softball advice

anonymous asked:

Hey i'm a transmasculine hs student and I need some advice. Softball season starts next week and it's my favorite sport, but the uniforms give me super bad dysphoria. It's these tight v-neck tops and tight capris. It really shows off my curves in a way I'm uncomfortable with, especially bc i can't bind while exercising. I didn't wanna quit bc it's my senior year and I'm the captain, but idk what I can do to make the uniform feel more comfortable. Please help!

There are sports bras that flatten your chest a little without restricting breathing in the way a binder does, so you could look into getting one of those. Other than that, I would recommend talking to your coach about it and asking if you can wear something else, such as a loose v-neck instead of a tight one. If it’s a uniform shirt, ask if you can order a different fit of the same style/color/design somehow. The sooner you bring it up, the better, as there may exist solutions that are time-sensitive.

You don’t need to out yourself in order to talk about this; you can say something like, “The uniforms are so tight that I’m really uncomfortable wearing them, and I think I really need to wear something else or I don’t know if I can play. I don’t want to cause a problem or stand out, but my discomfort from wearing this particular style of uniform will be constantly on my mind and I would really like to work out a solution so I can enjoy playing this season.” It might help if you talk about it with some of your teammates so they’re aware of how you’re feeling and can support you, though that is something you should judge based on your specific relationship with them. I went through this same experience in drumline when I was in high school, so I totally understand what you’re going through and I hope you can work something out!