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One of your selfies crossed my dash. I've followed you for ages, cause I like your URL. The first cock I sucked dribbled precum, and with each salty taste I thought he was going to blow, but no. I was confused because I never leaked precum unless the few rare times my cock was softening without cumming. He finally did cum by fucking my ass, and I hated the feeling, so I've never bottomed since. This has nothing to do with anything, except your selfies are attractive.

i love wendy’s shakes because they’re so thick you can’t drink them until they’ve softened up it’s like the self-control is built into the shake and i get to enjoy it for more than 5 seconds

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"The same boiling water that softens the potato also hardens the egg. It's not about the circumstance, but rather what you are made of." - J


The X-Files Origins: Devil’s Advocate by Jonathan Maberry [EXCERPT]
  • Scully Residence
  • April 3, 12:33 A.M.
  • Sleep was no escape.
  • None at all.
  • Deep in the night, Dana seemed to wake within a dream, knowing that she was dreaming, but afraid that this was every bit as real as the waking world. She knew that she didn’t have the lexicon to even put any of this into words that would make sense. The walls between fantasy and reality were broken, crumbling, irrelevant.
  • And that was terrifying.
  • Wasn’t that what happened when the mind fractured? Wasn’t that the definition of being insane?
  • The dream unfolded like a movie.
  • She woke in her room, but she wasn’t dressed in her pajamas. Instead she wore a dark suit that was almost masculine. Navy-blue pants and jacket, white blouse, the look softened only by the lack of a tie and a thin golden necklace from which her tiny cross hung. Her hair was stiffer, shorter, styled in a severe way she would never wear. Shoes with chunky heels.
  • The clothes were nothing she owned, but they fit her. She felt like she belonged in them. But when she stood up, there was something odd. A weight on her hip. Dana crossed to the mirror as she unbuttoned the jacket, and when she held the flap back, she saw the gun.

As a community on tumblr, who I believe are a bit more media savvy than the rest of the world, can we stop believing the “source” lie that articles tell. Not just with Jen and Josh but I mean across the board with every celeb. 

These aren’t rogue friends ratting to People magazine about their besties (who just happens to be famous) new casual romance. It’s the celebs publicist trying to sell a story.

And in Jen’s case this People story came out three hours before the pics dropped so it softens the blow of how utterly ridiculous and out of the blue and disgusting this is. 

Jen worked too hard for this shit, has literally had rumors following her around that are terrible and disgusting and they were just confirmed to people who read them because of this. So she sleeps with her bosses for roles? 

And nope, no matter what article People will try to write (and they will) about how this is empowering for her, it won’t work, nope, won’t work. The GP already made up their mind. And that’s really sad.

Literally what the fuck are you doing? I mean I think I know that the alternative might seem worse (and it’s got nothing to do with Josh no matter what may or may not come out soon) and you distract with a dirty old penny but it’s just all fake. 

None of Jen’s friends are running to People magazine to sell her love story. It’s Jen’s publicist and sorry boo boo but you can’t claim you’re private when you called the paps and are planting stories in People.

I hope you make it out of this Jen, you deserve peace and health but this was a road you didn’t have to take.

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Gratsu: first time (You can make it NSFW if you want to... (^_-)-☆)

Gratsu + First Time

    Gray paused as he felt the tremor that Natsu hadn’t quite been able to hold back, pulling back so that he could peer down at the Dragon-slayer, eyes softening as he took in the brilliant blush covering his partner’s cheeks and the way Natsu was trying desperately to avoid his gaze. Stealing another kiss, this one softer and more chaste than the heated one from a moment ago, Gray reached up and brushed his fingers over pink cheeks, waiting patiently for Natsu to meet his gaze.

“We can stop,” he murmured reassuringly as he saw the nervousness in the olive eyes, ignoring the flicker of disappointment at the thought of stopping now that they had finally got this far, instead focusing on tracing the contours of Natsu’s face and waiting for the Fire mage to think it over.

“No…I want this,” Natsu whispered finally, some of the tension melting out of him under the gentle ministrations and he smiled when his words were met with a flurry of butterfly kisses, gathering his courage as he reached up and wrapped his arms around the Ice mage, kissing him firmly before adding softly. “I want you.”

I am thankful.

I am thankful that God softened my heart towards my father.

I am thankful that He didn’t let dad pass without us reconciling first.

I am thankful for the moments we spent talking when he was able to.

I am thankful for the loving smile he shot me and the squeeze he gave my hand that was warmer than any hug I’ve ever received.

I am thankful that I am not angry.

I am thankful that God almost put things in autopilot for us.

I am thankful the universe is being gentle.

I am thankful that my faith in God only grew stronger.

I am thankful. I am thankful. I am so so so thankful.

‏الخير كالماء يجب تكراره ولو كان معروفاً عند الناس، فالقلوب تتأثر بتكرار الشر عليها، وذكر الخير يَغسل شرها ويُليّن قسوتها .

 "Goodness is like water which needs to be regularly mentioned of even if it is known to the people, for hearts are affected by the repetition of evil upon it, so mentioning goodness washes its evil and softens its roughness.“ 

 - Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Turaifi 

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McHanzo - sleepy, cuddles, midnight, warm

McHanzo + Sleepy

  McCree was unsurprised to find that Hanzo had dropped off to sleep again as he returned from the bathroom, he had only been gone a couple of minutes but he had seen the way the archer’s eyes had been drooping even as he fought to stop McCree from leaving. A fond smile flickered across his face as he moved quietly across the room, slipping back under the covers, surprised that Hanzo hadn’t stolen his spot like he normally would…only to let out a yelp when he was suddenly accosted by his apparently not so fast asleep partner, Hanzo’s arms snaking tightly around him as the archer nuzzled against him with a sleepy growl.

“I don’t like it when you’re not here,” Hanzo’s voice was thick with sleep, but much more open that it was when he was in full control of his faculties and McCree’s expression softened as he shifted so that he could pull the older man into a tight hug.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he murmured softly in response, knowing that if this was during the day he would have been given a dark glare for that promise…but this late at night, with sleep already threatening to pull him under once more, all he got in response was a contented hum before Hanzo relaxed against him.

McHanzo + Cuddles

    McCree liked to cuddle…it had taken one mission in Siberia for Hanzo to learn that much about the Cowboy, and even now he blushed at the memory of McCree snuggling into his side, arms latching on for dear life as they tried to ride out the cold after the mission had gone to hell right from the start. Back then he hadn’t known how to react…they had been dancing around one another for months, but nothing like that…now though…he sighed in exasperation as he tried to climb out of their bed, his bladder making its demands clear, but McCree was not for letting go and he was glad that they were in the sanctuary of their rooms so that no one else could see his predicament. With a particularly strong wrench he managed to free himself, immediately missing the warmth of McCree’s arms around him, but quick to dart out of reach as his partner reached out with a sleepy grumble.

“I will be right back you overgrown child,” he murmured reassuringly, a smile in his voice as he headed for the bathroom…realising that his speed might not just be for McCree’s sake, colour rising as he realised that at some point since that first night in Siberia he had also come to like cuddles…as long as they came from a certain Cowboy.

McHanzo + Midnight

    Hanzo sighed as he crept through the base, aware that he would be in trouble if he got caught …especially if Angela was the one to find him, as she had been quite explicit about what would happen to him if he got out of bed before she gave him permission. However, this was more important…he hadn’t seen McCree once since the Cowboy had hauled him back and deposited him in the infirmary, and he knew why…his partner’s panicked shout a moment before his perch had disintegrated beneath his feet the only clear memory from their mission, which was why he was currently heading for the practice grounds, aware that was where both of them went when something was bothering them. Sure, enough when he slipped inside, it was to the repetitive sound of McCree’s Peacekeeper and the sight of the innocent bots getting shattered to pieces and he sighed…leaning against the wall for support as he realised just why he had been told to stay in bed, but he only had eyes for the Cowboy, taking in the grim expression and the tension radiating from the younger man.

“Jesse!” He called softly, unsurprised when the gun was immediately levelled in his direction, merely meeting McCree’s slightly wild eyes with a calm smile. “It’s after midnight…won’t you come to bed now?”


“I’m not going back without you,” Hanzo interrupted, seeing the refusal that was forming and letting himself sag against the wall…he might not want to worry the younger man, but he wasn’t above using it to his advantage when the other man was being an idiot and he could see the defeated expression that appeared a moment later.


McHanzo + Warm

    McCree cursed under his breath as he spotted lights moving along the path that led worryingly close to the small crevice they were currently using for shelter, eyes narrowing as his hand dropped down to his gun…he didn’t have a clear shot though, and the noise would carry up here and he wasn’t keen to point a shining, neon arrow in their direction…it was time for a more subtle approach. Quietly he shifted back, waiting until he was out of sight before hurrying back to their shelter, breath catching as he took in huddled figure just inside…Hanzo was resting against the wall, wrapped up in Jesse’s serape and yet the Gunslinger could see that the other man was still shivering and for a moment McCree faltered, his plan threatening to disintegrate there and then. The archer needed to rest…but if he didn’t take care of their hunters then they were both going to be in trouble, and as much as he hated it he forced himself forward, crouching down beside Hanzo and reaching out to gently shake him, noticing that the archer was warmer to the touch than he had been…he was getting worse.

“Hanzo?” He called softly, hating himself for this, but forcing himself to shake his partner again and this time he was rewarded with a soft groan and a glimpse of Hanzo’s eyes. “Hey darling…I need that bow of yours…” He hated the words…hated the groan of agreement…the knowledge that Hanzo was going to do it, just because he asked…hated the worrying warmth permeating the older man’s skin. I’m sorry…

alex and maggie drinking together tho - playing never have i ever because they both think they’ve done more than the other and they’re competitive lil gays (maggie shows alex a tattoo, pulling up her shirt to just below her bra to do so. alex’s mouth goes dry and she struggles with where to look, whether she should trace the line of maggie’s abs or stare hungrily at the edge of black lace she can see where maggie’s fingers hold her shirt); them softening up to each other once they’re kinda buzzed; alex lowering her inhibitions just enough to allow her to stare at maggie’s neck when she tosses back another shot, then dropping her mouth open just slightly at the way maggie’s tongue swipes across her wet lips; maggie noticing the increased attention and teasing alex, purposefully leaning all the way across her to flag down the bartender - anyways just think about these gays drinking together 10/10 would recommend

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rereading tinf and landon's eyebrows are so smal??? they grow as he sheds his asshole exterior. also, where/when did landon learn how to play guitar?

LOL!!! SCREAMING I actually thought the same thing??? But on further inspection, it’s not much of a size diff… there’s a time period in the middle when I drew his eyebrows HUUUGE (!?) but they’re more back to his normal size now, only 100% circle… my boy… softening up… (starting with his eyebrows) (???) *wipes a tear* ❓

(sorry I just flipped the 1st img LOL wrong side piercing) I also made a chart here, this hot topic of Landon’s Eyebrows LMAO !

The true answer is my art just goes through a lot of WILDNESS, it’s weird for like the first 5 yrs of the comic HAHA JK THAT’S THE WHOLE COMIC JK JK LOL really… (?)

About the guitar question: he was gifted a guitar when he was, like, 5 or something, really young! His grandpa (who used to be in a band LOL) taught him a little bit of the basics but, after joining band in elementary school and trying multiple instruments, he practiced hardcore on his own. He’s mostly self-taught… he was bored as a child LOL


We’re a group. We’re a team. From the President and Leo on through, we’re a team. We win together, we lose together. We celebrate and we mourn together. And defeats are softened and victories sweeter because we did them together… You’re my guys and I’m yours… and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. - Toby Ziegler (The West Wing) 


@sigishooter just sent me a fuckload so HERE WE GO ROUND 1

Why I like them

His snark is probably my favorite thing about him. I was the same age as Neku when twewy came out, so I connected with him immediately, and I grew with him. His development in-game helped me, since i was also a bitter and scared and closed-off kid. He’s one of the characters I look to if the Mental Ills™ are getting in the way. 

Why I don’t

this kid was literally prepared for murder like holy FUCK

Favorite episode (scene if movie)

I was always so mesmerized by his flashbacks to the cat mural. the look in his eyes having softened; still finding hope in something. some ground to still take root on.

Favorite line

How do I pick jUST ONE???? “The pig moves on its own? What if it’s possessed - waiting to pork-chop us in the back of the head?” is up there. Also “Hello, dead kid speaking.”

When I’m cosplaying, my fav things to say are “WHERE’S SHIKI? HAVE YOU SEEN HER?” “Focus…” or “sup,” if someone gives me a shoutout. also various forms of “shut up, Josh!”

Favorite outfit

I really like putting Neku in punk or sporty things. he has to either look like a pokemon trainer or like he’s on his way to a mosh pit


i’m a putrid neku/josh shipper but i’m very picky about it


total bros with shiki and beat and rhyme. in general i like to think they become his rock, even if he doesn’t admit that out loud.

Head Canon

Neku is an anxious little trans guy just like meeeeeeeeeeee. i also think he’s asexual/graysexual and aromantic/grayromantic

Unpopular opinion

ummm drawing a blank on this one, woops!

A wish

let neku be trans in canon lmao. also? someone needs to teach me how to do 3d modeling because i’d fuckin love to play around with the twewy models from KHDDD.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

dont die again i guess

5 words to best describe them

snarky, pointy, powerful, fashion disaster

My nickname for them

nek. me. speedo fasturaba.

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Alrighty yay another 3 fun facts!

1. Well as a person thats made of fabrics Zuri doesn’t need to shower but they do need to soak their fabrics with fabric softener once in a while to preserve its texture or something. Some people likes the smell and some people really dislikes it lol i mean yeah sometimes fabric softener’s smell are too much right?

2. Speaking of water, Zuri hates water, it weights down their fabrics and makes them all wet and not flexible, makes it uncontrollable for a while. Alani would do a LOT of damage to them in battles.

3. Despite the above, Zuri doesnt hate Alani at all, they admires her a lot actually. They think Alani is very cool and amazing. (But then again Zuri doesn’t hate anyone so)