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What can you actually do with the oils in ArtRage? This video walks you through the tool settings.

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software development tools are incredibly valuable, but are typically given away for free.

this may seem good if you’re a software developer, but imagine all the tools we don’t have because no one can afford to make them.

Future prediction: After the Lego Cinematic Universe becomes a staple of the cinema-going experience, Warner Brothers will release the animation tools/software that go into creating these movies, prompting a new wave of videos on Youtube much like Gmod and SFM. Unfortunately, like those two, there will be waves of pornographic videos creating after someone finds a way to model the characters to look more appealing, so much to a point that it is referenced on the news about the influx of said videos.
Why the promise of big data hasn’t delivered yet
The ubiquity of big data is such that Gartner dropped it from their Hype Cycle of Emergent Technologies back in 2015. Across sectors, businesses are..
By Rosemary Barnett

Across sectors, businesses are scrambling to make every function “data driven,” and there’s no shortage of firms lining up to help them. The big data analytics industry, dedicated to helping big businesses leverage the petabytes of information they now generate and store, is worth $122 billion — and growing.

The basic premise of the industry’s offering is this: Hidden in that huge mass of enterprise data are latent patterns. If only you could interpret your data properly, like an explorer deciphering an ancient scroll, you’d be able to unearth these precious business secrets. Specialist analytic software tools are needed to crack the code. The big, diverse, disparate, messy data go into these tools, and “actionable insights” come out.

Here is a game you can play at home: Search online for a real-world story of how big data analytics produced a piece of “hidden” or “unexpected” intelligence, based upon which the business took action, with quantifiable commercial results (preferably expressed in one of the major world currencies). You might just detect a conspicuous absence of concrete case studies to validate this “data-insight-action-value” chain as a concept.

anonymous asked:

for this piece, how do you get it so realistic? like his face features & hair/facial hair, also what brushes do you use? if you don't mind sharing them, i'd like to try something like this but i don't think i can get it to be as realistic post/135908778460/inspired-by-jet-black-heart-from-5-seconds-of

hello, wow i wasn’t expecting a question like that tbh :’)

Well to answer your question, i used (oviously) a ref pic, which is from the JBH video of course. This helps a lot as you can imagine and i bet you know it already. SO, first of all i use the software Paint Tool Sai. Then for the brush i would have love to give you some specific brushes but i only use the Water one (first line, a very smooth tool). I usually just use the density and the color and that’s it. Im very bad with the brush settings anyway so i don’t touch them xD

I know i’m not very helpful, i think you just gotta practice. Maybe not with a whole portrait to begin with, but just some parts you know?

So yeah, my advice is to practice, there isn’t much more to say i’m sorry :) xx

apixelboy  asked:

I'm really new to making pixel arts and sprites. Are there any programs you recommend? I use paintnet right now because it allows layers and transparency, but trying to rotate or move parts is a pain because it'll blur them or cut them.

Most people use Photoshop since that is the most widespread and powerful drawing software in general. From generic raster programs, the free alternatives in descending order of popularity/useful features would be GIMP (which I use), Paint.NET and I guess Paint (the Windows one).

Pixel art specific software of various popularity includes GraphicsGale, AsepritePyxelEdit, Piskel, Sprite Something, Pro Motion … There’s probably more.

This is the slide I made a while ago to answer your question, but I hope to have a bigger, more detailed overview of all pixel art tools ready for Pixel Art Academy somewhere in the future.

Finally, if you decide to look into GIMP, this might come useful: