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[This is from the Reality-Variety Show WE GOT MARRIED]

Yoon Han and So Yeon had dinner then he told her he’s gonna use the rest room. Then he called her saying, “It’s me, so come down here for a moment.”

So she went down and saw his pictures with speech bubbles teling the instructions and directions. She was lead to a dark room.

She was shocked to see a path of candles leading to a guy playing a piano. She walked through the path while listening to the guy play a very romantic song.

She was expecting to see Yoon Han playing the piano since he is a pianist. But was surprised that the guy playing piano has bigger face than Yoon Han.

Yoon Han came out from the side and started singing. His first sentence was “Give me a chance to marry angel..”

He stopped singing in the middle of the song and said, “Soyeon. I thought a lot about what to say today, but I don’t know what to say as I’m standing here. I know it is not a good time for us to get married, but today, at this moment, I just wanna sing for you.”

Then he went to the piano.

The curtains opened revealing an orchestra playing with Yoon Han. He continued singing the song with words…

“You are my gift,
You are my joy,
You are my angel,
You are my Christmas Eve….
Please answer me…”

and the last words in his songs was… “Will you marry me?”

He walked towards her. Kneeling down before her, he opened a small box with the ring and asked her again, “Merry me?” then she answered “yes” with tears in her eyes.

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WGM ♥ Sohan Couple ♥ Week 18

Soyeon’s drama is over and she is happy. She can sleep for a change. She tells him not to watch it but he already did. He knows what she is really like so he thought it was cute. Han and her family are the only ones who think that.

Although Han’s skin is nice, he hasn’t given it much attention and SoYeon takes him to a cosmetics shop. She is proud to be walking down the street with him. It’s like showing off their relationship. He takes her hand a holds it in his pocket.

Han and Soyeon are at an age where they need to care for aging. She is sensitive to smells and his sense of smell isn’t working so he goes along with whatever she likes.

Soyeon and Han have their picture taken to go on the lid for unique couple cosmetics. That way they can see each other whenever they use them.

They learn that a mango tree is being donated because of what they bought. They decide to buy more for gifts to donate more mango trees. SoYeon did volunteer work in Cambodia. Han wants to go there with her so they add that to their couple to-do list.

They buy hodduk from a street vendor and share it. SoYeon notices that the price has gone up quite a bit since last time.

SoYeon is sensitive about money. They received a bonus cash tin for spending so much on cosmetics and Han comes up with an idea. There will be a $5 fine for forgetting to call him “Darling”. She practices it a lot because she doesn’t want to pay the fine.

After the drama, SoYeon needs her soul restored and piano music is just what the doctor ordered. Han plays a happy song, a sad song, and finally a healing song that comforts her mind. Afterward he persuades her to record a song with him, promising to make it perfect with technology. They record the song he sang about their journey at their wedding, dividing the parts.


Soyeon and Yoonhan couple waiting for the paint of their living room wall drying!
for their home, started cleaning from swimming pool to their house floor.
Although they were cleaning, the romantic atmosphere still going on……

Soyeon and Yoonhan that has finished their house cleaning!
In the kitchen, Soyeon cooked for her husband….
The dish that Soyeon suddenly prepared for her husband was….

After dinner, Yoonhan who’s curious about what Soyeon really felt[Soyeon’s feeling], put some papers that he wrote secretly into the wine glass….Soyeon’s parents first impression of Yoonhan was….? What was Yoonhan’s question that made Soyeon flustered[also can translated into embarrased, taken aback, and panic]?

We Got Married Episode 212 English subs | kshownow | korean shows with english subtitles

We Got Married Episode 212 English subs - kshownow | korean shows with english subtitles