where stiles has surgery and wakes up and derek is there and he is just totally out of it and is like “are you my doctor”

and derek is like “ummm no”

and stiles is like “dude did the doctor send you then? cos damn”

and derek is like “….what”

and stiles is like “you are fuckin….you're smokin hot” and derek just goes wide eyed and can’t help the incredulous snort/choke/laugh because wow he was only here with stiles because everyone else was busy and stiles needed someone to drive him home after the operation

so stiles just keeps rambling on and derek is fighting off a blush because stiles won’t shut up about how it is seriously the best day ever and asks derek’s name and who the hell is he if he isn’t a goddamn god sent straight from mount fucking olympus, and is derek like a nurse he can maybe take home with him

and derek can’t get a word in edgewise until stiles just blurts “man…will you go out with me?” and all conniving adds in “cos you know that would make me feel a lot better” and derek can’t get anything out other than

“yeah…i guess so”

and stiles just gets this massive shit eating grin and is like “yooooo this is my lucky day” and holds his hand up for a bro fist and derek obliges and has to turn around because he’s about to cry laughing

and that’s how stiles and derek get together the end


Teen Wolf AU - As a final act of pain and vengeance for being ripped out of its host, the nogistune takes all of Stiles’ memories with it. 

His name is Stiles. He has a father. He had a mother. That’s what they tell him. To try and jog his memory, like it’ll trigger something and he’ll remember himself again. But nothing works. He knows none of these people, but they still try to hug him. He pulls back and gets looks of hurt in return. It’s not his fault. How can he hug strangers?


galvanize [gal-vuh-nahyz] verb.

2. to startle into sudden activity;


“LOSE YOUR MIND”: A fanmix by myself and squattmccall to prepare for the darkness and psychological torture our babies are going to face in the coming season.

Bastille - The Draw // The Neighbourhood - Afraid // Gabriel Bruce - Sleep Paralysis // Dead Man’s Bones - Werewolf Heart // Mirah - Special Death // Ms Mr - Dark Doo Wop // Yuna - Lullabies // Bastille - Sleepsong // Florence + the Machine - What the Water Gave Me

[Listen here]