soho chic


The designer explains how the collection is a love note to SoHo and chic girls everywhere.

If it weren’t for Derek Lam, Manhattan’s SoHo streets would be much less chic. His design studio is located in the style set’s favorite neighborhood, where he witnesses their stories from his window like a sitcom. It was this espionage that inspired his first-ever fragrance collection, 10 Crosby—which shares its name with his New York address. The Sephora Glossy turned the tables to get his story behind the 10 individually sophisticated scents. JESSICA VELEZ

What inspired you to tap into the world of beauty with a fragrance collection?

“Crosby Street is just that real New York place—it’s local, but it’s creative…it’s just a cool street. I was seeing all of these young women and observing how they were dressing. They were going to work, but they were presenting themselves in an unconventional manner. I want to make a brand for [them], and a fragrance wardrobe for different moments this girl has throughout the day.”

What was your creative process like for developing the collection?  

“The scents actually started off as fabric swatches. For me, the fabrics have a nuance. Choosing a particular red, white, or lavender shade for the formula helped me express the mood of the fragrance. I wanted people to recognize a scent or note, but I also wanted to modernize it and make it a little bit twisted, because that’s exactly what I do with the clothing I create. I take something familiar that captures your eye, and then, when you get closer, you see the twists and turns that have gone into the design.”

Which scents pair well with different occasions in a woman’s life?

“I actually didn’t want it only to be centered on ‘Oh she’s meeting a guy’ or ‘She has a new puppy’ or any specific occasion. Instead, I wanted it to be about how you feel when you wake up or when you’re getting dressed to go out for the night. It’s much more about where your mind is at and what scent you’re attracted to at that particular moment.”

What do you love most about the collection?

“I love that there’s a continuity between all 10, but each one is really different and can be your scent. You don’t need to layer.”

Do you think fragrance is an imperative part of a beauty routine?

“Absolutely. It’s another way to express and layer your personal story.”

Who is the 10 Crosby girl and how does that come across in the scents?

“The Derek Lam 10 Crosby girl is reflected in the scents with a rare blend of femininity and modernity with a downtown New York edge.”

What do you personally love about your design studio’s SoHo hood, which is the namesake of the collection?

“I love the cozy comfort of it, as well as the ever-changing scene on the street below.”