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let me talk crazy for a little…..

-the footage of will in the lab is on the 30th 

-the boys are in ghostbuster costumes on halloween day at school which either occurs on the 30th or the 31st.

- will is possibly (we’ve seen a photo but who knows it could also not be him) the other ghostbuster behind dustin in that shot.

-the boys are arguing about something and dustin is the only one to notice something else


heres the deal, take everything with a grain of salt im just going nuts over this im literally that one meme of charlie day right now. and i know absolutely nothing i just want to speculate. 

We were told by david that they were half way through filming at the SAG awards. This means that madmax through about the storm is done and bits are shown in the trailer, ASSUMING they filmed things in order, but u know what they say about assuming. and things are often filmed out of order.

now lets say the episode called the storm, is when that giant storm appears, cause i know the d bros are the ones to be like lets have this episode called storm but theres no storm whats so ever so im going to ignore that fact and just say the storm happens on the storm.

obviously will somehow ends up in the lab on the 30th, now lets pretend halloween day happens on the storm , and although we saw a photo today with will in a ghostbusters outfit, im not 100% sure thats him behind the boys, just based off the fact that he was in the lab the 30th and i dont think  a boy who “came back to life” and is now coughing up slugs would just be released from a science government lab. 

now the boys are biking away in their ghosbuster uniforms, and someone is missing, so its safe to say will is missing at this point,/ they took the ghostbuster photo earlier that week. 

someone found this photo

now it is pretty poor quality and its wrinkled and distorted + they are all looking the same direction which makes me think photo op.  just like the photos mike had of them winning the fair. also when will is in the lab is states 3:02 PM so anytime before that is free game that he could have been with his friends. but judging by how hes hooked up to machines and has a metal bar around his head i think it would take much longer for him to get in this state.

Which to say either they took the photo it earlier that week or the morning of the 30th.

based off their biking styles and backpacks, Im going to say dustin is on the left, the person in the middle is lucas and mike on the right. BUT WHERE ARE THEY GOING????

now among wills drawings theres a forest, and the boys are in fact peddling into/toward the forest. is that mirkwood? or is it a new area. Not to mention the giant monster is surrounded by trees. 

Now i know people have been talking about this scene 

and how her head is still shaved, and u right i agree with this. she also has visible veins under her eyes and genuine fatigue. SOOO im gonna say we are going to at some point see a flashback or her point of view after she dissolved the demogorgon. 

im not sure when or how eleven plays into these episode or when she going to be back together with the boys. But i did seem some talk about her and hopper in the cabin episode which to me is sound. But it could also be eleven having a breakdown in the wheelers meaning she obviously blames herself for something and no one is around to comfort her at least no one we can see.

im hoping eleven gets back with the boys soon, but i have a feeling the time will starts to act weird and disappear is when eleven will reappear. OR eleven points out will is acting weird which leads to him being taken to a lab which leads to her blaming herself etc.

again im JUST GOING CRAZY OVER HERE AND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS. i know we are going to get tons of clips and trailers before the start of the season and i know it will probably debunk a lot of this . BUT LETS TALK

i like to speculate and would love to hear thoughts or other theories!!

jadehassoune: 😂I couldn’t help it. 🙊 had to do an epic walk.
This is what the real inside of the #institutelooks like. And this #armour is way too good so
Here are some of the creator and makers and builders and put togetherers
Shelly Mansell
Heather Crepp
Angela Elter
Mel Rampen
Sylvie Smith
Kim Porter
Juliann Wilding @juliann_wilding
And there’s more!

Of all costumes you see in the show by the way! 

Female genital mutilation endangers the lives of young girls, often creating health problems when they later give birth. Sometimes, it is even fatal, as it was in the case of 13-year-old Soher from Egypt – where, although the practice is illegal, around 80 percent of girls born to poor families are subject to FGM. 

Edna Adan University Hospital and Tostan are two organizations working to end FGM. 

Moving in with Taehyung

Originally posted by mvssmedia

  • to be honest I’m not sure where this is going idk if its even realistic tbh
  • but I hope you like it
  • okay so
  • here we go yes I’m going to start all of my bullet point scenarios like this
  • you were moving into this apartment in the middle of Seoul together
  • you’d both instantly fallen in love with the apartment 
  • he’d find a way to get all the boys to help you
  • so actually moving the boxes would be no trouble at all 
  • they’re all pretty strong
  • however
  • it’s getting all of them to actually move the boxes that would be hard
  • you’d decided to move in the summer as well, figuring that the heat would be better than the cold, after all Seoul never really gets higher than 22.5° C WRONG
  • the heat rose to almost 34.5°
  • somehow taehyung found a water gun does it really surprise anyone though?
  • and decided death to squirt a sleeping yoongi who was lounging on your couch
  • so this meant war obviously 
  • “You’re not one to be talking like that Y/N-ah.” 
  • somehow jungkook had pulled the hose from the driveway of the complex and completely drenched jimin
  • then jimin filled buckets of water up and spilled them on taehyung
  • who squirted him with a water gun in the face
  • and so on
  • this was war
  • these boys do not take fake water wars lightly
  • it was chaos
  • water was everywhere, the ground was completely saturated 
  • all of your clothes were drenched in water
  • you were all horribly soggy
  • luckily the sun and the air was still hot so you weren’t terribly soaked by the time Jin had convinced them to quiet down 
  • and actually move the boxes
  • it took about 15 minutes to move all of the boxes to your house
  • taehyung had shooed them all out of the apartment and ordered them to go back home, much to the dismay of his hyungs
  • you walked into the new apartment, boxes and all
  • nothing more than a mattress on the floor in your bedroom
  • you still needed to buy some more furniture, so the apartment as a whole was pretty bare
  • “It’s perfect.” 
  • it was later now, so you ordered takeout and sat on the floor, laughing late into the night
  • by the time you settled down on the mattress ,just a sheet covering it
  • it was far too hot for anything else
  • the beautiful city lights sparkled, framed by the window
  • “This view is perfect.”
  • “Not as perfect as you.” 
  • “Gosh you’re so cheesy tae.” 
  • “But you love meeee~”
  • He squealed like a toddler 
  • “That’s true.”
  • “What should we do tomorrow?”
  • “Furniture shopping?”
  • “YAY!!”
  • “Only if you promise not to jump on all the beds.”
  • “No promises.”

I originally didn’t plan to post these but bro found them in my pc and spent the last 3 days frowning at me so

here we go

Jamie’s Marvel Masterlist

i really don’t have enough fics for this but loads of y’all asked for it so

Here it is! 

A list of all my fics/imagines so far on this lil Marvel blog. Looking for smut? Look for the bold!

Bucky - One Shots

Ready To Comply

Truth or Dare

Never Gonna Happen (smut)

Bucky - Imagines

Imagine Bucky asking you out on a date

Imagine cuddling with Bucky

Clint - One Shots:

Try Something New (smut)

Sam - Imagines

Imagine being ‘friends with benefits’ with Sam

Steve - One Shots:

Star Spangled Man With A Plan (smut)

Steve - Imagines

Imagine Steve accidentally calling you pet names in front of the other Avengers

Imagine Steve asking you to train with him

Imagine sending a bath snap to the wrong person

Seb - One Shots

Just In Case (smut)

Bad Idea (kinda smut)

Say It Again (softcore)

Seb - Imagines

Imagine sending a bath snap to the wrong person

Chris - Imagines

Imagine Chris being your personal trainer

Imagine Chris trying to work out at your place but your dog just wants to play