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“She was frustrated. She was angry. She fell deep into depression. She became ill. All of this happened within a weekend. Her emotions took so much control over her life that all she did was lay in bed as the weekend went by. She didn’t turn on her phone. The only way anyone could reach her was by going to her apartment personally. She didn’t bother to eat for those two days, yet none of this came up as a warning flag to her roommate. Her lack of interest in food turned into an inability to eat food. She went to her classes as usual the following Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday. Wednesday was gym day with her friends, and it was there that she decided to weigh herself. In those few days, she lost ten pounds. Of course, she went to weigh herself in private, so none of her friends had any idea. As they were walking leisurely out of the gym and on the path to their favorite post-workout joint, she fell helplessly to the ground, entirely out of the blue. Her friends panicked, but she reassured them that she just worked out a little too hard that day that her legs gave out. Suspiciously, they forced her to relax and told him to give her a piggyback ride until they reached the joint. Quietly, as she leaned on his back, he asked what had happened, for he noticed she was acting very differently. She said nothing was different, but he noted that she looked more pale and her face was thinner than usual. She knew she was caught, and definitely, she couldn’t escape anywhere even if she wanted to. She exposed the truth and he paused, but none of their friends noticed. He placed her gently back on her feet and faced her and pulled her close into a tight hug. "You know we’re here for you. You shouldn’t be doing these things to yourself,” he whispered into her ear. A silent tear escaped her control, and he noticed and wiped it away. He kissed her gently on the forehead and told her to get back on his back, for their friends were almost out of view. She climbed back on, willingly, and hugged him close, for then, she really knew she wasn’t alone and had friends that love her.“


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