I no particular order! The people I love.

xox Ellie

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spreadyourloveallaround’s questions:

1. Do you ever get mistaken for your age? no everyone says i look 16;p (im 19)

2. What’s the creepiest/funniest thing you’d do to make your crush like you or to impress him/her? accidently drop something then bend over in front of him to get it (bend and snap!!) lol

3. Do you want to have kids later? If yes, how many and what would you name them?

I want 2, a boy and a girl. Names: Serena or Allison and Gabriel:D

4. Do you remember your dreams often? only the really scary or emberassing ones

5. Would you ever consider living abroad? If yes, what country would you prefer?I want to go to italy sooo bad!!!!! omg jealous of anyone that lives there!

6. Do you like gardening? no green thumb here

7. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? im a super optimistic and bubbly person:)

8. What kind of books do you like to read? I dont really but i have read the hunger games which i LOVED and the city of bones series<3 o and obviously HP;p

9. Do you prefer calling or texting and why? I like calling cuz i like hearing how people say things and the tones they are using so there are no misunderstandings

10. Who/what inspires you? People who are happy with themselves even though they are skinny, supermodel pretty, or really smart

11. Do you prefer being alone in a unknown city or hanging out with your best friend(s) in your neighbourhood? im not that independent so def hanging with my bestie!!!

Stylishcouture’s questions:

  1. Favorite thing about yourself?
  2. Who would you die for?
  3. Tell a secret?
  4. How did you lose your v-card/ how would you like to?
  5. Celebrity crush?
  6. what types of things do you spend your money on?
  7. Are/would you be ok being single?
  8. Favorite person you talk to on tumblr?
  9. What clique are you? (prep, nerd, jock etc)
  10. What was the last song you listened to?
  11. What’s something on your bucket list?

anonymous asked:

softsweetpretty (frannie) is so nice, she deserves every single follower she gets no matter what anyone says. She also has a great active blog and is super interactive and in touch with her followers, it's not hard to become her friend:)

nothingbutflawless  asked:

foreverdropslikestars, softsweetpretty, luxurioussxo, p--eaceful, theprettylittleblogger, x-i-refuse-to-sink-o, sequinbows, darlingdorothy, glamour-sparkles, simply-chanel, to-infinity-and-love, cuddleyou, mcqueeny, fashionably-adored, love-andbeauty, prettycuteluxury, e-xtravagance, luxuriousglamxoxo and a whole bunch of other people are nice people i've meet on tumblr :) <3