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NEPAL. 2004. Village of Babiyachour. In the Maoist-run village of Babiachaur rural life is short and violent. With ever-increasing population density, soil erosion and less and less resources to go around, violence often erupts among villagers. Here, a young 23-year old man was stabbed to death by his neighbor after fighting about the rights to a tiny trickle of water to irrigate their adjacent potato-fields. Such economic desperation is what enables the Maoist insurgency to flourish across all of rural Nepal.


Folk Names: Calendula, Goldes, Holigolde, Marybud, Mary’s Gold.

Gender: Masculine.

Planet: Sun.

Element: Fire.


The Latin name for the plant, ‘Tagetes’ comes from the name, ‘Tages’ an Etruscan prophet of ancient fame who taught others about Divination. Marigolds are considered the flower of the dead in Mexico & are used as a holiday decoration for Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations, as well as in the Pagan holiday, Samhain, in which the flowers are used to adorn altars & are common ingredient in Samhain, & Divination Rituals. In the Garden, Marigolds have long been known as ‘protective/sacrificial plants’ in which pests & disease will generally avoid surrounding plants. 

…Magickal Uses…

Harvest Marigolds at Noon, when the Sun is at it’s hottest, & strongest for use in any Magickal Workings.

Protection: Marigolds are a flower of protection, & harmony. Garlands of Marigold strung upon doorposts will prevent evil & negativity from entering the home. Dried or fresh flowers scattered underneath the bed will protect one whilst sleeping. 

Dreaming: Dried Marigold flowers, placed in the pillowcase will help to induce prophetic dreams, also said to aid in making one’s dreams come true. This technique is especially useful for catching a thief who has robbed you.

Justice: Carried in the pocket, Marigold promotes Justice to smile favourably upon you in court. 

Misc: Marigolds resonate with the radiant, vibrant energy of the Sun, added to bathwater, it is said to help one win the respect, & admiration of everyone they meet. 

…Medicinal Uses…

Marigold, or Calendula contain anti-inflammatory properties & are converted into oils, & tinctures to treat minor burns, allergic reactions, & eczema. One of the medicinal uses of Marigolds is that it promotes the growth of both new blood vessels as well as new skin tissue, hence it is used in the healing of wounds such as burns, scrapes & irritated skin. They also contain plenty of antioxidants & are very beneficial in getting rid of an oily complexion naturally, In this treatment, fresh flowers need to be soaked in warm water & then applied to the skin at least once a day & allowed to remain for 10 minutes before washing it off. When consumed internally, Marigolds are also known to help against digestive inflammation in the form of duodenal or gastric ulcers on account of its anti-inflammatory properties. Marigold tea is also known to be effective against painful mouth & stomach ulcers as well as colitis.Marigold is also used in the form of an ointment for women who are suffering from breast cancer to minimize the dermatitis that is usually caused by chemotherapy.   

…Growing Marigold…

Plant in an area that get’s plenty of sunshine, Marigolds tend to thrive in a mildly fertile, well-drained soil. Start seeds indoors about a month, to 6 weeks before the last Spring frost. Keep seedlings in a sunny, warm area, only watering when soil is visibly dry to prevent dampness. Be sure to water plants at the base as Marigolds don’t care for excess water. De-head spent flowers to promote new growth, leaving some to extract seeds if you wish to plant more. Do not fertilize Marigolds, as to rich a soil stimulates lush foliage at the expense of the flowers, Marigolds tend to thrive in a less dense soiL.

…Harvesting Marigold…

Harvest flowers from mature plants, at Noon, on a day when the sun is at it’s hottest, & strongest.


But as literally every Tinder profile can attest, looks can be deceiving. Formula Rossa employs the same technology that aircraft carriers use to fling fighter jets skyward, and all it has to fling is your drunk ass back through time. It is, quite simply, the fastest roller coaster in the world. As a point of comparison, Test Track – the fastest ride at Walt Disney World – hits a top speed of 65 miles per hour. Formula Rossa accelerates riders up to 149 miles per hour in just 4.9 seconds.

It’s so fast that riders are required to wear protective goggles, because a fly to the eye at that speed would basically explode your ocular cavity. Here’s what it looks like to go from zero to soiled in less than five seconds. To get the full effect, let’s flip the camera around to see what the front-row experiences, too.

Check out the guy on the right. Observe the way the skin of his face doesn’t so much flatten as it does change states of matter. A few seconds in and his cheeks become a liquid. Soon after, his forehead becomes a gas.

5 Amusement Park Rides Too Metal For The United States

for so many years i thought myself to be a sapling
desperately trying to fend for myself
waiting for rain
clinging to the hope that the frost wouldn’t kill me
sick with worry that i would be cut down soon enough

for so many years i thought myself to be a single wildflower
swaying in the wind with no direction
patiently counting down the days
until i could become one with the soil again

for less than a year,
i have started feeling like an oak,
a bed of roses,
life giving rain,
and the fears of my past and future
have imbued my soul with a sense of courage
rather than smothering it slowly

—  Have courage, dear heart | d.p.b

2010 Qupé Bien Nacido Vineyard Syrah

Mmm… this Syrah from Qupé is some pretty yummy stuff! Dark cherries, tapenade, black olives, macerated blackberries, and a touch of soil on the nose. Riper on the palate with more cherries and less soil. Touch of smoky cigar tobacco as the wine opens in the glass!

4/5 bones



13.5% abv

Santa Maria Valley, California, USA


(february is a sad month and i was feeling this idk!! tw: depression)

Luke feels February in his bones. The cold, biting wind rips through him the way crumpled love notes and blank stares from girls his age used to when he was fifteen and terrified. He’s still terrified, if he’s being honest, but he wakes up every morning and pretends the circles under his eyes are merely reflections of the 4 a.m. sky, because it’s beautiful and vast and terrifying in a way that tiredness is not. Tiredness is ugly and haunting and the kind of heavy that lets you hear your bones grinding against each other.

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Unconsciousness (Closed rp)

The lime gem left her small dwelling in the city to gather more supplies. It was typically easier to live on Earth. Much less responsibility. Peridot jammed her keys in her jeans pocket. Going native wasn’t that hard. Sneaker, button ups, skinny jeans and on colder days sweaters. There was no longer a need for her visor since she didn’t have a ship Bluetoothed to it.
With a quick turn of a heel, Peridot cut through her usual short cut to the store. A normally vacant ally. This time it didn’t feel vacant, there was an unusual pile of soiled bedsheets near the less graffitied wall. It must be a new homeless person,  Peridot thought.
As she passed it, there was a quick curious glance back towards the strange lump. From the new angle, Peridot saw a hand with a gem emerged from the blankets.  
With urgency, Peridot went to the anomaly and removed the accursed heat concealing clothe. As she suspected, it was one of the Crystal Gems.
Trying to swallow back and thought of regret, the lime gem carried the @afusionoflove to apartment. Laying her on the couch, with a sterile blanket underneath.
“What have I done?” Peridot asked anxiously. “I’m far beyond dead. Very, very dead.”