Im going to upload this old doodle since i havent drawn anything to post yet-

(still doing the pallete thing-)
i had this idea of @missladytale‘s fursona wearing Melon’s hoodie so now here’s this thing-

Melon sans and the mysterious corgi fursona whom im not very sure has a name belongs to- (well i already tagged her so i think its pointless to tag her again :P)

Sofua give Melon his hoodie back-

anonymous asked:

Could you draw something with the Spikedtaffy triplets and the Sugarmelon triplets, maybe as teenagers? Love your blog btw >w<


* yeah, just help me get these rollerblades off.

In here, the kids are all rollerblading down Snowcreme Gummy Park. Lizzie encourages Key to try and skate, but it quickly becomes apparent that rollerblades are harder to maneuver than it looks. :o (Included Runt, too, since he’s only a few months younger than his siblings.)
I hope everyone likes it! :D

CottonCandy, BerryCandy, and Fika © @missladytale and @sugartalesans
Runt © @weezy-pup (+ Lana and Sofua)
Licorice Snap, Key Lime and Cough Drop © @spikeyskelly and @candy-undertale

Batch 1 of Undertale AU Music Notes finished!

Fruittale ( @missladytale​ ) and Sugartale ( @sugartalesans​ ) are the first AU’s I’ve designed World Notes for and I had a lot of fun with these! Can you figure out where the different design elements came from? Though, the Notes for the kids turned out to be a bit plainer than the others…

Anyway, I hope you guys like them! ^_^

These will eventually appear somewhere in the background of my Re-mixtale comic. Sofua and Lana, please let me know if you want me to change anything with the designs or don’t want me to include them in the comic for any reason.

Fruittale by @missladytale

Sugartale by @sugartalesans

World Note designs and art by me // @dragaura

“Some worlds are represented by only a single Note, others have a handful of Notes, a few, like the ‘Classic’ world, have whole Scores…” -The Music “Muse”

1 year anniversary

Today is a special day for me. It was one year ago my love of my life asked for me to become hers and I said yes.

No matter how busy she is I know she still loves me and do it to come and visit me. I also have sugarmelon to thank for this. If we never made that ship I would have never met her and fallen for her.

I hope for another year and that we will keep being happy and loving. My sweetheart @sugartalesans you mean the whole world for me.

Happy Easter!

I know I’m a bit late but I have been pretty busy during this weekend. I hope you all had a amazing time and hopefully soon I will get my motivation back to draw. Right now I have to be on puppy watch.

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Sofua Galaxy adopted kids do they all look like Artic with head feathers and wings and crystals ?

They are the same but still not the same.

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sorry to bother you Sofua but i wanted to ask a question about Viper but i couldnt ask a question to twinkle about him seems you cant ask her questions for some reason even when i logged in but i wanted to ask how old is Viper is he older or are the twins he is small so its hard to tell.

He is around 10 years old and yeah apparently people have been sending hate to her and I hope to God that none of them is any of my followers.

anonymous asked:

im sorry your not well sofua.

It’s okay. It will get better with time. I’m glad I do not have to work in a week because some of the kids have been trying to harm me lately.

Help me out please.

So I kind of need your guys help. There is like a ton of people using Melon and Sugar with out permission on youtube, instagram and other websites. Keep in mind that anyone out there that isn’t named: 
Missladytale, Sofua, SofuaChan, ladysuika or my real name. They are all taking my art and using my characters with out permission. If you see anyone who is using Melon or Sugar or any other please help us to make it stop. I post this also so you guys don’t think it is actually me or @sugartalesans.

I don’t mind people using Melon as an icon but please ask for permission. 
I know it has been a lot of shit going on lately but I just need a little help with this. 
Thank you all! <3