sohan couple


[This is from the Reality-Variety Show WE GOT MARRIED]

Yoon Han and So Yeon had dinner then he told her he’s gonna use the rest room. Then he called her saying, “It’s me, so come down here for a moment.”

So she went down and saw his pictures with speech bubbles teling the instructions and directions. She was lead to a dark room.

She was shocked to see a path of candles leading to a guy playing a piano. She walked through the path while listening to the guy play a very romantic song.

She was expecting to see Yoon Han playing the piano since he is a pianist. But was surprised that the guy playing piano has bigger face than Yoon Han.

Yoon Han came out from the side and started singing. His first sentence was “Give me a chance to marry angel..”

He stopped singing in the middle of the song and said, “Soyeon. I thought a lot about what to say today, but I don’t know what to say as I’m standing here. I know it is not a good time for us to get married, but today, at this moment, I just wanna sing for you.”

Then he went to the piano.

The curtains opened revealing an orchestra playing with Yoon Han. He continued singing the song with words…

“You are my gift,
You are my joy,
You are my angel,
You are my Christmas Eve….
Please answer me…”

and the last words in his songs was… “Will you marry me?”

He walked towards her. Kneeling down before her, he opened a small box with the ring and asked her again, “Merry me?” then she answered “yes” with tears in her eyes.

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