soil composition

adam parrish grew up without love or kindness. adam parrish grew up with a jar of pennies and nickles he found on the ground, and ended up surrendering to his mother when he saw her crying over an electric bill.  adam parrish grew up with a father he thought was the world, who had back pains he drank and drank and drank for, who saw something in adam that he didn’t like, and slowly he beat the love out of adam parrish. 

adam parrish thought he was dust. it was the color of his skin, his hair, his home. nothing about him was shiny or new. he snatched pencils off the ground when he saw them, he didn’t make many friends. adam parrish thought that he was desolate ground that love couldn’t grow in. adam parrish thought his soil composition was all wrong.

adam parrish prayed that he would never break a bone, never crack a tooth. adam parrish walked lightly for fear of causing the same damage his father did after a long day of work, a bad headache, a traffic jam caused by an agonbly boy’s car crash. adam parrish looked enviously a boys with spring in their step, who were clearly not running on a stomach half full of shitty ravioli from a can and beans, a stomach that hardly ever knew dairy because it was expensive.

adam parrish looked at boys lounging on their cars and felt envy. envy that they could so effortlessly drive around, not a clue what was under the hoods, that they could own something that ran smoothly and never get grease under their fingernails.  adam parrish had to bike everywhere, and one day, running on too little food and too little sleep and too much sress, he saw he king of all boys, the boy he should absolutely loathe for his money and glory, standing in front of a broken down orange monster.  it was so human, so familiar, that he stopped, and called out to him.

adam parrish had friends.  it was shocking to him, a boy who thought that he was made of dirt and dark, hot pangs of jealousy,  that there were people who wanted to be around him, that there was a boy with a tattoo who stared at him like he was every beautiful thing. he felt like a fake person, a cheap knockoff. they treated him like he was the real thing. adam parrish had thought that his heart was all cracked, barren earth.  and then a forest grew from it.

Made this a few days ago, and then time got away from me again…The offer’s been accepted, but I don’t own it yet–we’re under contract–so now I am paying a lawyer money to hold money to give to the other guy and it all makes no sense and I have learned way too much about something called a “plat” and incidentally, there’s a website where you can look up the soil composition of your lot! It’s so cool! And Dogskull Patch is rich farmland of state concern, except that nobody’s farmed it for a couple decades so now it’s all weedy trees and I just want to get my hands in the dirt and FIX IT and make it better so stuff can live there instead of invasive privet.


Crocus spp., Iridaceae

C. flavus, C. vernus, C. vernus albiflorus, C. vernus ‘pickwick’

With some species and varieties of Crocus, I continue with the early-flowering geophytes I observed in this period. These are not from a botanic garden, but still make sure to attract attention at my local park, where they have followed the snowdrop I wrote about a few days ago, and blossomed into a colourful carpet among last autumn’s leaf litter.  

Although some species of Crocus are known to self-sow and expand rapidly around the area where the corms are initially placed, this is not always the case and depends often on the soil composition. The ones above have not gained any ground over the past three flowering seasons and that’s probably due to the heavy, clay-rich soil common here in Scotland. Being native to the mountainous regions of Southern Europe, they generally prefer a well-draining, coarse medium mixed with organic matter, so would do particularly well on rocky slopes and rock gardens. 

Note: I haven’t checked each flower singularly, there were hundreds, so some may as well be hybrids, or C. tommasianus, as most flowers were not fully open yet and I couldn’t see the inner parts. I will go back though.  

Creepypasta #792: The 3 Stages Of Terraforming

Length: Medium

Welcome to the terraforming business, kid. Our crew will be stuck here for at least five years before the first colonists arrive.

Did you sign the NDA? Good. Then let me give you the basics of our operation here.

Stage 1: Surveying.

Geological surveying shouldn’t take too long. The geology of most exoplanets in their stars’ habitable zones is actually ridiculously earth-like. Liquid water, plate tectonics, similar soil compositions, not to mention near-identical gravity and average temperatures. Aside from working out the exact numbers for the maps, we don’t really need to do much.

Stage 2: Oxygenation.

The atmosphere is a separate issue. Some people don’t know this, but oxygen only became a part of Earth’s atmosphere when photosynthesis first evolved 3 billion years ago. Most earth-like exoplanets have a native atmosphere of carbon dioxide and methane instead, and we’ll have to replicate the oxygenation process artificially by releasing genetically-engineered cyanobacteria into the waters. Then we just wait a couple of weeks until they clear up all the methane and fill the air and the seas with oxygen.

Stage 3: Cleanup.

The cleanup is actually the hardest part, the one they don’t tell you about in the ads. You see, while oxygen is crucial to the survival of aerobic lifeforms like us, it’s highly toxic to lifeforms with alternative means of respiration. If you were to breathe, say, methane, the sudden shift in oxygen/methane levels would turn your organs inside-out. Long story short, most people think we never encountered any intelligent life beyond Earth, and the last step is to make damn sure that no-one ever finds anything suspicious enough to make them think otherwise.

Credits to: OnceInAYellowMoon


Medicago sativa, Fabaceae

Sometimes, when I found a peculiar plant in a peculiar position, I really wish I could know for certain its full story, as it can be hard to patch it together just looking at the evidence. This was the case for the only alfalfa, or lucerne, plant I have seen in Scotland so far, growing alone in a grassy, non-cultivated field. Native to Central Asia and introduced to Europe a long time ago by ancient Persians, this vigorous perennial is naturalised, but not very common here up north, whereas I used to encounter it quite often in Northern Italy. Where weather and soil allow it -alfalfa doesn’t grow easily in damp, acidic soil- it is cultivated extensively as a high-yielding, highly-nutritious fodder plant for livestock and its very deep and well-developed root system working along with bacteria fixes a great amount of nitrogen, like other Fabaceae. 

Most parts of the plant are edible, with the sprouted seeds being the most commonly consumed, but prolonged use is considered unsafe due to potential toxic effects. Due to its long recorded history, numerous medicinal properties have been attributed to alfalfa, but it should be used with care because of the possible side-effects, like photosensitivity. As a garden plant its best use is probably as green manure or sown in rows between vegetables, to improve soil composition and attract beneficial wildlife. 

tiredkite  asked:

Hey hey! In the next month or so I'm wanting to do a DIY crestie viv like yours. I can't seem to find your post about your first one, so if you have any tutorials, materials used, etc I'd love to hear 'em!

Hey! That’s really awesome, you can make such cool, cool enclosures and it wont end up costing you that much! 

First things first, here’s some links that I find helpful: 

Josh’s Frogs has an amazing blog section where you can learn so many helpful things and they have “how to” guides that are extremely useful! Not to mention if you live in the US and the shipping isn’t too much you can buy plants/ accessories from their online store! 

On Pangea there’s a crested gecko master plant list! This will be very helpful if you can’t buy plants from an exotics store and you have to resort to a garden center! Always be sure that the plants you house with your geckos are safe and will not harm them!

Another forum on Pangea where you can view topics regarding live vivs and gain inspiration from other projects! You can also ask questions if you get stuck or you’d like some experienced opinions.

Great lighting tutorial on NEHERP that explains everything about lighting and how to use it to your advantage when setting up a viv.

A little write up about terrariums, a break down of a good composition of soil and a more detailed description of plants that would work in certain conditions!

A video on how to set up a live viv with a styrofoam background

Also, if you ever get stuck, need inspiration, or help learning the several different steps you will need to take to create a successful, thriving vivarium I truly suggest you visit Dendroboard and check out their forums; extremely helpful and you will not find more information on vivs anywhere else on the internet (you’ll just need to take what you can learn from there and apply it to a crestie-happy viv!).

Supplies you will need to make a custom background:

Note: These are the supplies you will need if you use the foam background. If you would like to use the egg crate or styrofoam background method,(or using net cups) I can explain that as well!

-Disposable gloves 

-Plants (I highly recommend at least having one pothos, cresties love them!)

- Wood (I would recommend cork bark! However there are many options such as drift wood, bamboo, grapewood and manzanita!)

- GE silicone ll Window and Door silicone black or brown (one or two tubes, depending on your project size)

- Great Stuff Gaps and Cracks spray foam (red can with yellow lid, I would pick up at least two of these)

-Caulk gun

-Dry coco fiber OR dry peatmoss

-Knife and razor blade (be careful!)

How to make a background: 

Here’s a very basic, very simple guide on how to make a background from Josh’s frogs. I know I have a ton of other links hanging around for more extravagant build and I’ll add them once I locate them!

I think the biggest piece of advice I can give you is planning ahead! Always have an idea of what your end-game viv will look like, this way you can plan ahead and not only make an enclosure in a timely matter but it will look so much more naturalistic and beautiful if you put the effor into making sure the viv flows well together. Another thing you should always focus on is making the viv FOR YOUR ANIMALS. As nice as some effects could be in the enclosure, you always have to remember who you’re making it for and plan accordingly. Have lots of hiding places, safe plants and climbing areas for your cresties! 

I will probably add to this post as I locate more of my links and add advice as I come up with it!


Date Night!

It was a fascinating lecture on what high yield, low area gardening structures for nutrient rich crops and for common soil composition found on previously conquered worlds but oh dang, the second it was over, Jaeyde was out of there. She ran and got a shower and got dressed in her skirt and best shirt. Then it was the usual process to use the transportalizer…

Honestly, she was doing this way too much… but… a date! A real date! How could she not? She quickly sent a message to Najana and set the coords, feeling almost sick with nervousness.

ambientmagic  asked:

Okay please tell me about the Seirin team in your Star Trek AU

I love star trek AU and I am so incredibly excited you asked about it, bless you

[Star Trek AU]

OKAY SO LIKE I’m actually kinda torn between stationing all the KnB kids on one ship or having multiple separate ships?  bc there are more chances for different, fun interactions with one big ship full of ballers but also I can shamelessly give characters the jobs they deserve if there are different ships.  currently I’m on one ship w/ everyone bc I started with the GoM, but maybe later in this silly space AU timeline they split up or get transferred or something.  who knows.  anyways, read this as if the Seirin kids are working on the same ship as the GoM kids.

  • Riko - [chanting: kick ass, go to space, represent the human race] there are SO MANY good jobs Riko could have bc she’s so fucking smart but I settled on placing her in tactical and security (another redshirt…yeah…)!  she’s pretty damn high-ranking and she coordinates a lot of the manpower and security teams (it’s not unusual to see her joining the team Kagami and Aomine are assigned to) and also she definitely runs some of the ‘voluntary’ training sessions that are held in the mornings to keep the crew members in shape.  she’ll be wearing command gold in a few years, but right now she’s reigning in red.
  • Hyuuga is an engineer and sometimes pilot (again, a redshirt.  r.i.p. Seirin) who specifically works with the shields and weapons systems.  because Starfleet doesn’t go around engaging in space battles if they can avoid it, he doesn’t typically have much to do, so Riko can get away with strong-arming him into helping her with any minor engineering problem she might have (he keeps telling her that he’s not trained to reprogram the holodeck to do the things she wants it to do but he then he goes ahead and does it anyways).
  • Kiyoshi works in medical, technically, (so he’s wearing blue, finally someone who isn’t a redshirt) but he works more as a personnel advisor/counselor than a doctor.  he has all kinds of obscure alien cultural knowledge and sensitivity training bc he has to be prepared to advise anyone employed by Starfleet regardless of species/culture.  he’s on the same shift schedule as Hyuuga so he makes sure they eat together all the time.  also, he totally has a bionic leg.
  • Izuki is That Science Guy™ (another blueshirt!) who is super excited about alien plant life.  he’s a botanist by trade and he spends most of his time doing lab work and testing soil compositions and things that his friends don’t really understand or think are very exciting, but he’s having a blast.  he has way more plants in his quarters than regulation allows but no one has ratted him out yet.  he and Hyuuga have been friends since the Academy and they graduated in the same year.
  • Mitobe and Koganei are just part of the general maintenance crew (redshirts) who get called to fix things like broken replicators and jammed turbolifts and faulty tricorders.  no one knows how long they’ve known each other, but they’ve spent to much time together that they operate 40% through shared memory and with their combined knowledge they can solve almost any minor malfunction.
  • Tsuchida works in the science division (another blue!) with Izuki, but he studies microbiology instead.  he’s in a long distance relationship with a girl he’s known since high school and he wakes up at completely ridiculous hours to call her once a week.  also, he’s almost guaranteed to catch whatever illness is circulating the crew.  you’d think that he’d have built up an immunity by now, but he gets sick almost every time.
  • Furihata is a botanist (a third blue, imagine that) who is ranked just lower than Izuki, so Izuki introduces him to everyone as his assistant.  He doesn’t get to do a lot of work with proper lab equipment yet, so he’s sort of a gofer for the senior botanists.  he does a lot of plant watering, repotting, sample collecting (well, he holds the samples after a senior botanist has picked them out on an away mission), and when he draws the short straw he has to go up to the bridge to deliver data to the science officer.  the first time he had to go up to the bridge, he tripped getting out of the lift and his PADD went flying and hit one of the other senior officers.  he may never recover.
  • Fukuda works in engineering (technically with Murasakibara on the warp drive) but like Furihata he does mostly grunt work because he’s very low ranking and inexperienced.  he gets assigned to the night shift way more than he probably should be, but he manages to eat breakfast with Furihata and Kawahara when they’re having dinner.  Fukuda does a lot of monitoring monitors and dicking around on his PADD bc the officers are all in bed and can’t tell him off for it.  he and Furihata and Kawahara all took the same required physical courses at the Academy so they all bonded through mutual suffering there.
  • Kawahara works in security (more with the criminal investigators than the guys who are more like bodyguards) and he’s slightly higher ranked than Fukuda and Furihata, which is something he holds over them all the time.  he doesn’t have very important duties in the criminal investigation department, but just being in the department means that whenever something major happens (as is inevitable if your plot is modeled off of Star Trek episodes) his friends immediately go to him to get the scoop on the situation.
  • Nigou is that alien dog with the horn and that’s all I have to say about him. 

/wheezes/ so that’s all the Seirin kids…dang there’s a lot of them…  I really love this AU though, so this was really fun!