Wedding over-kimono.  Early 19th century (1810-1840), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. A chirimen (crepe) silk uchikake featuring decorations of rustic rural scenes of pavilions, bridges, boats, pine trees, rivers, as well as many plum trees in full blossom. These motifs were created painstakingly and masterfully, utilizing a combination of yuzen paste-resist dyeing, sumi e painting, and silk embroidered details that are accented with extensive use of gold thread couching. Subtle color shading was accomplished of painting on silk with ‘bokashi’, gradual shade dying accented with brush strokes (dry and not-so-dry). The inner lining and lower hem is of a very fine beni red silk softened to a dark salmon color. This wedding over-kimono garment would likely have been worn by a samurai household bride. It is probable that the different bridges and pavilions depicted on this robe represent actual structures at the time. The bridge on the lower part is possibly the Uji bridge of Kyoto; such scenes of famous places are referred to as “meisho-e”. A bride wearing a meisho-e robe proclaimed that she had both the financial resources and leisure to visit such locales.


Castanic Skin for The Sims 3

Preview by @nisukiye! Thank you so much to her and all the testers of this skin: @lilyssims @keblobs @hot-kon @kawaiipopsimmer

Heyy! I had this idea on my mind of making a TERA Online inspired skin and i only now got around to do it. I’m honestly glad how it turned out. I softened the skin a little more and adjusted the face colors slightly than in the pictures shown. However they are not noticeable so they should look the same now!

I created this skin using @simsrocuted skins akkats and skalka combined as a base. All other details are drawn/edited by me and using different photo sources.

Thank you for downloading this skin please DO NOT reupload it or share it. You MAY edit this for personal use ONLY.

I’d love to be credited and/or tagged in your photos too if you can do that.

For more previews click here. Contains two versions: Default and non default. Sims 3 packages only. Thumbnail is BLUE in cas so you can find it really fast.Only YAF.


:: a prayer for the ones who robbed me ::

may the raw cacao powder open your heart & bring love to your spirit, may the spirulina cleanse your body & mind and may you rise & awaken to the power of plants, may the clothes make you feel warm, comfortable & beautiful, may the tent offer you shelter in the darkest & coldest nights with a ceiling of infinite star beams, may the sleeping bag warm your body & bring you comfort, may the sleeping mat soften your back & give you magical comfortable nights like sleeping on clouds, may the crystals lift you up, open your heart & mind, soothe & guide you when you most need it, may the palo santo cleanse your spirit & help you release all that you need to release, may you eat the most delicious meals & drink the most blissful drinks from the wooden bowl & cup, may the tibetan wool blanket warm your heart & being in the coldest moments, may the backpack be a friend in carrying all your home & belongings with you, may she serve you as beautifully as she did to me. may the beautiful leather hip bag help you carry your most precious things, may the money provide you with what you seek & need. hopefully nourishing food & warm shelter. may the money you receive from the mobile phone provide you with the security & abundance you seek deep within. may the turmeric give you infinite energy & cleanse you from within. may the spices bring joy to your meals. and may all else serve you… in its highest potentials. even knowing that most of it will be sold or dumped in a dumpster somewhere (*heart cringes*), my highest wish is for you to be happy & in abundance. to reach beyond the darkness you see yourself enveloped in now. to see the light. to awaken from your deep pains & traumas & fears. to awaken to your highest potential and beauty as a human being. this is my wish. this is my prayer. and for me to be strong enough to have compassion & still carry love in my heart and let go of all these material things. as hard as it is, i thank you for the lesson on detachment. a hard one. but still, i accept & let go & surrender. i love you, even in your darkness & confusion here in this earth… may no anger enter my heart, may no resentment be held on to, may no fear stay with me. may it all grow wings and fly on… om. ❤️

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McHanzo + abuse/youth/family

McHanzo + Abuse

   McCree was anything but happy as he stalked into the infirmary, but as his gaze fell on the archer lying unconscious on the far bed, his concern far outweighed his anger…for the time being. Angela greeted him quietly, but knew better than to get in his way just yet, letting him make his way across to Hanzo’s bed and settle on the edge of it…his eyes softening as he reached out to run his hand through silvering hair, a soft sigh escaping him as even unconscious the archer sought out his touch. Unfortunately, this was a frequent sight for both of them, as Hanzo seemed incapable or realising his own worth…no matter what McCree or even Genji said to him, the archer was always pushing himself and throwing himself into danger to protect others. The Cowboy could understand his partner’s desire to atone for past sins, it was a goal they both shared after all…but the lengths that Hanzo was going to terrified him, after all there was only so many risks you could take…only so many times you could abuse your body, pushing it to its limit and beyond before you reached a point that you couldn’t come back from. He just wished that he knew what to do…how to make Hanzo see how much he was really worth…how much McCree needed him, and he just hoped that he would be able to find a way before it really was too late.

McHanzo + Youth

   Life wasn’t fair…that was something that both of them had accepted a long time ago, and yet as they huddled down behind a wall, Hanzo’s hands shaking as he fought to stem the blood leaking from the deep gash in McCree’s side, the Cowboy couldn’t help but think they had really drawn the short straw. He had long since accepted the sins of his youth, his time in the Deadlock Gang had left stains on his soul that he was still working to erase…he just hadn’t anticipated them coming back to haunt him in the middle of a mission. The ambush had caught them both by surprise, and whilst he had thankfully taken the brunt of the damage, he could see plenty of cuts and bruises littering his partner’s body and his expression tightened as guilt churned in his stomach. In the same way that Hanzo refused to let him help with his search for redemption, he had never wanted the archer caught up in the mess that was his past…but the archer had refused point blank to leave him behind to deal with it, and despite himself, McCree was grateful for that fact…the past was a painful topic, but having Hanzo there made it easier to face, because he was the present and hopefully the future, and the Cowboy’s expression softened as he gripped the hand pressing into his side.

“Thank you…”

Thank you for staying…for being here…for choosing me…

McHanzo + Family

   McCree smiled as he crept up behind Hanzo, not fooled for a moment with the way the archer jumped as he slipped his arms around his waist, well aware that it would take a lot more than a couple of drinks and the loud chatter of the Overwatch agents to dull his partner’s senses. Teasingly, he nipped the archer’s shoulder in punishment for the act, only to yelp as Hanzo swatted at him before tilting his head to peer at him and the Cowboy stilled for a moment, breath catching at the glimmer of happiness in the dark eyes. It wasn’t as rare a sight as it had been when the prickly archer had first joined Overwatch, but it was rarely so visible or so vibrant and McCree’s expression softened as he turned Hanzo so that they were facing one another.

“You’re happy?” It was a pointless question really, because he could see that Hanzo was, but he wanted to hear it said aloud…for Hanzo to say it aloud, and he grinned as he was rewarded with a small nod and a quiet noise of agreement, unable to resist leaning in to steal a small kiss. He knew that he was part of that happiness, but he knew that it was more than just that….that it was Genji laughing in the corner as he chatted with Hana and Lucio…that it was having a home at last…that it was being part of this makeshift family of theirs, and as he pulled Hanzo into a tight hug, he couldn’t help but think about how lucky they had both been to find this place.

moonlight walked over your skin as i danced lilac blossoms into sprouting perfumed kisses i handed down with a bow // flourished with it was my heart captured in a frantic fiasco to capture your snowflake on my tongue so maybe you could melt in me // because i want you and i to be something more than two, let us be one // just release whatever you’re afraid of, in fact hold on to them, i’ll show you what to be more afraid of than not taking chances // so i screamed at your tides to stop finding home in the shore, let the ocean miss you, explore the horizon’s edge and sip adventures, collect them in a glass you’d say cheers at your fears later on for making it this far // so don’t walk away, run away with me instead // you and i would bend and break mountains, soften their tops into slippery slopes of sweetness instead of bitter ridges //
—  hold on to your fears // s.c

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Wht About a Headcanon From every pilotin first kiss with their s/o?? Please


~ will have everything planned out before hand but even so manages to messes it up somehow
~ tries to act cool but doesn’t exactly pull it off
~ will just end up giving you a light kiss on the lips
~soft and sweet


~ very embarrassed
~ in the end you will probably be the one to make the first move bc he’s blushing so hard
~ he’s nervous and can be accidentally a little rough at first but softens up eventually


~ peck on the lips
~super sweet, lots of blushing
~ a lot of giggling and laughter follows as well as cuddling


~ (like Keith) you will also probably be the one to make the first move
~ first a soft hesitant kiss in the lips then maybe after you’re both more comfortable lots of quick pecks all over each other’s faces/bodies

( fuck yes I’ve been waiting for this)

~ it would probably be late and the two of you would be kinda awkward
~ then Shiro would blush and ask if he could kiss you, and you would say yes
~ would softly kiss you once and then you would part ways blushing like crazy

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Sooo maybe reactions from Whirl, Ravage, and Ultra Magnus to their human s/o being able to breathe fire and using it to soften their metal *wink wink nudge nudge* (For Ravage swap s/o with owner or companion and you get the idea)

spitting fire like… a dragon? hoo boy here we  g o 

Whirl, Ravage, Ultra Magnus (MTMTE)

  • Whirl would probably ask you to melt his claws off by “accident” so he can get normal hands. In fact, he begs you for it so regularly, it hurts you to see sometimes. He does think it feels funny when you heat up the guns on his chest, though. He calls himself “Hot Stuff” after you make his entire chest glow bright red. Heat him up enough and his metal will start to melt and droop, and he’ll strike ridiculous poses that make the metal turn and eventually harden. He’s making a strange statue out of himself.

  • Ravage will normally ask you to do it on his back, in order to kill any micro-parasites that might have buried into his armour. He does appreciate the heat, however, and will usually fall into recharge after you warm him up. Ravage is such a cat. One time, however, his armour plates were still hot and he accidentally rolled on to his back, flattening all of the metal that was still hot enough to move. He looked like an angry, walking table on the entire trip to the medbay.

  • Ultra Magnus would be shocked and astounded every time you did it. He wouldn’t understand how or why, but he does think it’s pretty cool. You used it to heat up his interface panel one time and it snapped open nearly immediately. You almost gave him third-degree metal burns on his valve, but… It was a good time after you opened him up, at least.
Darcy/Steve, "Did you... mean it?"

for @huskiesfan-olicity-wintershock

Darcy smiled.  “Of course I meant it, Muscles.”  She reached out to playfully punch his shoulder.  “I always mean it.”  

Steve felt his face reddening.  “No, I meant…did you really mean it?  You always say it…that you…you love me…do you really mean it?”  

Her expression softened. “Of course I meant it.  I always mean it,” she repeated.  

so me and @anautisticmedium have talked about this before but i just absolutely love the idea of a cyclonus who can’t help but find puns absolutely rib-hurtingly hilarious. back when he was young puns and wordplay were the HEIGHT of humor and he’s never quite gotten over it.

sometimes tailgate will make a joke and he’ll indulge the minibot with a soft, dry chuckle. maybe it wasn’t too amusing to him but he’s softened just enough to allow tailgate the pleasure of what could maybe be called a laugh. but then one day one of their crewmates loses the lower half of their body (they’re fine; ratchet stabilizes them and patches them up and gets them a new lower half) and tailgate, trying to lighten the mood of the situation, says, “gee, cyclonus, looks like they never had a leg to stand on.”

and cyclonus absolutely loses it


We were but small candles burning softly among the night
Emitting such a low light about the world around us
Fearful reminders made of wax
Warned us of snuffing ourselves out
We however ignored these smoke signals
Instead we came together
Our flames growing with each gust of breath
Every slow dance bringing us closer to death
We became a campfire made of love songs and whiskey kisses
Yet despite all the fuel we threw in
It wasn’t enough to keep us from burning up
A raging bonfire of arguments and deceptions
Some true others we ourselves made
In a puff of black smoke
Softened only by a light rainfall of tears
Our love we had so cherished and wished to keep us warm
Burned us and left us
Cold on a soft forgotten forest floor

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In health class our teacher held up this bottle of lotion and we had to guess the distance of semen when a male ejaculates, it hit a students desk. He smeared it on his hand and pat his own cheek saying "it also softens your skin" we all screamed.


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"John? You might want to have a chat with EOS. She seems to have been trying to make friends with some of our systems. Now I don't mind that, but it was rather embarrasing when I tried to show the new automated launch systems to a World Council representative, and the system instead of launching came back with "Say Please"." Col. Casey

John laughs before he can quite stop himself, pressing a hand to his mouth as if that’ll prevent the sound from bubbling up and escaping.

Well,” He says, subduing a grin, “At least she’s been teaching them politeness.” The spaceman crosses both arms across his chest and looks up at Eos’ camera unit, one eyebrow raised as if questioning. “We’ve been working on politeness, haven’t we Eos? Yes… I’ll be having words with you.” It would sound stern if not for the way John’s eyes noticeably soften as the little ring of lights glow a mischievous green at him.

“I am glad she’s been making friends though.” He turns back to Casey, “I’ll take a look at the programming Colonel. The affects of their playdates will be fixed in no time, though… surely it doesn’t hurt to say please.

John has very much noticed she didn’t, and is grinning back at her. It’s probably lucky being 22,400 miles into orbit saves you from a swipe around the ear.


“a /what/?” the words fall out of her mouth before she means them to, and it’s another few seconds still before she realizes she doesn’t /mind/ the idea. maybe he’s pushing his luck, because she’s only fallen asleep at his place the /once/ and she firmly isn’t planning to do it again, but…. maybe he isn’t. one look at his face, and temaris softening. she swallows, reaching almost tentatively for his hand. “not too long,” she stipulates, “we have things to do, shikamaru.”

“a nap,” he reiterates, patting the area of bed beside him. he’s lucky—his mother trusts him fully, knowing her son to be a respectful young man. he isn’t going to make a move, so to speak, on his unsuspecting girlfriend; especially not this early into their relationship, and especially when she isn’t
r e a d y. but she reaches for his hand, and he intertwines their fingers. not too long, she says, but where was the fun in that? “it isn’t a nap unless it’s an hour minimum. those ‘things’ aren’t going to go anywhere, temari. we can do them when we wake up.”