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Volcanos are just like plants

Context: We found a hexagonal softball sized item that had a rattling coming from inside. My druid was able to figure out that it was volcano glass. One of the clerics, who is not very smart, was convinced it was a volcano seed.

Cleric: I bet you 20 gold that if we plant that in the ground it will grow a volcano.

Druid (me): That’s not how it works, they don’t grow.

Cleric: Well what your saying is that they are just full grown volcanos when they are born and I know that you are lying about that. 

Druid: Thats not what I am saying either. (I then begin to explain where volcanos come from.)

Cleric OOC: I rolled a will save to disbelieve everything she is saying. *Rolls a 14*

Druid OOC to DM: Can I roll anything in order to make him believe?!

DM: At this point no, he believes it is a seed. 

Druid: Fine, but this not not win you the bet. 

Witch: No, he is definitely right, this is definitely a volcano seed.

After more discussion we decide to break it open. The witch detects magic on it and picks up a ring.

DM: You identify this as a ring of volcano growing.

Druid: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (leaves the table for a couple minutes)

When I come back it was actually a ring that gives a PC a bite attack, and had nothing to do with volcanoes.


Smile for the Bouncing Ball

If you make your living in a dangerous profession like the military, police or disaster response, knowing what’s around the corner can mean the difference between life and death. 

An MIT-hatched startup called Bounce Imaging has developed a new technology to put eyes on areas that are too dangerous to enter blind. The device is called Explorer. It is a softball-sized orb that holds a camera with six lenses pointed in different directions and either visible-light or near-infrared LEDs. Read more and see video of the device in action below.

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kisskendrick  asked:

Hey I just read about Alex. I'm glad she is okay. My GF has endometriosis. They found out when a softball sized ovarian cyst ruptured and destroyed one of her ovaries. They had always told her it was just bad cramps so she didn't know and she went into septic shock. It is crazy scary how these things can be missed. She had surgery but they wouldnt do a hysterectomy cause of her age, so she still has pain and gets cysts every so often. I'm so glad she is okay!

Right? “Bad cramps” is the biggest load of shit. Bad cramps is hot water bottles and painkillers. Not being able to stand up straight, drink any water and having to take strong anti emetics, that’s not bad cramps.

ADOPTABLES: Olive Oil Catfish SOLD

A lovely, gentle fishy Bobello with quite a passion for cooking!

Personality - Curious and sweet, Olive Oil is one of few Bobello who have chosen to not condition themselves with fully concocted foods; they admire the ingredients that go in them and readily offer their flavored eggs for cooking as often as possible (and so long as they get a bit of the meal too!)

Egg / Flavor - Roughly the size of softballs, above standard. Eggs have a clean, gentle olive oil taste to them. Most prefer pure high grade olive oil over anything else, however a few do choose to add complimentary spices for a unique and personalized flavor when cooked.

Body - 11′: Above average. Softly scaled skin without that fishy aftersmell! Stomach is the softest area on them and wonderful to rest on.

Olive Oil Catfish is $35!

First come first serve, buyer gets the high-res un-watermarked PNG with template, transparent PNG, and optional PSD (upon request).

Please message me, DOGMEAT or email at to claim, and we’ll set you up with a paypal link for payment!

We prefer email please!! It gives us accurate timestamps!!

More info about Bobellos here!

Danny groaned softly, feeling the egg press against his cloaca as his contractions continued, as number seven, Danny was tired, covered in sweat and his own fluids. More than five feet of scaled tail was draped over the side of the bath, as Danny lay in it, five softball sized unfertilised eggs sitting beside him, the sixth on its way out.
He pushed again, straining as the first sign of the pearly white shell appeared.

ADOPTABLES: Toxic Nightshade SOLD

One devious, toxic little dragon bobello!

Personality - Despite their chosen flavor, Nightshade is surprisingly even tempered, if a bit of a mischievous trickster on occasion.

Egg / Flavor - Softball sized eggs, INEDIBLE. A single egg could bring down most living beings. They’re only given away as a rare decoration. Eggs have a semi-solid consistency when held, and have a strange orange sheen in full sunlight.

Body - 7”5. Above average. Skin has a borderline unpleasant feel to it, though hard to describe. Almost gelatinous with an outside layer of velvet.

Toxic Nightshade is $55!

First come, first serve! Buyer gets the high-res un-watermarked PNG with template & transparent PNG and psd!

Please message me, DOGMEAT or email at to claim, and we’ll set you up with a paypal link for payment!

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