sojourner bolt


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 992:
Tara Vs. Sojo Bolt (w/ Mr. Smith)

Remix Pro 4Warned [October 8th, 2011]

In 2011, Josie (aka Lady Jojo; Sojourner Bolt) approached me in the OVW locker room and asked me to film a promo for an upcoming match. I asked who the opponent as, she informed me it was one of my favorite wrestlers, Tara (fka Victoria).

Realizing the threat ahead of her, Sojo viewed this match as an opportunity to show that a worker will always rise over a star. However, in order to become a star, Tara had to work from the same place Sojo was based, in OVW. Sojo surprised Tara, and the fans, by staying in control through most of the match and keeping the referee on his toes.