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Bill, why is it that trainers can access their pokemon from your PC in pokemon centers but but not from our own PCs at home?

They can, but most people don’t have the hardware for it. Specifically, every pokémon center has a pokémon transport unit consisting of a miniature teleporter hooked up to one or more PCs. Without that unit and a PC capable of connecting to it, there’s no link between the digital cloud and the physical world. It’s possible to have one of these units in your home as well, but unfortunately, teleporters tend to be ridiculously expensive.

And for that, I have to apologize. I wish it wasn’t like that, but there are costs involved. As in, it’s entirely possible to create open source box management software; the tools needed to do so are largely free or things I would own anyway. It’s far more complicated to create something tangible, and thus, I admit I had to seek funding via the Pokémon Cutting-Edge Technology Research Center. Thus, because the hardware was technically built on their premises and funded by their research facility, they own the patent, and I’m only allowed to produce it by consenting to a rather inconvenient clause stating any hardware I invent must be mass-produced on a for-profit basis.

Thus, for perhaps obvious reasons, this contract also stipulates that I’m barred from informing you that if one emails Cassius Cassine, the Kalos administrator, he can provide you with a link through which you can download a PDF of full and clear instructions on building a safe teleporter using cheaper materials than the ones used in the construction of mass-produced transportation units. I am also not allowed to specify that this PDF also includes thorough notes on maintaining such a unit, as home-built units are naturally less durable than mass-produced ones. Likewise, I cannot say that an easy way to get hired as a storage system administrator is showing me proof that you’ve successfully built and maintained for at least a year one such unit. Because pirating is bad, and I am a responsible, law-abiding scientist. Do not email Cassius. You cannot find his email address by Googling it, either.

Ok here is a compilation of all the software and useful tools I’ve come across whilst writing. Some of them I’ve reviewed on here already, more coming soon. 

Got an idea? Well get planning! Here’s some useful outlining, brainstorming and mind- mapping software:

Just want to get writing? You want a word processor:

Making notes? Here you go:

Timelines giving you a headache? Try these:

Now perhaps you want to organise those notes. Got a lot of research? Character sheets? Images? Well here’s some tools to keep all that together:

Are you easily distracted? The following tools will keep you on track:

Even more productivity tools to help keep you focussed on your task:

So you’ve got something down? Need to edit? 

All done? Perhaps you’d like some e-publishing tools:

Turns out I’d forgotten about screenwriters, so here goes:

I’m feeling generous, have some more cool stuff:

ETA: After a request I’ve added screenplay software to the list.
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Why Become A 3D Modeler | Benefits of Becoming a 3D Modeler

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There has never been a better time to be a 3D modeler in my opinion. With the advancements in technology and accessibility of advanced 3D modeling software and tools, now is the time to become a 3D modeler. While this is a reason in itself to become a 3D modeler, let’s have a look at some of the other benefits of becoming a 3D modeler.

It’s Fun

While the process of learning 3D modeling may seem quite daunting at first, it starts to become really fun once you get the hang of it. So fun, that it nearly becomes addictive. There were times where I spent days or even late nights just modeling. I think I even skipped a few weekends and consequently skipped on living life in the real world. While this is by no means a reason to do 3D modeling, and of course by no means do I condone this whatsoever, I just wanted to demonstrate how fun and exciting 3D modeling could be. The point I was trying to make was that you don’t notice the time passing by. Thankfully, I’ve now learned to balance my life a lot more. Comes with experience and age I guess. 3D modeling can be as addictive as playing a really good game. If you’re especially motivated to make something (like the jungles in Avatar) and things just seem to be progressing the way you want it, you will feel more excited to keep pressing on and hoping that you finish your masterpiece soon so that you can show it off to the world.

3D modeling can be as addictive as playing a really good game. If you’re especially motivated to make something (like the jungles in Avatar) and things just seem to be progressing the way you want it, you will feel more excited to keep pressing on and hoping that you finish your masterpiece soon so that you can show it off to the world. At times, you may come across a hurdle and find that you aren’t able to create something, but at this stage you will have enough motivation to keep pressing on and trying to find a solution. I remember spending hours trying to figure out why my character model didn’t look good and it was definitely exciting to be able to find the cause of the problem and to rectify that on my own. It can be very useful as a learning experience!

More friends

You can also develop more friends from all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any friends in real life. The ability to post your works-in-progress to online forums and social networks gives you the opportunity to virtually meet people just like you and they can support you and give you feedback. They will make you a better 3D modeler and plus, you get to make more friends as well! I regularly posted my works on the BlenderArtists forum and got feedback from some of the members, whom I have developed a couple of friendships, over the years. I really have to thank them, because they have made me a better 3D modeler overall.

More Opportunities in Life

Once you gain experience and become a pro, you will have an abundant of opportunities available to you. You can work in nearly every type of industry. Nearly all industries need 3D modelers in some form or another. Here is a short list of industries where 3D modelers may come in handy:

  • Architectural Visualization
  • Film Production/VFX
  • Game Development
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
  • TV
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Dentists
  • Real Estate
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Mathematics
  • FBI and Crime Units
  • Event Organizations
  • Government
  • YouTubers
  • Goods/Product Suppliers
  • Science and Research
  • Freelancers

That list is basically endless. I’m sure there are far more industries that aren’t even mentioned in this list. Note that I also mentioned Goods/Product Suppliers. That was not a mistake. I wouldn’t have even mentioned that until I remembered that time I went to a job interview with one of them. I was applying for a Software Engineering role at the time. That was because I had formal education in Software Engineering and absolutely no formal education in 3D modeling. I had a lot of experience with 3D modeling though and even had some samples ready to show. At the interview, I mentioned I do 3D modeling as a hobby. To my surprise, they were quite impressed. They even took a look at some of my 3D work. I didn’t really impress them with my Software Engineering skills and I’m sure the other candidates would have performed better. I also didn’t appear that confident either and had those nasty voice shakes. Those voice shakes seem to always be there whenever I feel judged. But to this day, I believe the reason I was selected for that job, was because I had something extra to offer that company. They may have sensed my passion when I talked about my 3D modeling skills. Attaining 3D modeling skills can be a useful perk and you may not even realize how much more valuable you will become because of it. Especially if you love doing 3D modeling. There is never a better feeling than spending the rest of your life doing the things you love.

Have you head of that quote “You need to love yourself before you can expect anyone else to love you”? Well, that applies to 3D modeling as well. You have to really love 3D modeling before you decide whether you want others to hire you based on your skills. You’ll need to really put in the time to learn 3D modeling. Get yourself to a point that you’re really good and let your passion and creativity shine. People can tell by looking at ones 3D models, how much love and passion they have for 3D modeling. It can always help to have a visual and imaginative mind!

Show It Off!

Once your 3D modeling skills start to reach a level of awesome-ness, you can show it off and impress the socks out of your friends and family. You don’t need to hold back. You have bragging rights (whatever that’s supposed to mean) since you can do something others can’t. You will now forever be seen in their eyes as an artist! That has to feel good!
Google Announces AMP Will Figure in its Organic Mobile Search
iExpertsForum provides information about Google announces AMP will figure in its organic mobile search.

According to Google; irrespective of the faster loading as well as enhanced performance there may not be an improvement in ranking of the site. Until now they were showing mobile search pages, but they were not showing the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) contents. Now Google is going to show them with mobile search pages. However display of such contents, there speed of loading and performance will not affect the page rank on the SERP.



Description: This is a fantastic, lightweight and easy to use piece of software. It’s actually one of the first I tried and I still use it all the time. I can write for hours in Zen writer ass it hides the taskbar and helps me focus on the task at hand. It does come with a spellchecker, but it is not very functional. However, when I’m in the early writing stages I don’t need to be distracted by wiggly red lines.


  • Full screen editing
  • Music
  • Typewriter sounds
  • Day and Night modes
  • Customisable wallpapers
  • Scene and Chapter breaks
  • Easy to use file manager

Platform: Windows

Cost: £6($9.95) Did used to be free a while back, but since the update it does cost money. Worth it in my opinion though.

Rating: 4/5

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So, I have a weird question. In the SV game, I adore Elliot's character BUT his portrait kinda pisses me off. Mainly because he is perpetually looking sideways when you are talking to him. And I love how you have made him in your fanart. So, my question is, could you be commissioned to make new portraits of him that I can mod into my game or is that a weird and generally difficult request?

Heeey thanks for the ask! I’m happy you liked my silly drawings of Elliott… I’ve had some requests in the past for portrait mods and I’ve said no because I’m always busy…but I am hopefully going to have 1-2 weeks of free time starting next week (well technically I’m jobless right now so I have time but I don’t have access to reliable internet or drawing tools/software right now cause I’m at my parents place in Toronto) and maybe during that time I can work on portrait mod requests. Cause I’ve always wanted to do them. Also hit all of the prompts that I never got around to finish;; haha

060 Solopreneur Success Strategies Freebie Friday -Oops Try Again!

060 Solopreneur Success Strategies by Jane Gardner of http:/

On today’s show, I look at which is free for North America and for those entrepreneurs who have thrown out their fax machines can send a fax without paying an office service store. Quick and easy way to fax your documents for free.

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Welcome, i’m jane gardner of and here on Solopreneur Success Strategies, I will be talking about entrepreneurial mindset on Mindset Monday to get the week started; On Get your Message Out Tuesday, I will be talking about your website, your brand and your social media marketing to connect with your customers then on World Domination Wednesday, i talk about you and your customers; how to find them, keep them and make them your raving fans; On Jack or Jill of all Trades, I talk about the skills and knowledge you need in your Solopreneur business and on Freebie Fridays, its all about free software and tools to help you save time, money and be more productive in your business. Systems Saturday is all about business systems to help free up your time to do business instead of working in your business. Strategy Sunday is all about your Goals, Vision, Lifestyle Business strategy and creating a Business Plan that fits your lifestyle instead of you fitting your business plan. Being a Solopreneur is a challenging but fulfilling lifestyle and to be successful you have to wear many hats in your business so lets’ get started.

Check out this episode!