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gotei 13 captains: then and now


Reaction of the Captains discovering their S/O had been tattooed in secret

Shunsui Kyoraku: At first, he’s startled and hesitated to mention the subject. But, with time, he became proud being the only one to see it. From time to time, he loves stroking the tattooed area.

Soi Fong: She enjoys the idea so much that she would like to do one too. Even if she seems a bit cold and harsh, she’s quite romantic when it comes to mach up something with her S/O.

Rojuro Otoribashi: He used to be against but his life in human living world opened his mind. He wouldn’t mind tattoo if it’s appropriate for his S/O. He’ll have a fetish in musical tattoo (keys, scores…).

Unohana Retsu: She doesn’t expect it so she disagree the fact that her S/O tattooed. She warns them she wants to be aware if they provide something (with her creepy smile, you know what I mean…)

Shinji Hirako: He’s a little bit surprised. He knew that his S/O loves tattoos but he didn’t expect them to do without telling. However he finds it sexy and asks them not to tell him if they do another one. He likes presents.

Byakuya Kuchiki: He’s clearly shocked. He thought that his S/O is some innocent fluffy baby bunny. He doesn’t wait to tell her that he’s against this and he doesn’t them to do it again. But he won’t ask them to erase it… Know that he will secretly love to see it during the do.

Komamura Sajin: Untattooed, full tattooed, just one… He won’t mind at all. He loves his S/O for who they are, not what covered their body. Even if the natural, simplicity is well enough.

Kensei Muguruma: He couldn’t disagree the tattoo, knowing that he’s their model. He asks where, how many, if it hurt… He takes the habit to lick it every time he can. He is one to encourage her to tattoo more and even pierce.

Toshiro Hitsugaya: He isn’t one to care for long. He’ll be honest if he likes it or not but won’t encourage to tattoo too much. He would prefer them to be natural with just a bit of fantasy.

Zaraki Kenpachi: Discovering the tattoo, he bursts out laughing. Then he’ll calm down and ask them to show it closer, saying that it’s cool. He loves them not to cover their tattoo and show it to everyone. He feels proud that they look as badass as him.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: He’s mad. For two reasons. First, he doesn’t have any attraction for the human’s things; he doesn’t understand why they did this. The second reason it’s that IT’S FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. He wish he could do something that beautiful for (and on) her. In secret he’ll research on it, wanting to experiment tattoo session on his S/O.

Jushiro Ukitake: He will freeze. Depending on what the tattoo is, he will accept it or not (like bird, flowers, some discreet and girly for girls / not too much manly for men). However he’ll forever more treasure an untattooed skin.

Este es un breve resumen de como me ha estado yendo en la vida desde que entré a la universidad:

1. Hice amigos en menos de un día.
2. Cindy es como esa amiga que todos deben tener en su vida.
3. Entendí que sentada adelante o atrás, se aprende lo mismo.
4. No le tengo miedo a fracasar.
5. Amo las matemáticas por que son bien chidas.
6. Estudia con tiempo y no te estreses.
7. Puedes ser bonita e inteligente al mismo tiempo.
8. Socializar con hombres me sigue siendo más fácil.
9. Aparte de Cindy, mis amigos son Axel, Alan, Germán, Tona, Joshua y Gary.
10. La universidad es una de las etapas con más aprendizaje en la vida.
11. Soy menos aprensiva.
12. Creo que a la persona que fui en el pasado le daría unos buenos golpes para que reaccionara.
13. Soy quien siempre quise ser.
14. Mi novio y yo hemos roto expectativas.
15. No pensé que cumpliría un año con alguien otra vez.
16. Puta película de Logan.
17. Volví a creer en mi misma.
18. Me volví más sociable.
19. ¿Ya les dije que amo mi escuela?
20. Wuwuwuwu.

Quincy intel on the captains

As requested by anon. :)

It is known that the Quincy have extensive intel on their opponents, including the captain. So what if we took a peek at that intel? And what if it turned out that the intel was a lot more silly than one might expect (*cough*)? 

1. Yamamoto

–He has been the shinigami leader for centuries, but unlike His Majesty, he has not been resting up. He’s probably tired and therefore easy to kill.

–He decided not to heal his arm so as to avoid involvement with humans. He allows his principles to get in his own way. This should also make him easy to kill.

–His eyebrows are freakishly long. Any man with eyebrows that long as clearly decided to let himself go. He should therefore be extremely easy to kill.

Summary: This tired, one-armed, super-eyebrowed man will not be a threat to His Majesty.

2. Soi Fon

Does not cooperate with her lieutenant - it may be possible to sew discord between them.

–She hates crunchy foods. 

–She invented shunko, which means that she is intelligent and dangerous. But she also didn’t actually invent shunko because it already existed. So she’s less intelligent and less dangerous.

–Bankai: powerful. Shikai: has only ever been effective once.

Summary: Take away her bankai, and she will be easy to kill.

3. Rose

Has hollow powers, which he will definitely use unless for some reason he forgets or something: BEWARE.

–Likes to wait for artistic moments to strike and/or emerge from rubble. This can be used against him.

–Has been witnessed talking to his guitar. This can be used against him.

Summary: Ask him what his favorite band is, and then strike.

4. Unohana

Do not engage: repeat - do not engage. She is the former Kenpachi masquerading as a doctor.

–She has not fought in a long time. Best to keep it that way.

–Engage only if you are guaranteed to kill on the first strike.

–She has not fought in the recent battles. Hopefully she will once again remain mysteriously absent despite being the main healer for the shinigami.

Summary: Not dangerous so long as she stays out of battle as she usually does.

5. Shinji

Has hollow powers, which he will definitely use unless for some reason he forgets or something: BEWARE.

Former captain of Aizen Sosuke. Knew that Aizen was evil, and tried to stop him by doing nothing. Conclusion: is not as smart as he thinks he is.

–Close relationship with Kurosaki Ichigo; will sometimes yell his name at the sky. Do not let him do so. Kurosaki Ichgo’s name has power.

–Likes to be upside down.

Conclusion: Kill him before he can activate his hollow powers or summon Kurosaki Ichigo, and all should be well.

6. Byakuya

Tried to have his sister executed. Loves rules.

–Protected his sister in the end. Loves family.

–Tried to kill Kurosaki Ichigo. Hates invaders.

–Joined Kurosaki Ichigo. Loves invaderes.

–Tried to kill his lieutenant. Hates loose cannons.

–Helped his lieutenant sneak into Hueco Mundo. Loves loose cannons.

Summary: This man is entirely unpredictable. He might do anything. ANYTHING

7. Komamura

–Is a giant wolf.

–That’s pretty much all we got.

–He’s a sentient talking wolf.

Summary: He’s a wolf.

8. Kyoraku

–Pretends to be a lazy flirt, but is actually a stone-cold killer (he killed an enemy child and stabbed another enemy in the back).

–Why would lazy flirt be his cover?

–He may have bad taste in covers.

–He doesn’t like to use his bankai. We should keep it that way. A guy like him probably has a very frightening bankai.

Summary: Proceed with caution, kill if able.

9. Kensei

–Has hollow powers, which he will definitely use unless for some reason he forgets or something: BEWARE.

Uses his bankai all the time but it’s okay because that just gives him punching powers so

–He has an obscene tattoo on his chest. Do not be alarmed if he should remove his shirt in battle.

Summary: Just punch harder. It should be fine.

10. Hitsugaya

Young, rash, prone to anger

–Hates to be mocked for his height, which can be used against him

–Head is probably flammable from all the hair gel he uses (note: check if hair gel if flammable)

–Has a bankai, but it literally always breaks.

–We may as well steal it, though.

Summary: He will not be a problem.

11. Kenpachi

Do not engage: he is a monstrous killing machine

–Leave him for His Majesty

–Repeat: Do not engage!

–Summary: Don’t do it!

12. Kurotsuchi

Was beaten by Ishida Uryu back when Ishida had barely any powers and didn’t know how to fight

–He should be super easy to beat

–Just remember: aim for the head

Summary: A child could beat him. One did.

13. Ukitake

He’s very sick, and has been for centuries.

–His own lieutenant was killed right in front of him, and he couldn’t do anything to stop it.

–He faints when overtaxed.

–The only way he could ever possibly be at all dangerous would be if he somehow had a literal god inside him or something.

Summary: If you blow on him, he’ll fall over and die.

52 Razones para amarte♡

1. Alegras mis días
2. Me haces reir
3. Eres mi mejor compañía
4. Me pierdo en tu mirada
5. Me encanta tu manera de amar
6. Tus besos me derriten
7. Eres ocurrente/creativo totalmente antiaburrido
8. Eres mi guitarrista favorito
9. Me cantas
10. Tocas solo para mi :3
11. Me escribes canciones ♥
12. Me motivas a ser mejor
13. Soy más Feliz desde que te conocí, no lo puedo negar.
14. Te ríes de mis chistes malos
15. Siempre tienes buenas excusas para llegar tarde -.-
16. Dificilmente puedo enojarme contigo >:c
17. Me cargas y das vueltaas como a una princesa :D
18. Tus labios son perfectos para los míos
19. Eres dorado por dentro (y eso es un misterio)
20. Eres sincero y honesto
21. Por aquel 2do primer beso♥
22. Abrazarte es algo natural
23. A tu lado he vivido nuevas experiencias, inolvidables (:
25. Eres inteligente
26. No dejas que nada te detenga
27. Luchas y te esfuerzas por cumplir tu sueño
28. Siempre quieres más
29. Te gustan los videojuegos más que a mi :p
30. Llegaste cuando menos lo esperaba
31. Me enamoras cada día
32. Me motivas a dar lo mejor de mi aún cuando creo que ya no puedo más
33. No puedo evitar sonreír cuando me sonries así (:
34. Contigo siempre hay una primera vez y cada una es inolvidable.
35. Somos un buen equipo :D juntos hacemos lo mejor de cada situación
37. Enciendes un juego de luces en mis ojos ♥
38. Nunca dejas de sorprenderme
39. A tu lado he pasado los mejores días de mi vida
40. Me encanta tu sonrisa (:
41. Hasta cuando roncas eres adorable jajaja
42. Tus brazos son el mejor lugar para estar :3
43. Me encanta imaginar una vida a tu lado ♥
44. Me enseñas a ver el mundo de una manera distinta
45. A tu lado he pasado momentos inolvidables ~
46. Siempre puedo aprender algo de ti.
47. Ninguna persona en el mundo podría hacerme tan feliz como Tú
48. Puedo pasar muchisimas hrs a tu lado y nunca me aburro
49. Me haces sentir la mujer mas afortunada del mundo porque estamos juntos :3 ♥
50. Haces que mi mundo sea diferente (:
51. A tu lado ningun día es igual al anterior n.n
52. ?

Me hiciste creer que eras perfecto y al final poco a poco todo fue cambiando, hasta que un día no nos reconocimos.

If the captains and the lieutenants competed in The Amazing Race...

Amazing Race requested by anon. :)

I’ve never seen the Amazing Race. I started to look up the rules on Wikipedia but they were super complicated! Like, I had no idea. So…..I’m gonna be playing fast and loose here. We’re going to imagine that teams of captains and their lieutenants are competing in the Amazing Race (a game in which teams of two try to get around the world using various modes of transportation). In what order would these teams be eliminated?

1. First Elimination: Rose & Kira

Mostly because Kira never actually showed up, so the team was disqualified.

Rose: It suddenly occurs to me that I haven’t seen Kira in a long time…years, it feels like.

Rose: Is he even still alive?

2. Second Elimination: Kenpachi & Yachiru

They got terribly, terribly lost during the very first leg of the journey.

Kenpachi: We knew this would happen. Why did we sign up to do this, again?

Yachiru: Head captain’s orders!

Kenpachi: Oh yeah. Hate that.

3. Third Elimination: Ukitake & Rukia

The excitement was just too much for Ukitake’s heath.

Ukitake: G-go on without me, Kuchiki!!!!

Rukia: I literally can’t. Rules.

Ukitake: Oh.

Ukitake: In that case - smoothies?

4. Fourth Elimination: Kurotsuchi & Nemu

They were disqualified for breaking the rules during the second leg.

Kurotsuchi: Take a cab, they said.

Kurotsuchi: Nowhere did they state that Nemu was *not* allowed to pull the cab herself to increase its speed.

Nemu: We also tried to poison the other contestants. 

 This game is so rigged.

5. Fifth Elimination: Kensei & Mashiro

Mashiro found one of the clues to the next location. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that’s what it was. So there was a delay.

Kensei: Dammit! Where IS the clue?? It’s supposed to be around here somewhere!

Kensei: And what the HELL are you looking at, Mashiro??

Mashiro: This weird map with an X painted on it! Does that have anything to do with anything?

Kensei: …

Kensei: We’re three hours behind, Mashiro.

6. Sixth Elimination: Komamura & Iba

They had some trouble with the flight portion.

TSA Agent: Sir, please, you have to take off your fur suit before you go through the X-ray.

Komamura: Ma'am, I really am not wearing a fur suit. I mean, I can “take it off” if you’re okay with me ripping out my own heart, but - 

TSA Agent: I’m calling security.

Komamura: What did I do??

7. Seventh Elimination: Kyoraku & Nanao

Nanao’s planning and determination got them part of the way, but in the end, Kyoraku’s carefree attitude did them in.

Kyoraku: Nanao-chan, please! It’s nap time! I’m napping!


Kyoraku: N-Nanao-chan!

8. Eight Elimination: Yamamoto & Sasakibe

Yamamoto fell asleep while they were on the train. Sasakibe didn’t want to wake him.

Yamamoto: Sasakibe, wasn’t our stop a while ago??

Sasakibe: Yes but you seemed very comfortable, sir.

9. Ninth Elimination: Shinji & Hinamori

They had communication difficulties.



Shinji: But I thought this was supposed to be a *fun* game!

10. Tenth Elimination: Hitsugaya & Matsumoto

They made it far. Very far - into the top four no less! But in the end, Hitsugaya’s tiny little legs were just too short.

Matsumoto: I’m reminded of a corgi running.

Hitsugaya: NOT HELPING

11. Third Place: Soi Fon & Omaeda

As a member of the final three, Soi Fon was determined to win. Unfortunately, she and Omaeda don’t always make the best team.

Soi Fon: We lost because you were too busy eating, Omaeda!

Omaeda: Are you sure it wasn’t because you stopped to yell at me for pushing you out of the way of that car?

Soi Fon: Well that was very irritating!

12. Second Place: Unohana & Isane

In the end, Unohana didn’t *quite* care enough to make the final push.

Unohana: I could murder our way to the front but nah.

Isane: T-that’s what you’ve been mulling over??

13. The Winners: Byakuya & Renji

And so Byakuya and Renji crossed the finish line first, having made use of teamwork, determination, and Byakuya’s deep, deep seated need to be the fastest.

Renji: We did it, Captain!

Byakuya: Yes. We are officially the fastest team.

Byakuya: I am calling the demon cat right now.