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Oh my, I realize you have many asks so feel free to answer simply or not at all, I don't mind! What are your thoughts on Victor's treatment of Yuuri in the beginning (ep 2) to now? I'm thinking of "savage" Victor with his 4 piggy/weight/mediocre comments. He softens toward Yuuri after of course but do you think he'd still have a natural tendency to bluntly tease Yuuri? I know some people call Victor's "don't feel like kissing if it isn't gold" a lil mean but it just isn't at the same level? :)

Victor’s initial roasting of Yuuri (and Yurio) has always struck me as simply what Victor is used to receiving himself. He considers Yakov the “only coach for him.” And what does Yakov do every chance he gets? He roasts Victor.

It’s “tough love,” if you will.

Yuuri doesn’t need to lose weight for cosmetic reasons. He needs to get in shape because he’s an athlete. However, I don’t think Victor understands how harsh he comes across at times.

To him, being hard on someone is a way of guiding them in the direction he feels will benefit them. It’s what Yakov does to him.

As for the “I’m not kissing anything but gold” scene, I think Victor was just being humorous. That entire scene was dripping with sarcasm.

“Aww, you didn’t win gold? Wow, I’m such a terrible coach. I’m so disappointed. Whatever could I kiss instead of a gold medal? Yuuri, do you have any ideas?” *puckers up*

I also think Victor was prodding Yuuri not to retire in that scene. It was a “keep trying” message. 

Don’t allow the world to harden your heart, but allow your heart to soften the world. Don’t let the world mold you into something you are not, but let the world see that kindness is not weakness and being a bad person is not power.

Brownells employees don’t just work in the industry, we love firearms too! You all probably recognize Paul Levy. Here is what he has to say about his PTR-91 - “I’ve always been interested in roller locked guns, and had dabbled in domestically produced G3/91 pattern rifles in the past.  The PTR-91 is the first that I have been 100% pleased with, both in regards to function, fit & finish.  The newest models are great in that they come with 5/8-24 threads, making them compatible with commonly found 30 caliber muzzle devices.  I put a PWS brake on this one to soften it a bit.  The rest of the rifle is pretty much stock besides the HK wide forend.  The trigger is great out of the box for a semi-auto rifle.  The gun is a pleasure to shoot with iron sights using the diopter rear & hooded front sight.  Having the welded Picatinny rail is nice, but I prefer this rifle with irons.”

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I thrive on your gwash tbh. Do you have any favorite whamilton headcanons??

Hmmm, honestly not a lot.
-like the thing I drew a while ago, if Gwash sees Alex out of control he just pulls him back with a hand on his shoulder or something
-Alex soften immediately when Gwashs hand is on him
-Alex shows a lot of respect and there’s this affectionate aura that he only shows when he’s talking to Gwash alone, if Jeffersons around he’d not want to expose that part of himself
-Washington, being usually quiet in constitutional convention/cabinet meetings sometimes get distracted by Alex’s basically anything. Nothing especially sexual or fantasy like Alex jsut attract his attention a lot so he’d look at the smallest detail and be fascinated by it
-Alex, walking behind Washington, casually wonders how much weight he can carry and really want to put a hand on his back somehow
-Washington looking at Hamilton when he talks, thinking to himself: “this is the person that will make this nation prosper,” and a smile bloomed knowing Hamilton will dedicate so much for America

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Bts reaction when their crush cuddles with them.

Coming right up!~

Jin: He would be sitting on the couch, probably just reading a magazine or something, and you would come up and start koala bear cuddling him (wrapping your whole body around the person). He would freeze up for a moment and get a little flustered, then soften up because he *thinks* he may never get this opportunity again.

“…….be calm Jin, don’t make a fool out of yourself………..”

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Suga: To be honest, he’d probably already be sleeping. He would wake up to you also asleep and not wanting to move a muscle. He would never admit it, but he thought you looked so cute with your cheeks puffed out!

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Rap Monster: He would be kind of surprised, honestly. He hasn’t been cuddled a lot (in his adult years) and when you did it he realized how much he missed it. He also wouldn’t expect HIS CRUSH of all people to initiate it. He’d probably ask something like this:

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing?”

“I just wanted to cuddle with you”


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J-Hope: OH MY GOSH he would be so extra. Whenever you started cuddling him, he would yell,”CUDDLE PARTY WOOOO!!!”. After his extraness is all spent, he would end up cuddle you back, with maybe just a hint of redness in his cheeks.

“*whispers so no one can hear* ………..this is awesome………”

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Jimin: He would be soooo cocky and overconfident. Whenever you started to cuddle him he would say something along the lines of, “Yeeeaaahhh come to big daddy” as he smirked jokingly. Later he would be so nervous to say something wrong or move and disturb you.

“*whispers so no one can hear him like J-Hope*……..ok how do I not make a fool of myself?……….”

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V: So overcome with emotions for the first two minutes he can’t move. Afterwards, he would keep telling you how cute you are! And then, you know being v.

“Awwww (Y/N) you’re so cute!!!”

“Yes Tae, you’ve already told me 37 times and counting”

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Jungkook: Poor baby would be frozen for the most part. Then, he would get a little more comfortable and maybe start hugging you, but being his ‘awkward around girls’ self, he would be terrified.

“………don’t make any sudden moves………”

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Suggestive text from Saeran, please?

[From: emo]
-That dress is too tight
-People are staring at you and I don’t like it
-Closet. 5 minutes.
-I’ll help you out of it.
-Saeyoung told me to soften up my texts to you by putting kisses.
-I told him to fuck off but if you like it I’ll keep doing it.
-You have 3 minutes left.

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Hi, i love your work! (Your fallout stuff 😍👌) i was just wondering if you had any tips for rendering digital work, whenever i try to render my drawings they end up looking boring or flat and splotchy, they never end up as smooth as I'd like. Thanks!!!

You can hand soften areas with a soft edged low opacity rush, or use the mixer brush.  Contrast of hard vs soft edges is the best way to add “juice” to any rendering!

Also thank you!

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Prompt: Reluctant Secret Verse. The first time baby is sick.

“He thinks I’m an idiot,” she grumbled, eyes still on the door the doctor had just slipped out of as Robin chuckled softly and came to stand beside her.

He pressed a kiss to her temple. “You’re not an idiot,” he assured, “just a mother rightly worried for her poorly little girl.”

Her expression softened as she turned to look at a - finally - sleeping Scarlett resting in the crook of his arm and close to his chest. Her cheeks were still red, nose sore and her sleep was a little restless with her high temperature. Regina’s heart ached for her. “I wish I could just take it from her, be the sick one instead.”

“I know, sweetheart.”

“I just feel so terrible, she’s too tiny!”

He pressed another kiss to her temple before slipping his arm around her shoulders and pulling her into his side, smiling at the way she gently stroked their daughter’s face. “She’ll be okay, Regina. You heard the doctor,” he squeezed her a little tighter against him, “it’s normal.”

“I know that,” she wrapped her free arm around him, eyes still on their sleeping girl, “in my rational mind I know that but, when I heard her struggling to breathe through her nose I just-”

“Did exactly the same thing I would have,” she tilted her face up towards his own, her eyes wet at the memory of that morning, of thinking that Scarlett was about to stop breathing completely, “you shouldn’t feel embarrassed for reacting the way you did, there’s absolutely no shame in it.”

She nodded, still doubting herself but soothed by his words at the very least. With a heavy sigh, she gave the smallest of smiles before leaning onto her tip toes and pressing a kiss to his lips.

“And how is our little superstar doing?”

They broke apart and turned to find their usual Doctor, Rose Bell, stepping into the room with a warm smile.

“A little under the weather, right? Well, not worry,” the blonde assured them both, “we’ll have her fixed up and ready for home in no time, okay Mom and Dad?”

And as they both nodded, Regina relaxing in his hold and finding more confidence now that someone was taking them seriously, Robin smiled and cast his eyes down to the girl in his arms, endlessly gratefully to have them both in his life.

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YO SO LET'S TALK ABOUT TRANS!YURIO, FTM, HAVING TO GO OFF HORMONE THERAPY WHEN HE ENTERS THE SENIOR DIVISION BECAUSE LIKE YOU SAID, TESTOSTERONE IS CONSIDERED A PERFORMANCE ENHANCER IN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS. which means that the softening of yurio's physique in canon would be due to 1) the lack of new testosterone and 2) yurio staying on the puberty blockers and basically becoming soft androgynous which is okay with him until the FUCKING SECOND people start calling him "pretty" all over again [/1]

and Beka is there and weirdly enough Otabek GETS it, being forced to be something you’re not because of the rules of the sport, and they bond over it. and otabek lets yurio be himself, and wear his badass leather jacket and play his dj events with him and NEVER mixes up his pronouns, even the first time someone asked if yurio was his “girlfriend” on accident, and yurio respects the FUCK out of that. his attachment to otabek is so strong, because he KNOWS beka sees him. he gets it. [2/2] 


trans boy yurio is So Goddamn important to me so this is like fucking christmas. yuri using his feminine body to his advantage in skating for higher scores but also hating how it makes people perceive him as a ‘delicate fairy’. or pretty, and pretty not only insults him but belittles everything he’s worked for to get to where he is. 

and all of his behaviour- his rudeness and his brashness- are there like a defence to make up for how ‘pretty’ he is. people aren’t gonna call him ‘girl’ if he’s rude like a punk and swears and sits like This:

ten bucks he was told to sit like a lady as a kid and does this out of spite

and then he meets Beka, and Beka doesn’t think he’s pretty- and he never says anything close to that, cause in Beka’s eyes, he’s handsome. and like you said- he NEVER fucks up his pronouns, because Otabek is just the nicest person. Like a badass fucking gentleman. 

I have a lot of feelings about Trans Boy Yurio. if thats not obvious


Complete fics posted on AO3 this day

(I will) soften every edge by bloobeary [T, 3.9k]

Louis steals flowers from Harry’s garden on his way to the cemetery
Grief (L), flower theft | POV: L

Law & (the lack of)Order by carmelfringe [?, 3.7k]

Harry studies medicine, Louis studies law. Their departments are opposite one another. Secret crushes and dramatic staring out of the window happen.
University | POV: both | *triple spacing

Adding a scene from Emma’s childhood does not erase or even soften the devastation August & Neal conspired to wreck on teenage Emma. Two adult men sent a teenage girl to prison for a crime she did not commit.

Sorry August - nice words to a child don’t make up for stealing her agency ten years later.

(Actually it makes you an even bigger ass if you knew about her struggles as a child and added to them when she was a teenage.)

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Hiya! Could K get a letter from Starrick for a female reader? SFW (rated M for some sultriness) and you may post it. YARROW - Cure for heartache/TULIP (RED) -Believe me, Declaration of Love/ROSE (CHRISTMAS)- Relieve my anxiety/MILK VETCH - Your presence softens my pain. Perhaps the reader has been heartbroken before and Starrick is here to admit his feelings? Thanks <3!

{Thanks for the prompt. C: As I get closer to the end of these, it becomes harder trying to write them as I run low on ideas. xD}

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Your name: submit What is this?


I have seen the world tremble in my wake at times, my dear, but—for some reason—seeing you do the same has brought nothing but sorrow to my chest. Your eyes continue to gaze upon me with uncertainty, as though I am but a vulture here to take the very last of what you have to offer.

Does this have to do with your past? You’ve spoken of it to me vaguely before, but I guess I cannot believe a man would be so careless with the very treasure of London that is your heart.

(Y/N), why must you make me do this? Why must you force me to come upon my knees before you and ask for you to love me? I’ve been subtle in the past several weeks or so, but I am being honest when I tell you that I love you like no other.

London may very well be mine, but it would mean nothing without you there beside me. If that would make you happiest, (Y/N), I would give the world to you! Whatever trinkets that you so desire, I would hand them to you without fault, but allow me the damned pleasure of taking you into my arms and whispering upon your skin how much I love you.

(Y/N), I yearn to do more than just that. I wish to claim more than London—I wish to claim you as well. I want your heart, but my own body yearns for yours in return. Will you allow me to take the proper care of it that it so needed in the beginning? Will you let me sample parts of you like the finest wine I’ve ever tasted? Perhaps your body will tremble in euphoria, begging in its own way for more.

I hope that after this letter you will view me differently, and in a better light. I can only pray so, for my life feels incomplete without you.

Let me heal your broken world, (Y/N), and remake it as it was meant to be made.


Crawford Starrick

Time to soften the heart

The more we are indulged in the mundane activities, the harder our hearts get. It takes time for the heart to get soft again by doing good deeds. It is just like a plant that has been without water for some time. It takes time for it to recover and get healthy again.

Nourish your heart with Allaah’s remembrance and the Qur'an recitation.

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I can feel it coming; powerful and fast. It feels as though it will rip a hole in my chest if I am not careful. How do I let myself go along without getting lost in transition?


Bell, Tavia, & Marcus *SPOILERS*

So something I noticed in this week’s episode (4/4).

I know everyone’s freaking out about Bell’s scene (I mean, fuck me sideways, Bob deserves a goddamn Oscar!) but was I the only one that noticed Marcus’s reaction? He went crazy. Almost as insane as Bell. It makes me question (yet again) if Marcus is their father. To me it makes perfect sense, especially considering how he parents O minutes earlier in the episode. If you think about it, Looking back even to the pilot episode, Marcus knows who Bell is and his look almost softens when he’s told what Bell did, because he knows he’d do anything to protect his sister. He’s built such strong relationships with both O & Bell and we see them interacting constantly, so back to the matter at hand - Marcus definitely reacted as a father would have to hearing O “died”. I’m betting it’s going to be revealed very soon that Marcus Kane is in fact the father of Octavia & Bellamy. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens in the next episode when they both find out she’s alive.

Also step-siblings Bellamy & Clarke!!!! Be still my beating heart!

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Goddammit, Severus! Why the hell are you avoiding Lily?! She WANTS to talk to you. Do you want to lose her forever? Because you are doing a hell of a job! *softens voice and takes his hand* Next time she comes to you, let her speak, okay? I am sure she won't make you feel worse. What do you have to lose? She has always been your best friend, hasn't she? A friendly chat won't hurt you :)

Severus: I’ll let her talk but it doesn’t mean I have to listen.

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hi how you recolor your sim in purple please : post/157628439105/its-leiren-d-more-a-sim-from-long-ago-of-who

What would you think if I would say, I’m not sure… ? Haha! I’ve used Photoshop, that’s what I do know! Luckily, I was able to look back in my actoin history ^.^

I see it must have been the Photo Filter function.

For more details and examples, click the keep reading ^-^
WARNING, there’s a gif with a really.. vivid color o.o (It’s part of my edit..)

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