a wishing well that all men call the world: earth against the stars, photographed by soho and dscovr, 18th november 2015.

a composite of real imagery: earth is photographed by dscover’s epic instrument (11 times over 22 hours), but epic exposures are too short to pick up stars; instead, i have used a starfield synthesized from soho images earlier in the year when the sun was moving through taurus and auriga, where the earth is now. the framing of the images and the apparent motion of the stars are also based on soho images. 

the numerous inaccuracies and creative slights of hand are mine.

image credit: nasa/soho, nasa/noaa. animation&composite: ageofdestruction. title: leonard cohen.

( i balance on a wishing well
that all men call the world
we are so small between the stars
so large against the sky
and lost among the subway crowds
i try to catch your eye -