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tutorial (sort of, idk)

This is more of a walk through and I always make these props with as little effort as possible because I’m very impatient.

Materials: worbla or any type of thermoplastic, plastic orb I randomly found in a craft store, pretty ribbon, foam type of stuff, satin little hearts that I happened to have, purple spray paint, printer and laminating machine, led lights and 6v cells.


get yourself some lights from ebay and rearrange the current so you can cram it in the wand, the only thing you’re really changing is that the parallel current becomes a series because you need two 6v for the total 12v so I just stacked them, shlammed that copper around and stuffed it in sum isolation tape. make sure the tiny switch will be at the side.

Then you make a shaft with some thermoplastic, just lay it over something round and heat it up, after that you put the battery packets in there and close the seam of the plastic.

Then you cut some holes in these two part orbs, one for the facing of the wand where the star is shown and one to attach the shaft.

WARNING: this is acrylic and it melts if you saw or drill too hard, kinda difficult.

then you sand the orb, prime and paint everything purple. the lights and wires are in a plastic bag because I didn’t want to paint them (duh).

Here’s a sheet I made, printed and laminated because I’m too lazy to make it or paint it.

Once plasticized, you cut out the facing, wings and horns. (the heart wasn’t used because I found a prettier one in my decoration stash.

you can print this, it should already be the rights size though for some reason I lost a lot of resolution but who cares? (wings are lightly traced, I don’t know if you can see)

if you like origami you can use these to craft a diamond.

like so

here I already glued the facing in and taped the horns to the inside, just put a big piece of transparent tape on each horn, trim around it and leave a tail at the bottom, stick the tape to the inside and no worries because the horns stand up by itself when the front part of the orb is attached.

Also, the white part you see is the backside of the facing but I later put another blue paper sheet behind it so that it will light up in a blue shade.

bottom part is foam, heated up, bended, smoothed with glue and painted gold. Other gold parts were made with this stuff as well.

before attaching the top or bottom parts you should glue on the ribbon, use some tacky old glue that won’t show or seep through. or let it dry a bit first or use a minimal amount.

this is a piece of fake leather that I put in the backside to prevent the lights from distorting or showing through the thin plastic backside.

Checking under the hood where all is good.

(There are the parts that I keep as detachable)

And then you get something like this, Is should’ve kept the shaft shorter because now I see it’s casting a shadow in the facing but oh well. It’s done.

Have fun making wands n stuff.


I’m known to be a terrible explainer so if anything isn’t clear, be creative and figure something out or ask me or smth.

happy wednesday


let me talk crazy for a little…..

-the footage of will in the lab is on the 30th 

-the boys are in ghostbuster costumes on halloween day at school which either occurs on the 30th or the 31st.

- will is possibly (we’ve seen a photo but who knows it could also not be him) the other ghostbuster behind dustin in that shot.

-the boys are arguing about something and dustin is the only one to notice something else


heres the deal, take everything with a grain of salt im just going nuts over this im literally that one meme of charlie day right now. and i know absolutely nothing i just want to speculate. 

We were told by david that they were half way through filming at the SAG awards. This means that madmax through about the storm is done and bits are shown in the trailer, ASSUMING they filmed things in order, but u know what they say about assuming. and things are often filmed out of order.

now lets say the episode called the storm, is when that giant storm appears, cause i know the d bros are the ones to be like lets have this episode called storm but theres no storm whats so ever so im going to ignore that fact and just say the storm happens on the storm.

obviously will somehow ends up in the lab on the 30th, now lets pretend halloween day happens on the storm , and although we saw a photo today with will in a ghostbusters outfit, im not 100% sure thats him behind the boys, just based off the fact that he was in the lab the 30th and i dont think  a boy who “came back to life” and is now coughing up slugs would just be released from a science government lab. 

now the boys are biking away in their ghosbuster uniforms, and someone is missing, so its safe to say will is missing at this point,/ they took the ghostbuster photo earlier that week. 

someone found this photo

now it is pretty poor quality and its wrinkled and distorted + they are all looking the same direction which makes me think photo op.  just like the photos mike had of them winning the fair. also when will is in the lab is states 3:02 PM so anytime before that is free game that he could have been with his friends. but judging by how hes hooked up to machines and has a metal bar around his head i think it would take much longer for him to get in this state.

Which to say either they took the photo it earlier that week or the morning of the 30th.

based off their biking styles and backpacks, Im going to say dustin is on the left, the person in the middle is lucas and mike on the right. BUT WHERE ARE THEY GOING????

now among wills drawings theres a forest, and the boys are in fact peddling into/toward the forest. is that mirkwood? or is it a new area. Not to mention the giant monster is surrounded by trees. 

Now i know people have been talking about this scene 

and how her head is still shaved, and u right i agree with this. she also has visible veins under her eyes and genuine fatigue. SOOO im gonna say we are going to at some point see a flashback or her point of view after she dissolved the demogorgon. 

im not sure when or how eleven plays into these episode or when she going to be back together with the boys. But i did seem some talk about her and hopper in the cabin episode which to me is sound. But it could also be eleven having a breakdown in the wheelers meaning she obviously blames herself for something and no one is around to comfort her at least no one we can see.

im hoping eleven gets back with the boys soon, but i have a feeling the time will starts to act weird and disappear is when eleven will reappear. OR eleven points out will is acting weird which leads to him being taken to a lab which leads to her blaming herself etc.

again im JUST GOING CRAZY OVER HERE AND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS. i know we are going to get tons of clips and trailers before the start of the season and i know it will probably debunk a lot of this . BUT LETS TALK

i like to speculate and would love to hear thoughts or other theories!!

jadehassoune: 😂I couldn’t help it. 🙊 had to do an epic walk.
This is what the real inside of the #institutelooks like. And this #armour is way too good so
Here are some of the creator and makers and builders and put togetherers
Shelly Mansell
Heather Crepp
Angela Elter
Mel Rampen
Sylvie Smith
Kim Porter
Juliann Wilding @juliann_wilding
And there’s more!

Of all costumes you see in the show by the way! 

how would; dating blackpink

» pairing: Blackpink x Reader

» genre: Fluff

» author note: As if it´s your last is constantly playing on repeat. My new summer jam, everybody. By the way, I made these a bit shorter as this is in a group format rather than individual, so yeah.

» warning: None

» requested by: anonymous

» gifs not mine, credit belongs to the owners

Originally posted by blackpinka


  • automatically becoming the weird couple
  • jisoo never being able to keep her 4D personality at leash
  • you pretending to judge her but lowkey loving her randomness
  • “jichu you´re so pretty”
  • her blushing bright red
  • ridiculous pet names
  • deep conversations late at night
  • watching fashion shows and talking trash about the outfits while wearing facemasks
  • stealing each other´s clothes
  • her being extremely stubborn during fights
  • not really able to admit it was her fault, ,,, that kind of stubborn
  • but swallowing her pride as soon as she realized it was no good for you relationship

Originally posted by topfied


  • the sweetest gf you could ask for
  • even though she seems cold she´s actually super squishy and adorable
  • always tells you how much she loves you
  • if you don´t know Korean, she´d try to teach you
  • and you´d teach her your language (unless you talk english bc that would be kinda pointless)
  •  helping her handle the other girls
  • dates in amusement parks 
  • asking her to teach you flying yoga
  • abs™
  • fights would be pretty intense
  • resulting in you both having to leave the room and cool off
  • then apologizing to each other by pulling the other into a tight hug and whispering how much you love each other

Originally posted by yoosjiae


  • aesthetic™
  • always outside taking photos for instagram
  • trying to live the healthy life like jisoo and jennie
  • failing miserably
  • “do we want a pizza or chinese food?”
  • going for walks late at night
  • almost immediately going inside because you don´t want to get killed
  • literally the biggest scaredy-couple
  • “teach me how to play a guitar.”
  • her being weak af for you puppy eyes
  • you two would always try and avoid fights as much as possible
  • if the fight was very serious I can see her crying while apologizing (if it was her fault, ofc. if not she´d wait for you to say sorry)

Originally posted by fuckyeahagustd


  • okay another weird couple
  • we all know lisa is one big, walking meme
  • majority of your gallery is her
  • blackmailing her with photos of her derp faces
  • constantly teasing each other
  • looking for random recipes on the internet and trying to make the foods
  • failing more than succeeding
  • trying to learn all their choreographies so you can show her
  • tripping over you own foot while doing so
  • her having laughing fits at how stupid you look 
  • appreciating your effort nonetheless
  • “were you born with two left feet, jagiya?”
  • “shut up.”
  • surprisingly fights are very rare
  • like super duper kind of rare
Masayoshi Shido and Akechi’s Mother

People seemed to like half-sib Futaba and Akechi so

here I go

I want to talk about Akechi’s mother. 

One of the things that stood out to me the most is the sole time that Shido talks about Akechi’s mother. Firstly I need to point out that the game goes out of its way to establish that Shido has a history of sexual assault that he has hidden with his political ties, and that he considers himself something of a womanizer. While I probably can’t put a number on how many women he’s likely gone after, its easy enough to assume that his list of female targets has been quite large. Simply put, no one women has ever meant anything to Shido. 

Which is why the way he talks about Akechi’s mother throws me off a bit. It’s only a single line, but it brought me to a pause.

“He reminded me too much of that woman.

There’s a certain amount of intimacy to that statement. It’s not intimate affection, but intimate disgust, but its intimate none the less. Yet throughout the game, Shido is stressed to even recognize Akira who INTERRUPTED his attempt to coerce and essentially rape a woman–he couldn’t recognize the kid who he sent away and gave a criminal record, and couldn’t remember the scenario in which he assaulted a specific woman (who, honestly, I can’t tell if he even knows the name of). 

Yet he remembers, to the point, a woman that Akechi reminds him of that he had to have known from at least seventeen years ago

…What the hell was Akechi’s mother up to? 

The fact that he remembers a woman that he clearly has had no contact since knocking her up speaks volumes just by the fact that Shido doesn’t care about the ‘little people’. He doesn’t remember names or faces of people who inconvenience him, just shoves them to the side. It took him the WHOLE GAME to recognize Akira even though, chronologically, he had just seen Akira a month or two prior and had to have taken him to court to get him a legitimate criminal record. It isn’t until Akira actually poses an open, functional threat to his person that Shido remembers him (or, Shadow Shido, that is). 

Yet seventeen years after the point he remembers ‘that woman’. Out of all the women who he’s harassed, he remembers a specific woman. This, along with the irritation in his tone, implies to me that either Akechi’s mother at some point posed a severe threat to him or was a very useful tool in his plans. She was not a nobody to him despite his flippant tone, because the mere fact that he remembers a specific woman proves that he isn’t nearly as unfazed by her as he pretends to be. Akechi himself even directly refers to the relationship between his mother and Shido AS a relationship, not a one night stand or a sexual assault. 

That brings in Akechi himself. We know that Shido was at least halfway aware that Akechi was his son, though didn’t much care about that paternal blood tie. Now, Shido had apparently been looking into the Metaverse for a long time before Akechi bamf’d the fuck in and announced git gud scrubs I can Metaverse. And it seems like Shido himself has never BEEN into the Metaverse based on the questions he asked his scientists. He only knows it from the research of Wakaba Isshiki. 

So…what led him to actually BELIEVE anything that Akechi was saying? 

It wasn’t like Akechi could demonstrate this ability outside of the Metaverse; he only had Akechi’s word to go on and nothing else. And I have to say that Masayoshi Shido doesn’t seem like the type of man who would trust the word of a random teenager who waltzed in and said “Hey, you know that shit you’ve been trying to figure out, well I know how to do it”. You could argue he demonstrated it by killing the first person that Shido requested, but even then that would be on flimsy basis since there would be no direct proof that Akechi himself had been responsible. Especially with how all the breakdowns tend to be set up as suicides. Shido had no way of knowing that this kid could do thing one of what he promised yet he placed absolute faith in the ability that Akechi claimed he had but could not demonstrate. 

Yet he went with it anyways despite the risks. 


I’m going to put forth the theory that ‘Akechi looking like his mother’ to Shido means way more than the game lets on. That the REASON Shido was able to place confidence in Akechi’s skill was BECAUSE of this resemblance, BECAUSE of his suspicion of Akechi being the son of ‘that woman’. Why, I can’t confirm, but its the only reason I can think of for why Shido would believe that Akechi would be capable of using and understanding the Metaverse with no prior knowledge of Akechi himself. The only thing he would know on first impact is that Akechi reminded him of the unknown mother character and in some way that convinced Shido to trust in this crazy ability. 

My only suggestion at the moment of what it can be is that Akechi’s mother had some sort of tie to Wakaba Isshiki’s research of cognitive psience and the Metaverse. She may have been involved in the project, and may well be why Shido ever found out about Wakaba Isshiki’s research in the first place. What her role was, I couldn’t guess. She could’ve been studying alongside Wakaba, or she could’ve simply have been a volunteer test subject. But I am willing to believe that she has some sort of connection to the research, the Metaverse, and Personas. And the reason Shido remembers her is because it is likely that their relationship was his introduction to his greatest weapon. 

Or I may be looking too deep into it and the bastard child was a potential scandal that he had to crush at her expense in order to rise on the political scale and that’s why he remembers ‘that woman’. Either way, I want to know more.

Female genital mutilation endangers the lives of young girls, often creating health problems when they later give birth. Sometimes, it is even fatal, as it was in the case of 13-year-old Soher from Egypt – where, although the practice is illegal, around 80 percent of girls born to poor families are subject to FGM. 

Edna Adan University Hospital and Tostan are two organizations working to end FGM.