Honestly seeing them monitoring Jimin makes me soo soft. Like the way they compliment him and actually praise him so nicely makes me so emo like wtf. And then the last photo is them watching the 97 line I think? ? AND THE WAY THEY STARE AT THE SCREEN UGH WHY IS BANGTAN SO EFFIN CUTE FAM. And just admire their beauty please. LIKE HOBIS SMILE JUST….UGH. ..SOMEONE SAVE ME COS I’M DECEASED AND HIM SAYING OH YEAH WHEN JIMINS FACE WAS SHOWED A BIT MORE LIKE…..


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The Thing About Being a CNA

Let’s get the most common one out of the way: We change diapers.

We also brush their teeth, bathe them, feed them, help them change clothes, etc. We assist them with just about anything they request (be it safe for them and within legal/monetary/moral limits).

Sometimes they hit us. Why? Usually they have some form of dementia. They do not understand what is happening and they freak out. Or other times they can be alert and oriented but they are angry that they are “a fucking vegetable now”. So they lash out. (I like to believe that they usually feel bad about this afterwards– regardless of mental state.)

Other times, they say thank you.

After a while of having you as an aide they build a relationship with you and form trust. After all, you see them naked on a daily basis and you are literally the hand that feeds them. They start to tell you their life stories (if they remember them). You meet family members as time goes on and they make their daily, weekly, monthly, yearly visits.

A resident starts to love you. You hold their hand when they are scared and hug them when they cry. They make a place in your heart. They become unofficial family members.

That’s the thing about being a CNA. It’s hard work. Nothing is glamorous. You are underpaid and overworked. But you aren’t a CNA for the wages. You are a CNA because of those relationships that you crave so much. You have so much love in your heart that you have to spread it around.

CNA to CNA: We are tough outside but soft on the inside.




A very rare unifoozle. Sighting of this creature are very few and far between and until recently they were thought to be extinct. She is a very sleepy creature and would love nothing more than to snuggle up with you.

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Unfortunately I only got the one picture before this guy went off to his new home, but here’s the house elf my uncle commissioned! Since it’s for a baby shower, I crocheted and sewed on the eyes instead of using safety eyes. After several attempts to find yarn small enough and colored correctly to make a dirty pillowcase, I gave up and used fleece instead, which was a good move because he’s way more snuggly than he would have been otherwise.

Everything but the eyes and ears is made as one piece, with the arms crocheted in, so I’m confident this is going to stand up to playtime even as the new owner grows up.