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Counting Fetal Movements

by Alysse

If you haven’t started your third trimester there is no need to count fetal movements, unless requested by your caregiver. Some woman can feel their baby moving about as early as 16 weeks and others take a much longer to time feel their little one, typically up to 25 weeks. There is no right or wrong time, it just happens when it does! That said, counting fetal movements before you are 28 weeks isn’t recommended as you can’t always feel the baby and you can cause yourself to worry when there is no reason to!

Why We Monitor Fetal Movement

In the September 2017 publication, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) recommends daily monitoring of fetal movements starting at 26 weeks in all high-risk pregnancies and only in your third trimester for pregnancies that are not high risk if you are asked to count by your caregiver or you perceive a decrease in fetal movement. It is good to count kicks as it helps to identify the health and well-being of your baby! A change in your baby’s movement pattern might indicate a potential problem and can alert you to go to your care provider.

How To Count Fetal Movements

Count your fetal movements around the same time each day. Many babies are more active in early evening after you have eaten so this is often a good place to start. Best positions are lying down, lying semi-reclined or resting with your feet up and relaxed. Place your hand on your belly and count how many times you feel the baby(ies) move. Once you reach 6 (in the US they recommend 10) movements in a 2 hour period you may discontinue counting, you do not need to continue counting for the 2 hours. If you do not feel 6 movements within the 2 hours, wait a little bit and try again. If you still don’t feel 6 in 2 hours please call your care provider or go to the hospital as soon as possible - but DO NOT PANIC. In most cases everything is okay, it is just best to err on the side of caution. Tests can be performed to check the well-being of the baby(ies). You should also call them if you notice a significant decrease in movement over the course of 3-4 days. Some babies are more active than others but a movement can include a stretch, kick, roll, swish, punch etc. as long as its distinguishable as a movement (so not just a flutter).

If you don’t want to worry about having the same piece of paper or book with you to count each day there are many apps out there to help you track it!


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