Chris, Weston, Jax, Jaco, Leia, Bogey, Holly, Lola, & Momo, Barkhaus HQ, Miami, FL • “They learn to stay in the car because we teach them boundaries. They can only step out once their names are called.”

How much the signs hate sport

Aries: They either hate it very much or it’s their life

Taurus: A LOT, but they still want to look good though

Gemini: What is sport?

Cancer; As long as it’s not competitive, or intensive, or requires movement

Leo: As long as the sport makes them look good

Virgo: Hate it, but it’s healthy so they do it anyways

Libra: How do I use my legs again?

Scorpio: If they don’t win; “Fuck this, fuck everyone, I’m done”

Sagittarius: When it’s obligated they all of a sudden never climb trees anymore.

Capricorn: Sport is the sound of throwing all that precious time straight into the toilet.

Aquarius: Trains their mind only, because who actually cares about the material world

Pisces: Great way to lose their soaked up energy, but stay away from them! (really it’s dangerous)