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Keep Calm… Hold up wait don’t Keep Calm its my baby 2 0 bday!! Tttuuurrrnnnn uuupppp (in our rachett voice) Man its been a long time coming. This chick has my heart for real bruh. She gets on my nerves and love her at the same time. Some times I do not know how to deal with her because all I see is my 9 yr old. I can honestly say we aren’t the closet but best believe I’d never stop being there. We have our days and our moments but that is what friends are about. She may do things I do not agree with just like I do things she don’t agree with. She has a lot of growing to do but being in Korea I have seen her mature more than people her age. She is my bratty lil sister/cousin. Ssoooooooooooooo Turn up bruh bruh…. #putitonthegram #soiknowitreal #herenomatterwhat #imgettingemotional