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Lunch and dessert with yohjihatesfashion @ Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles, Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle, and Dominique Ansel Bakery

  • Beef and Beef Tendon Noodle Soup
  • Boiled Dumplings
  • Pan Fried Dumplings
  • Whipped Apple Pie (a light mousse cake with all the flavors of a fall apple pie with a luscious caramel glaze)
Soho Farmhouse denounced over food hygiene ratings

Health officials have condemned the poor food hygiene standards at an exclusive country hotel where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently stayed, and which has been described as a “Center Parcs for the posh set.”

Soho Farmhouse, a boutique hotel and private members’ club in the Oxfordshire countryside, was criticised for storing chicken and macaroni cheese at unsafe temperatures, preparing raw food next to ready-to-eat areas and keeping burger buns next to cleaning products.

On top of that, the hotel has been ordered by inspectors from West Oxfordshire District Council to carry out a thorough clean of kitchen drainage gulleys and install proper hand-drying facilities for chefs in the Barwell Barn restaurant.

Despite these transgressions, the hotel has been granted a Food Hygiene Rating of three out of five by the council’s environmental health officers, who conducted the routine inspection in January.

“There were a couple of issues noted at our inspection earlier in the year, when we were awarded a satisfactory rating,“ says Nick Caton, Director of Soho Farmhouse.  

"We’re confident that everything has been addressed and look forward to our next inspection in the near future.”

Despite a number of issues found by inspectors, the hotel has been give a Food Hygiene rating of three out of five.

The best boutique hotels in the Cotswolds

The hotel has also recently come under fire from locals recently for plans to build posh ‘pigsty’ rooms in the grounds. Residents in the surrounding Cotswolds countryside objected to the unsympathetic corrugated iron structures, as well as the increase in traffic on ill-equipped roads.

Since opening in 2015, Soho Farmhouse has hosted numerous high-profile figures including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who visited the property last October.

The hotel provides boutique accommodation in Nantucket cabin-style accommodation throughout the week, but is members-only over the weekend (membership costs £1,400 a year). Facilities include the Cowshed spa, indoor and outdoor pools, a boating lake, tennis courts, a cinema and a cookery school.

Soho House Group, which is run by founder Nick Jones, now operates close to 20 hotels worldwide and boasts more than 66,000 members.


Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Day 3 & 4 : 16&17/12/2014

A visual diary:

Photo 1: The peak - amazing views overlooking Hong Kong (Asia’s concrete jungle)

Photo 2 & 3: Exploring Soho 

Photo 4: Visiting Man Mo temple where Cristiona and I got our fortunes read. A lot of laughing was involved, with the fortune teller too!

Photo 5: Looking from below 

Photo 6 & 7: Stanley market and waterfront 

Photo 8: Evening views from the bus ride home after a long day wandering around

Photo 9: Houses overlooking the ocean in Stanley 


As today is our 2 year friendship anniversary, and the 1 year anniversary of our joint channel, it’s only fitting to talk about my Jim.

Most people who know me from the online internet web system are aware of my best human friend, Jimmy0010. I love Jim.

Way back in 2007(?) I used to be a huge Jimmy0010 fan. This was when Jim was funny, chubby, and in SD. You know, before he went AWOL for a couple of years and came back all thin with a hair cut (I unsubscribed (sorry Jim)).

During his emo Co-op years, I’d watch his videos and it was like watching myself. I KNEW if we met we’d be best friends. A lot of YT commenters say that, and it’s often not true. But with Jim it was like a brain twin I’d been separated from. I obviously had no way of distinguishing myself from everyone else commenting the same thing, I didn’t even make videos then, so I just watched in happy silence.

Cut to 2013. I’ve been making videos for a year. It’s the SitC after party. Everyone is on a boat. I hear from Daniel J Layton that Jack Howard wants to meet me, so I sit down with Jack, give him a hard time, and we get on really well. Obviously. As I’m talking to Jack, Jimmy0010 walks by, and I gasp, ‘Jack, that’s Jimmy0010!′ Jack knows him and shouts Jim over, despite my protests. I felt bad for Jim; he’s trying to have a nice time and someone’s forced him to talk to me. 

Next day, Jim tweets me saying it was nice to meet me, because he’s a beautifully sweet and polite fuck. I see him a month later at a charity thing, and we immediately fall into the patter that we have now. We made a video together soon after and started hanging out all the time. We were as similar as I knew we would be back in 2007. We went from strangers to ‘chelsandjim’ almost immediately. SoulMATES.

Exactly one year later we started our joint channel, ChelsandJim. And now he’s my best friend and favourite human. I’d love to go and tell 2007 Chels how right she was.

Anyway, our birthdays are two weeks apart and this is the middle week, so to celebrate we’re now off to Soho to get food, drinks, and see The Mentalists this evening <3

P.S. I have since re-subscribed.