no offence but state of grace was a fucking ICONIC song. it was so goddamn iconic everything about it was i c o n i c. it had the BEST lyrics the BEST music the BEST vocals i mean,,,,,,,,,,,,,how yall forge tbaout state of grac eso often it is a national treasure like no shade to the other songs but state of grace (also holy ground but that desevres a separate appreciation post. one at a time guys)

I just found out that Ulrikke Falch suffered from and battled with anorexia when she was 13-14 years old. It has also been stated by her twin sister Emilie and Ulrikke herself that she has completely recovered. Now, her character, Vilde Hellerud Lien, on Skam feels even more realistic to me, since Ulrikke exactly can understand, feel and relate to Vilde so her portrayal is totally valid. It is also amazing of her to post such encouraging messages about body image and self love because she does her best to encourage and help others who are/have been going through what she went through before. She learned to accept, embrace and love herself, and now she wants us to do the same. Because she knows how much it hurts when you start idealizing others and stop being yourself. She is the voice of self-empowerment. She is inspirational. She is real. 


Astoria in Flam by Tony


Flåm tourist stop by Tony
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Flåm is a village in Flåmsdalen, at the inner end of the Aurlandsfjorden—a branch of Sognefjorden. The name Flåm is documented as early as 1340 as Flaam. It is derived from the plural dative form of the Old Norse word flá meaning “plain, flat piece of land”, and it refers to the flood plains of the Flåm River.

Quando siamo usciti, pioveva. Pioveva a dirotto e lui non aveva l’ombrello, così gli ho fatto spazio sotto al mio. Così i nostri cuori erano vicini, in quel piccolo spazio al riparo dalla pioggia e dal mondo, e io non riuscivo a smettere di sorridere. Pioveva ed era buio, sì, ma per me splendeva il sole.
“Guarda che atmosfera…” Ha detto lui. Poi si è interrotto e io ho sospirato, perché mi è mancato il coraggio di finire la frase.
Siamo arrivati alla sua macchina. “Grazie per il passaggio sotto l’ombrello”, ha detto, e io mi sono morsa le labbra per non rispondere “Grazie a te per aver camminato con me sotto la pioggia”. Mi ha stretta un po’ a sé e mi ha baciata.
Sulla guancia, ovviamente. Sulla guancia. E anche io mi sono stretta un po’ a lui e l’ho baciato. Sempre sulla guancia. Ma avrei dovuto baciarlo sulle labbra. Così lui mi avrebbe stretta di più, avremmo lasciato cadere a terra l’ombrello, e la mia borsa, e la sua giacca, e avremmo continuato a baciarci avvinghiati sotto la pioggia. E poi magari sarebbe passato quel signore che saluto sempre ma di cui non ricordo il nome. O quella tipa che lo guarda sempre con occhi troppo vispi. E magari sarebbero passati tutti e ci avrebbero visto. O forse no. Forse avrebbero visto solo due ombre che non potevano fare a meno di amarsi sotto una pioggia che non vale niente per chi ha anni di baci da restituirsi. Ci saremmo dovuti baciare, sì, perché era tutto perfetto e tutto era pronto. Tutto tranne noi.
—  Precipitatadaunasteroide

Flåm Line by Tony
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Too Many Tourists: In a 2014 Dagens Næringsliv article a farmer said that “Previously the smell of summer was that of grass that had been cut. Now [the smell] it is [of] tungolje” [“heavy-oil”]. Furthermore, “They [a retired couple] talk about fish that has disappeared from the fjord. In Norway cruise ships are permitted to dump overboard their greywater in the postcard-narrow fjord-arms. Furthermore the news article says that defecation in public by tourists, is already a problem; the village has one public toilet, and 200 000 tourists are expected in the summer season. At the top of the Flåm Line is the stop at Myrdal. At the start of the season, the snow was still thick.