Warning parental advisory advised(:

failed/= the guy who works at jack in the box came out and went back inside and told the homegirl that works there that we’re dope! haha

can i twerk? haha

oh and one im just messing around it was super cold thats why my hands are in them pockets^_^

For all you females/ladies/girls/women

I pray that you all could find a GOOD GUY.

There isn’t much left of the gentlemen you ladies want with the bad ass side to them. Every guy consist of being an asshole and who just wants some ass. The nice guys played out and there isn’t much more left around.

Treasure the ones you have now because you will never find another one just like him.

The only way you could be content with your life is if you marry your BESTFRIEND.

You guys know everything about each other.  You guys know how to make each other laugh. You guys know how to make each other smile. You guys know how to cheer each other up.  You guys enjoy each others company. And most importantly you guys are and will always be there for each other.

Feeling down and need some comfort?

Need a guys point of view on something?

The need to question yourself about a situation, a choice?

Need my opinion?

Need some advice on relationships?

I’m here(: dont be afraid  (anon or not)




lol hella funny must watch (^_^)

The option between you and my friends

Is it necessary for you to tell me to pick between you or my friends? I mean I love you all but I can’t let go of my friends for you. I mean yes, I love you too but it doesn’t mean you should make me choose sides. They are just as important as you are to me.

I'll be waiting for you

I’m the type of person who will sit here and wait for that text. Someone who is willing to listen to you vent. Someone who will act upon good and become your best friend. Someone who will do things for you when you don’t notice them. Someone who will constantly have you running in my mind that it gives me headaches. Someone you will constantly see reaching out to you. Someone you could lean on. Someone who will love you no matter what happens.

But as of right now I will be waiting for my time to come and when that time comes appreciate every little thing possible because in the end you’ll start to regret what you just had lost.


Opening up to someone is difficult because you have to learn to trust them. But once you do that it’s like all your secrets are left in their hands. Your heart is given to them to commit. It’s all up to them. Whether or not they want to stay or fade away.