soi 13


gotei 13 captains: then and now


América Latina.

Soy lo que dejaron, soy toda la sobra de lo que se robaron. Un pueblo escondido en la cima, mi piel es de cuero por eso aguanta cualquier clima.

Soy una fábrica de humo, mano de obra campesina para tu consumo, frente de frío en el medio del verano, el amor en los tiempos del cólera, mi hermano. El sol que nace y el día que muere con los mejores atardeceres.

Soy el desarrollo en carne viva,
un discurso político sin saliva. Las caras más bonitas que he conocido, soy la fotografía de un desaparecido.

Soy la sangre dentro de tus venas, soy un pedazo de tierra que vale la pena.

Soy una canasta con frijoles, soy Maradona contra Inglaterra anotándote dos goles.

Soy lo que sostiene mi bandera, la espina dorsal del planeta es mi cordillera.

Soy lo que me enseño mi padre, el que no quiere a su patria no quiere a su madre.

13 años, 13 cualidades

Hoy cumplo 13 años, así que compartiré 13 de las cualidades por las que me convierten en el mejor Sam.

1- Amo las flores. Tengo un jardín, y en el hay: rosas, claveles, tulipanes, margaritas, valerianas y gardenias. Pétunias, corozos y sol de primavera.

2- Tengo dos perritas: godzilla y zanahoria. Las rescate y ahora son mis mejores amigas.

3- Mi lengua madre es francés, pero manejo el español, inglés y alemán.

4- Estudio en casa. Me educan en literatura, artes, filosofía e historia.

5- Mi escritor favorito es Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayo.

6- Me gustan las estrellas. Puedo crear formas sorprendentes con ellas.

7- Los días de sol me parecen gentiles. Mis flores disfrutan mucho el sol.

8- Considero los ojos oscuros muy honestos. Mis ojos son azul y verde…

9- Soy vegano. No como ni bebo nada de origen animal. Mi plato favorito son las zanahorias y broccoli.

10- He viajado a Austria, Tailandia, Marruecos, India, México, Canadá, Cuba, Nicaragua, Colombia y Guyana. Actualmente vivo en Nicaragua.

11- Escribo pequeñas grandes historias. Algún día quiero de ser un escritor.

12- Los nombres de mis amigos son: Christian, Alex, Alex, Damian, la pequeña anécdotas del sillón, Cio, Kevin y su novia Andy.

13- Soy esquizofrenico.

Reaction of the Captains discovering their S/O had been tattooed in secret

Shunsui Kyoraku: At first, he’s startled and hesitated to mention the subject. But, with time, he became proud being the only one to see it. From time to time, he loves stroking the tattooed area.

Soi Fong: She enjoys the idea so much that she would like to do one too. Even if she seems a bit cold and harsh, she’s quite romantic when it comes to mach up something with her S/O.

Rojuro Otoribashi: He used to be against but his life in human living world opened his mind. He wouldn’t mind tattoo if it’s appropriate for his S/O. He’ll have a fetish in musical tattoo (keys, scores…).

Unohana Retsu: She doesn’t expect it so she disagree the fact that her S/O tattooed. She warns them she wants to be aware if they provide something (with her creepy smile, you know what I mean…)

Shinji Hirako: He’s a little bit surprised. He knew that his S/O loves tattoos but he didn’t expect them to do without telling. However he finds it sexy and asks them not to tell him if they do another one. He likes presents.

Byakuya Kuchiki: He’s clearly shocked. He thought that his S/O is some innocent fluffy baby bunny. He doesn’t wait to tell her that he’s against this and he doesn’t them to do it again. But he won’t ask them to erase it… Know that he will secretly love to see it during the do.

Komamura Sajin: Untattooed, full tattooed, just one… He won’t mind at all. He loves his S/O for who they are, not what covered their body. Even if the natural, simplicity is well enough.

Kensei Muguruma: He couldn’t disagree the tattoo, knowing that he’s their model. He asks where, how many, if it hurt… He takes the habit to lick it every time he can. He is one to encourage her to tattoo more and even pierce.

Toshiro Hitsugaya: He isn’t one to care for long. He’ll be honest if he likes it or not but won’t encourage to tattoo too much. He would prefer them to be natural with just a bit of fantasy.

Zaraki Kenpachi: Discovering the tattoo, he bursts out laughing. Then he’ll calm down and ask them to show it closer, saying that it’s cool. He loves them not to cover their tattoo and show it to everyone. He feels proud that they look as badass as him.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: He’s mad. For two reasons. First, he doesn’t have any attraction for the human’s things; he doesn’t understand why they did this. The second reason it’s that IT’S FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. He wish he could do something that beautiful for (and on) her. In secret he’ll research on it, wanting to experiment tattoo session on his S/O.

Jushiro Ukitake: He will freeze. Depending on what the tattoo is, he will accept it or not (like bird, flowers, some discreet and girly for girls / not too much manly for men). However he’ll forever more treasure an untattooed skin.

Snow Day in the Seireitei

As requested by @dameofnodelicacy and @sambamrazzy. :)

It has snowed in Soul Society, and a snow day has been declared! How do the various shinigami react?

1. Hitsugaya: Is 90% scarfs 

Hitsugaya bundles himself up well. Very well. He basically looks like a walking pile of scarfs.

Byakuya: Aren’t you an ice type? Should you not be impervious to the cold or some such thing?

Hitsugaya: …

Hitsugaya: There is nothing wrong with wanting to be cozy.

2. Yamamoto: Goes shirtless

Mostly because he can.

Yamamoto: Such bad subordinates, being affected by the cold.

Yamamoto: Personally I just need my beard to keep ME warm.

3. Byakuya & Rukia: Build snowmen

Or rather, a snow bunny and a snow Admiral Seaweed.

Rukia: Your snow sculptures are just as amazing as your sand sculptures, Nii-sama!

Byakuya: Yours are very good too, Rukia.

4. Matsumoto: Drinks (and shares) a lot of spiked hot chocolate

Of course, it’s too cold for strip drinking games. So instead she, Hisagi, and Kira see how many sweaters they can put on.



Matsumoto: Who knew reverse stripping could be so fun??

5. Hinamori: Spends the day reading

She has a blanket and (non-alcoholic) hot chocolate, and she is ready to party. And by “party” I mean “read.”

Hinamori: It doesn’t really get cozier than this.

[Outside the window, Hitsugaya waddles by in his 19 scarfs]

Hinamori: Except possibly for that.

6. Rose: Enjoys the look of the snow

Rose, more than anyone else, appreciates the aesthetics of the snow - the look of the fresh snowdrifts, the way the snowflakes swirl down through the air, the way the world seems almost hushed.

Rose: Every few seconds I get another picture of Izuru wearing more sweaters.

Rose: But it’s pretty peaceful anyway.

7. Yachiru: Pelts everyone with snow balls

Mostly while riding on Kenpachi’s shoulders.



8. Renji: Gets involved in the Squad 11 snowball fight

The one that Yachiru started.

Ikkaku: Abarai!!! Did you put  ROCK into this SNOWBALL?!

Renji: We villains are dirty by nature, you know!


9. Isane: Is pretty much stuck dealing with injuries

Squad 11 files in all day, most of them with mysterious rock wounds.

Unohana: And this is why I insisted we spend the day inside Squad 4, Isane.

Isane: Ohhhhhh.

10. Aizen: Melts all the snow with his spiritual pressure

No snow is actually able to reach him.

Aizen: I am simply too powerful.

Aizen: …

Aizen: Admittedly it is a little sad.

11. Ukitake: Is cared for by his subordinates

Basically this means that Kiyone and Sentaro compete to keep him comfortable, until he is essentially swimming in blankets. And mittens. And hats. And hot chocolate. 

Ukitake (faintly, from underneath it all): G-guys?

12. Soi Fon: Hosts a GIANT snowball fight

Just imagine, if you will, the entirety of the punishment squad pelting each other with snowballs.

Omaeda: T-this is surprisingly nice of you, Captain!

Soi Fon: Nice? You understand so little.

Soi Fon: I am increasing their antagonism towards each other by having them simulate battle. I am decreasing their camaraderie.

Omaeda: They, uh, sure seem to be having a good time, though.

Soi Fon: That is probably battle laughter. 

13. Komamura: Goes sledding with Iba

The sokyoku hill makes for some awesome sledding.

Komamura: Amazing! I can’t help but let my tongue dangle and my wolf ears flap in the breeze!


14. Shinji: Makes snow angels

I can’t even explain this one. Something about Shinji and his gangly limbs making snow angels amuses me

Hiyori: Hey baldy! Aren’t you a guy who does everything backwards? You should be making snow angels FACE DOWN


15. Mashiro & Kensei: Get distracted by Shinji’s snow angels

Kensei was just trying to go for a nice snow walk. Mashiro was following him.

Mashiro: Uh oh are people disappearing again? Kensei! Kensei! Look! Mysterious dents in the snow!

Kensei: Those are just snow angels, Mashiro.

Mashiro: What? Angels? Of the snow? I don’t understand! I don’t understand!


16. Nemu: Clears the snow around Squad 12

Kurotsuchi really wants nothing to do with the snow day. So Nemu clears the snow away from Squad 12. Using the world’s most giant snow blower.

Nemu: I may or may not have blown Akon away.

Nemu: But he is probably fine.

[The sounds of Akon’s screams fade into the distance]

Nemu: Probably.