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in honor of global running day I went for a VERY brisk 5 miler which was followed by lunch in soho with the boy by his office. when I got home I got a pint of peanut butter cup halo top. I sat down with my John Green book, ate half and put it in the freezer. ten minutes later, I got it back out and finished it. oh well.

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Meghan unhappy with Cory in Mexico End of April

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Why? Meghan parting with Sophie Trudeau Jessica Mulroney Soho House Toronto planning on connecting with H 

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Ben Mulroney Justin Trudeau Prince Harry at Air Canada event For Ig 2017 May 2 2016

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June at Wimbledon guest of Ralph Lauren Violet styled her for magazine photo shoot & she attended Ralph Lauren lunch stayed  Soho

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One Wild Ride

The much anticipated band au (seriously, you guys are the best) that I’m still not sure if I intended for it to be serious or a crackfic. Five chapters in total but that’s just the tentative layout for it that I’ve got working so it might be more or less but let’s just go with 5 for now. Special thanks to Rhiannon for reading it through and listening to me go on and on about this universe for the past few weeks (months? idek)

Also, I’m trying my hand at a new style of writing- sort of like an article/ journalism vibe- so I hope it’s not too bad

Chapter 1

Breaking News: Lily Evans and James Potter are not so secretly snogging. The internet is losing its shit.

Welcome ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary folk to what is the first of a five part exposé on the two biggest names in all of music right now: The Marauders and Lily Evans. One is boy band group that’s achieved One Direction like fame in the past few years, and the other is an immensely talented singer/songwriter who’s poised to take over the world one day. But now, on the eve of their respective world tours (the Marauders kick it off in Paris in one week, while Evans starts off in New York a few days later), we here at TIME feel it’s time to remind you all just how it all started and where they came from. From the nitty gritty beginnings- the broken friendships, nasty rumours and tears of all kinds- to the happy endings, I’m here to dig in deep. So buckle up kids, this is going to be one wild ride.

But first I guess I have to rewind a little to say, oh, about almost eight years ago.

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My initial reaction upon hearing speculation that Martin Freeman is single was to think, “Oh my goodness, now **i** can marry Martin Freeman!” – which is so incredibly absurd because

A) I’m a lesbian
B) He has no idea who i am

So i guess what I’m actually saying is I’d love to babysit for him if need be or grab the occasional lunch in Soho.

So Martin, if you see this and get struck by the sudden urge to get lunch with a 25 y/o lesbian with a strong Minnesotan accent, one that rivals even those in Fargo, you’ve found your gal ;)


Completely No Palate Awareness

Yo fam, I just can’t with the overpriced Soho lunch spots anymore. Do you know how much a turkey sandwich is at the Crosby Street Hotel?? Praise the French Republic for this fire new cafe, Maman. I was walking by the other day and It smelled like cookies so obviously I went inside. There was this French guy taking orders and called everyone madame. YO IS THIS WHAT FRANCE IS LIKE BC I ALREADY LOVE IT. I panicked when it was my turn, so many madames everywhere, I proceeded to order the wild combo of a lavender hot chocolate, lasagna, and a c chip cookie. I felt like one of the people you see at a buffet that would put a cinnamon bun, some tuna sashimi, a lamb chop, pineapple rings, and some steamy asparagus on ONE PLATE. You would never choose someone like this if you were on, like, Master Chef or something. You know those challenges where they test your palate? LIKE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING MAN?? YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT PALATE AND FLAVOR PROFILES ARE. Gordon Ramsay would totally freak and immediately immediately send you home.  MamanTip: Everything is made in house which is more of a fact than a tip I suppose.  Tip: The cookies are making some waves in the cookieverse. The oven/kitchen is pretty much right behind the cash register and you can watch the cookies come out as they bake them all day. Tip: The chef is Micheline-starred, so everything is dope. Even things you wouldn’t think to order like lasagna was some of the best I’ve had. Tip: There is a fairly large seating area in the back. It’s got this French cottage vibe which is cool. It’s becoming a sort of low key hot spot; finding a seat is already a challenge.  Pricing: Beef lasagne $7; cookie $3.75, coque ‘maman’ $8. When to come here: Coffee/chai/cocoa, quick bite, breakfast or lunch meeting, escape the tourists of Soho, shopping break, quality lunch. Where: 239 Centre St New York Times:  Monday-Friday 7am-6pm Saturday 8am-6pm Sunday 9am-6pm Phn: 212 226 0700

Niall Horan and Ashton Irwin Eat Lunch in Soho, NYC. 03/8/14