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How to get a partner 101 with lauwurens

ok but hear me out. these are actual ways ive started dating someone or got a kiss:

- i leaned over to a boy on the floor and kissed his cheek. he got so red and voila he fell for me
- i ran into a boy so fucking hard i panicked and had an asthma attack. he took me outside to help me catch my breath.
- i tripped in front of a boy. he thought it was adorable bc i actually tripped because i was staring at him.
- i sat next to a girl in the grass. i talked about cats and she fell for me.
- i gave a girl an eraser that i drew on. she liked it and she liked me.
- my hand brushed against a boy’s. he got upset, but when he turned and saw my face he immediately softened.
- i sent a meme to someone over and over and they were like, “do you wanna date?”
- i walked by this pretty girl and looked at her. i asked her if she wanted to kiss and she was like “hell fucking yeah?”
- i did absolutely nothing but laugh once and this girl fell in love with me. we slept in the same bed and we cuddled.
- actually that happened twice with two different girls.
- i climbed really high up a mountain and when i was coming back down, my friend looked back at me and kissed me.
- i also serenaded this dude and we kissed in the music room.
- i told someone who asked me out, “if you wanna go out then where do you wanna go?” i got a date.
- i jumped in the pool, then i got our and my hair was in my face so i pushed it out and laughed. i got a few invitations to kiss and such from.. several people.
- “maybe we should just all date haha” is how i got into a poly relationship.
- there’s more but these are my favorite examples of my love life.

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Hi! I'm reading Wuthering Heights for school and I'm just wondering what you think of Hareton and Cathy?

I love Hareton and Cathy. I feel that they are presented as the relief —the redemption of the Earnshaws. Biologic son of Hindley and adoptive son of Heathcliff, Hareton embodies a surprising unity of the two—rough exterior, soft core, a willingness to learn and be loved. He soars where they have failed because inherently, he is not proud, not destructive. Cathy, through the eyes of Nelly, is a better version of the first Catherine : softened by Edgar Linton’s nature and education, she has still passion in her veins, but has been tamed to humanity through society (The Grange being still on “Earth”, where the Heights seem remote, ungraspable, something between Earth and Hell, at the beginning of the book at least).

And so through Cathy and Hareton, Catherine and Heathcliff’s love story echoes—Cathy’s error is Linton, as Catherine’s error was Edgar, but destiny and her own willingness to accept that she was wrong allows her to go to Hareton—the same can be said from Hareton, who, despite his hurt pride, doesn’t stay away from her for the sake of vanity. In them, all the tragedy of the late generation, instead of repeating itself over and over as it would in the ancient greek classical tradition, crumbles and disintegrates. 


- This is my interpretation of Indica -

To me, the man behind the surveillance gear is a physical embodiment of PTSD. He’s always watching the woman, constantly mimicking the emotion that she is feeling.

What I didn’t catch right away, though, was the fact that it was the woman who was suffering, not the man. Often times after trauma, communication breaks between partners. Despite her best efforts, her husband loses patience and lashes out. Although she may be physically sound, underneath is something that he doesn’t understand anymore.

In the end, she learns to dance with her brokenness. Kintsugi comes to mind; sometimes repairing a shattered object creates something much, much more beautiful. By softening and meeting her husband and pushing past his defenses, really proving that she’s still the woman he loves, she finds harmony in herself. This is shown with her dancing outside with the man portraying her trauma.

so my dad finally asked about my religious views bcuz i was giving out so many signals that im faithless over the last 6-7 years. i said i believe in god but not in islam. tbh im not even sure about god but i wanted to soften my response. i was shocked… bcuz he totally respected me and he said he cant interfere with my faith as im over 18 now. he started explaining his own beliefs while drinking a beer lol that how islam is actually about being a good person rather than just fasting, praying five times a day etc. (secular turkish ‘muslim’ interpretation of islam) and said his way of practising islam is way better than totally rejecting islam. he asked many times why i dont believe in it and i just said i cant get myself to believe in it. i just waited for him to change the topic bcuz tbh i feel very uncomfortable talking abt religion in this society. i felt the same when these pious egyptian interns asked me abt my religious views in india (i met many egyptians there) and some of them were very respectful but some were like “i hope u find the right path and go back to islam” anyway at least my dad knows it now

Look at this beautiful tube free face!
Ripped it out himself yesterday morning (eye contact was made, what a statement).
He had 5 bottles, 3 of which were a decent size. The tube will stay out so long as he continues to keep having multiple bottles a day (on top of his solids too).

Frankly I’m relieved as I was considering pulling it out to switch sides. His skin needed a break! Unfortunately he ripped really hard and the tape just ruined his cheek because it wasn’t softened for removal first 😢 poor wee thing. Hate seeing him all scratched up.

But tube free though!
To make things better, he spent his first whole night in his own bed since his operation. Things to celebrate indeed!

You came to this world to grow and to explore and to touch the miracles and marvels of life. Your suffering needs to be respected. Don’t try to ignore the hurt, because the hurt is real. Instead, let the hurt prove there is hope through your healing. Let the hurt soften you instead of hardening you. Let the hurt open you instead of closing you. Let the hurt deliver you to love, and not to hate. — Bryant McGill

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"Unbind Me" + Lance

[Name] placed her hands on her waist as she stared at Lance who was handcuffed to the pole (Because I have no idea what Nyma handcuffed him to and i tried to find but couldn’t. Halp?).

She sighed as Lance looked at her with pleading eyes. She knew it was all in fun games. She knew Lance still loved her and it was jusr shameless flirting and it didn’t bother her but… it was amusing to her.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” She stared at him in amusement as she kneeled down.

“I-I’m sorry…” His voice was small and soft.

Her eyes softened and she placed her hand on his head. “You’re such a dork, Lance.” She said softly and smiled.

Lance smiled as he looked at her. She was so perfect to him.

[Name] sighed and uncuffed him as she pulled im up. “You’re a flirty dork.” She muttered and pulled him along.

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DWC prompt: 'I don't have a drinking problem, I just like drinking' for Anne in the tavern with Bull and anyone else you want to throw in. :)

WOO! Someones is getting drunk y’all! Is it ya’ll or y’all? Anyway… Here I am … erm… here ANNE is hanging out with Bull in the Herald’s rest! Thanks for the prompt, Liv!

 “Mr. Bull, I seem to find you in here drinking a lot,” Anne winks as she slides into the seat across from the qunari. She snickers, “Does someone have a drinking problem?”

“Okay first of all, doe eyes… I don’t have a drinking problem, I just like drinking.” Anne giggles at the seriousness of the Iron Bull’s words. This causes the qunari to soften, and cock a half smile at her in return. “Secondly, my adorable little trouble maker, what have I told you about calling me ‘Mr. Bull’?”

“Mr. Bull, as I have reminded you, time and time again. I am just a humble servant, it would not be proper—“

“Okay, Okay. But you know I’m not buying that.” Bull gestured to the large tankard of ale in Anne’s hands, “As soon as you get a couple of those drinks in you, all of that ‘proper’ shit will fly out the window. And since when is it ‘proper’ to giggle and accuse a man ‘a drunk’, huh?”

Anne simply giggles, grins, and shrugs her shoulders in response.

“One of these days, Anne… one of these days… I’m going to wipe that smirk right off your face,” the Qunari flirts, leaning forward with a low and wanting growl in his chest.

Anne, proud of herself for attracting the Iron Bull’s flirtation, ceases her giggling and lifts her head smugly. She puts on airs, looking down and to the side at the large and hungry qunari across from her. “Doubtful,” she says simply.

“MMMmmm,” the qunari groans, smiling at the woman who loves to dangle herself in front of him, but never let him touch.

Anne’s attention is drawn away from Bull for a moment, as the Commander enters the tavern and heads toward the counter. She watches silently, expressionless. Bull follows her eyes to find the golden haired man standing in front of Cabot, putting in an order to take up to his quarters.

“Oh, so that’s what I’m up against. You have a thing for the Commander,” Bull says curtly.

“What? Me? No. Don’t be stupid, Mr. Bull,” Anne retorts indignantly, though her eyes never leave the visage of the commander.

Bull simply grunts. He watches the shy, giggly, and respectful servant girl gaze at the commander. She keeps her face still, but her eyes tell him everything. Her eyes are both sad and hopeful. She looks at Cullen as if he is the only one in the room. He catches her softly sigh before looking down sullenly into her tankard. She takes a large drink then diverts her attention back to Bull.

“So,” she fakes a smile, for her eyes are still sad. They are glassy and miles away, even though they are directed to him. “How goes it, Mr. Bull?”

let’s talk about character development via eyeliner:

rosa seasons 1-3: has black eyeliner in her waterline,

rosa season 4: has white eyeliner in her waterline,

this is a pretty big deal.  the first eyeliner style makes you look like a bad-ass the second style like an ingenue.  It’s a big jump to go from one straight to the other.

We’ve seen Rosa soften up considerably as a character since season1: she’s fallen in love, she’s gotten a dog, she smiles sometimes.  I think her waterline reflects this.



AH , those wonderful lights that SPECKLE the night sky - ! they are a MAP for wayfinders , a GLOW that softens the HARSH darkness of night , the very things people speak their OTHERWORLDLY DREAMS to, in hopes that they’ll come true. what an EXTRAORDINARY BURDEN they bear …

YET , THEY SEEM TO DO IT ALL SO EFFORTLESSLY        ! THEY SIMPLY EXIST , AND THEY ARE LOVED !  ( he envies them in that way . )

and much like he     THEY ARE ISOLATED . all alone out in SPACE ,an unbelievable distance away from each other, but despite that they THRIVE ! something he simply CANNOT do , the desire to desperately seek APPROVAL , outweighs ALL ELSE , as feeling ALONE is in his mind           IT’S JUST AS BAD AS DROWNING. he’ll remember this, as he looks at the stars with GRITTED TEETH , and under frustrated breath he’ll lament to the SEA          

‘  STARS DO NOT DROWN . but i do . THEY ARE SIMPLE . but i am not . i - i just wanna be one of THEM , y’know ? ‘

 the sea SIGHS , waves rising and falling to the beat of a heavy HEART - it’s response is SILENT but it RINGS in the demi - god’s ears .

 ( YOU ARE ONLY ONE MAN , MAUI . the stars can only glow if there are MANY OF THEM .


           and that makes you BRIGHTER than any star in the SKY . )


Jongup was already in the store looking to find something to soften the glue when he recieved his text.

[text] that could be the only reason why someone would do something so evil to you.

[text] I am leaving now so I will be there in 5 minutes.

He placed his phone back in his pocket and paid for what he was able to find before going to his bike to go to others apartment.  


and so i smiled when i read her note in the wall just beneath my bed when i woke up after my long long rest. she never fails to make my heart flutter and my eyes water with the inexplicable rapture. i couldn’t be happier if not for her and her unforeseeable antics. life is dull without this person who always disrupts my muffled array in an amusing way despite the normally calm and serious demeanor i always portray. she’s a gift for my rough behavior to soften and i’m always delighted inside out whenever i’m with her. i came in hopes for days like this, and now i’m living it.


I can’t quite picture her face
i think i can smell the faintness of fresh soap
the not quite sweet not quite sharp of the wine
i can see the sun refract from within the glass
the starburst prism pale amber austere liquid
as it’s level tips shifting as she takes a sip
the cool flint hardness softening into gold
the stem held glass glittering
held in folded fingers
and it may be tempting to compare
the cool wines endless complexity
it may be tempting to imagine
a smile topped with quizzical eyes
an ever so arched brow asking questions
but as i said
i can’t quite picture her face

The devotion to the Sacred Heart is the sweet remembrance of God. I allow myself to remember that I am always in the presence of God and everything I do is done in full view of deity. By making time to remember the presence of my beloved I open my heart to the grace that is ever flowing from my lover’s heard to my heart. Stepping back into the flow of this abundant grace my hard heart softens; I become kinder, gentler and generous to those around me. I withhold nothing because nothing has been withheld from me. I am blessed and just as my God cannot cease blessing me I cannot cease blessing others. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I put all my trust in thee.
—  SacredHeartGnosis

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Aa Plz make dua 4 me to have iman, I feel like I've no will to pray or worship - that I have become so distant from the act of loving god at all. Please make dua that I can WANT to worship and become a better muslim because at this point i just feel desensitized and indifferent and i don't want to be that way. I want to care and love. Please make dua that if there's to be a man for me in future that I have a heart that softens/loves him immediately, that he will be the good man god knows i want.