Time Waster [j.j.]

Jughead x reader in which (Y/N) is desperately trying to deal with her feelings.

Part two:

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Part four:

((Y/I)= your initial)

(Y/N) (L/N) didn’t have many friends. At least, she didnt until the mysterious disappearance of Jason Blossom.

Jason Blossom’s disappearance-turned-murder had turned (Y/N)’s life completely upside down. She had been down by Sweetwater River the night of the school dance, the night when Jason’s body was discovered.

She had gone to the dance with Reggie Mantle, her best friend. They had been friends since kindergarten, and he protected her fiercely, never letting Chuck or any of the other guys put her in the playbook. When Reggie had noticed Chuck looking (Y/N) up and down as they were dancing, he decided it was time to leave. Instead of dropping her off at home, he had dropped her off at Sweetwater River, knowing that the girl had a tendency to wander around.

She had been relaxing on a rock, knees hugged to her chest, when she heard two voices coming towards her. She had gotten up and turned on her phone’s flashlight, pointing it at the new arrivals.



The young girl chuckled before noticing Moose behind him. She gave Kevin a knowing look as she talked, “So, what brings you guys here?”

“We were just gonna go for a swim,” Moose replied hesitantly. “Aren’t you supposed to be with Mantle?” He asked, walking past her.

She shook her head. Kevin grabbed her by the wrist as he dragged her along with him. “Oh god (Y/N). Don’t leave me,” he said, rolling his eyes at Moose.

They walked down the river bank until (Y/N) tripped on something. It was a shoe.

A shoe that belonged to the once living Jason Blossom.

Getting interrogated by Sheriff Keller after finding Jason Blossom’s dead body tends to draw a lot of attention to an individual, and lucky for (Y/N), she had managed to draw the attention of Riverdale’s very own super sleuth. A boy by the name of Jughead Jones.

She had also gained the attention of Betty Cooper, who had taken it upon herself to befriend the (H/C) girl. Luckily for both of them, they clicked and soon, B & V became B & V & (Y/I). (Y/N) began spending a lot of time at the Cooper’s residence, often staying there for long periods of time. She still hung out with Reggie, but he understood that she needed a female friend to talk to.

By being associated with Betty, (Y/N) quickly became integrated with the rest of her friends. Her and Archie got along marvelously, and she had a good friendship with both Veronica and Kevin. Jughead, on the other hand, was more curious about the mystery of Jason, although he couldn’t quite figure out why this girl intrigued him so much.

Pretty soon, Betty garnered both (Y/N) and Jughead’s help in restarting the Blue & Gold and they all began chasing after the truth, (Y/N) especially due to the fact that she had discovered the body. Her and Jughead often worked together and Jughead found that this worked out perfectly for him, as he could now get any information about Jason’s discovery from her.

He quickly realized she didn’t have much to say on the topic, but a beautiful friendship had formed.

It was only when they went to visit Polly, Betty’s sister, that (Y/N) realized that her feelings for Jughead had grown from friendship to something more.

“What if I really am crazy?” Betty asked. She was lying down on her bed as (Y/N) paced across her room. Betty’s parents had put them both on house arrest, seeing as they had gone to see Polly.

“Bets, you’re not crazy,” (Y/N) sighed.

“Fine, fine,” Betty said. She quickly sat up as a thought came to her mind. “What’s going on with you and Jughead?”

“What?” (Y/N) questioned as she turned to the blonde haired girl. “Nothing’s going on there. We’re friends.”

Betty smirked. “Those looks you two give each other are anything but friendly.”

(Y/N) looked down as she felt her face grow hot. “So maybe I have a teensy crush on Jughead,” she admitted.

“I knew it!” The blonde haired girl exclaimed, jumping up. “I knew you liked each other.”

“Betty, chill,” (Y/N) said. “He probably doesn’t like me back.”

“He does. I’m sure of it. You should tell him!”

(Y/N) looked out the window before looking back at Betty, “I’ll think about it. Hey, you’re parents are gone.”

Betty brightened up even more, “Great. I’ll go grab some food while they’re gone.”

Betty had been gone for about 20 minutes when (Y/N) heard knocking on the window. She had been lying on Betty’s bed and quickly sat up, only to see Jughead at the window.

(Y/N) quickly rushed over and opened the window, laughing slightly at Jughead.

“Hey there, Juliet,” Jughead said, red spreading across his face as he saw (Y/N). “Nurse off duty?”

“Jug, what are you doing here?” (Y/N) asked as she helped him climb in.

“I came to check up on you guys.”

Betty walked in at the wrong moment. (Y/N) was helping Jug get his balance and he was leaning heavily on her.

“So…what are you two doing?” Betty asked.

“Jughead here,” said (Y/N), motioning to Jug, “Came to check up on us.”

She made sure to emphasize the word ‘us’, not noticing Jughead frown as she did.

‘Maybe she doesn’t like me the way I thought she did’ he thought to himself.

Betty faltered at both her words and his expression as she brought up the pizza she was holding.

“Who’s hungry?” She asked.

(Y/N) and Jughead exchanged smiles. “I’ll go get plates and napkins,” the (H/C) girl said.

It had taken her less than five minutes. Less than five minutes to get plates and napkins and head back upstairs.

She was happy, they had managed to talk to Polly and now she was going to spend the afternoon with two of her favorite people.

She stopped abruptly as she got to Betty’s room. There, in the middle of the room, stood Jughead and Betty, kissing. Jughead held her face so gently, as though she’d break if he held on any tighter.

They hadn’t noticed (Y/N)’s presence until she dropped the plates she was holding and they shattered. The two teens sprung apart as they heard the noise, turning around to see (Y/N) bend down and picking up the shards whilst muttering apologies.

“I’m sorry guys, I didn’t know,” she said. Jughead bent to help her and as he they reached for the same piece, she flinched, cutting herself with the porcelain and leaving a long, deep cut on her hand.

“Oh shit,” she cursed. She quickly got up and turned to Betty. “Uh Betty, I have to go. Reggie just texted me, he needs my help with something. I’ll see you guys later.”

“Wait, (Y/N), your hand,” Jughead began. He flinched as the (H/C) girl looked at him with tears in her eyes. He had fucked up. Badly.

“I’ll be fine,” she muttered, looking down. “I’ll get Reggie to help me.”

All she could hear was Betty and Jughead calling after her as she ran down the stairs and left the house. She couldnt believe she had been so stupid as to waste time and feelings on someone like Jughead Jones. Of course he would choose Betty over her. As she reached the door, she felt someone pull her back. Jughead.

“(Y/N), wait.”

“Listen Jug, I gotta go,” she wouldn’t look at him. “Go back to Betty,” she said sofly. “I’ll see you at school.”

As she left, Jughead groaned and kicked the wall before heading back upstairs. Betty was in tears as she turned around and showed him (Y/N)’s phone. She had no texts from Reggie whatsoever.

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Ereri 53 <3

53. “Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!”


Levi flicked a pebble at the window above him. Every time he was worried the glass would break–it would be just his luck. Saffy knew he was there, but the Jaeger’s golden retriever saw him as a friend and wouldn’t raise the alarm. He tried again.

The window opened and Levi gazed up to see Eren’s fluffy-headed silhouette against the starry sky. He waved. Eren waved back, and the window rumbled again as he opened it up as wide as it could go. Levi backed up and took a run  the side of the house, bare toes catching on the weatherboard as he reached for the windowsill.

Eren caught him, two hands clasped around his wrist as he hauled him up to the window. Levi got his arm over the sill and the rest of him followed as he wiggled through the window. Eren’s room smelled faintly of dirty socks and dog, and Eren himself. Eren closed the window against the cold and dove back into bed, holding the blanket up invitingly.

This was the best place in the world, Levi thought, finally warming up as he burrowed down into Eren’s bed, their knees knocking together, Eren’s breath warm on his forehead.

“Are you okay?” Eren whispered. Levi nodded.

“He’s not home,” he whispered back. Sometimes he couldn’t sleep because Kenny was home, and sometimes because he wasn’t. Either way, he could sleep here, even with Eren snoring faintly in his face, even with his lumpy knees and grip that gradually grew tighter around Levi’s chest as he fell deeper into sleep.

Even with the ache in his chest, the tangled yearning in his stomach to have Eren all around him, to never leave his bed again. He felt unreasonable and happy and sad all at once and it had taken him hours, as it always did, to wrestle with his conscience before coming over.

Levi heard the footstep before Eren did, and he’d slithered out of Eren’s arms and rolled over the side when the door creaked open.

Eren sat up as Carla poked her head into the room. “Eren?” she asked sofly.

“Hello.” Eren sounded breathless and far from convincingly sleepy.

“What’s going on?” Her voice firmed up a bit, and Levi scowled before sheepishly sitting up so she could see him. “Levi?”

“Uh, we were going to sneak out and get ice cream,” Eren said quickly.

“In this weather? Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?! Does your uncle know you’re out?” she asked Levi.

“He’s not home,” Levi said.

Carla sighed. “You two aren’t going anywhere, you understand?”

“Yes, mom,” Eren said. “So, Levi can stay?”

“Of course he can. Just don’t make any more noise.”

“She’s got ears like a bat,” Eren hissed, as she shut the door again and Levi crawled back into bed.

“She’s cool,” he said.

“I guess,” Eren said, as he flopped down beside him, and Levi closed his eyes.

They’re sitting on Patton’s bed, Patton’s hands are folded together on his lap, his eyes downcast.

“Please say something.” He whispers.

An leans forward and takes his hand, “what do you want me to say?”

A humorless chuckle escapes the older man’s lips. “Well based on my experience after telling people my sexuality. ” a forlorn look crosses his face, “you’re either gonna tell me that I’m just confused, or ask me if I was raped…or say” he purses his lips together, “ ‘challenge accepted’ ” the last one comes out in a soft voice, tone uncertain as him.

“No.” An shakes “Fuck no. I’ll never.” He leans even closer and takes Patton’s face in his hands, “I will never say those things to you. Never.”

Patton leans into the touch, “I’m sorry, An.” He sobs as he lets the tears run freely. “I’m sorry.”

An catches the tears, sofly wiping them from his lover’s face, “ Why are you apologizing?”

“Because I’m..because I don’t.”

“You’re asexual, Patton.” An speaks, “you don’t experience sexual attraction. And that’s what that is. That’s who you are. It’s not gonna make me love you any less.” His expression turns serious, “it shouldn’t even be a reason for me to love you any less.”

The tears have stopped falling now but Patton was still sniffling. “You’re…you’re not gonna stop loving me?” He asks eyes staring hopefully.

“Baby” An breathes movie forward to press a gentle kiss on Patton’s lips, “nothing in the whole universe will ever make me stop loving you.”

lip bite // Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x reader

25. “That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand.”
& 26. “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.
& 51. “You’re not the boss of me.”
& 58. “Can you shut up for five minutes, please???”

warning: none but i feel like this is really bad lol

Jug sitting there on your desk, writing on his novel, with his eyes narrowed together as he types word after word while licking his lips was not a bad view. It was actually enough to make you want his lips on yours again. Jug on top of you. Hands tangeled in each others hair. Legs interwined. Neck kisses. Soft moans in each others mouths. That’s what you desperatly need right now.

You didn’t notice, that you were biting your lip again, too deepened in your thoughts, but Jug did notice. „That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand.“ he commented while looking at you with a smug grin on his pink lips. Oh his soft pink lips. It was true, that you find yourself quite often biting your lips while you’re thinking about Jug. And he often discovers you deepened in thought looking at him with that lip bite, which he could’t say didn’t like.  You blush, a little embarassed, that he caught you again. Usually Jug makes a joke or sarcastic comment about it and you brush it off, but why not try to get what you want this time?

„So what you’re gonna do about it, Jug?“ you say, biting your lip again and looking directly in Jugs eyes. He seemsto be suprised by your comment but soon his eyes land on your lips and stay there a second too long, which makes your lips turn into a smug smile. Your boyfriend notices that and quickly looks at you again, collecting his thoughts. „Well I’m going to write in my novel about a crazy girl in town, that is obsessed with lip biting.“ he says, clearly satisfied with his answer, and turning around in his chair to write on his laptop. Oh but two can play that game.

Smirking you sat up on your bed and began to stretch yourself, putting your arms in the air and pushing your breasts out in Jugs direction. Sofly you moan while doing it, clearly noticing Jugs slighty turning his head in your direction to hear you better. Next you expose your neck to him, knowing, that Jughead likes to give you love bites right there. You moan again. „This feels so good“ you say, as seductive as you can. Jug looks at you from the corner of his eye and you know that he likes what he sees. „Stop (Y/N).“ he just says but he doesn’t stop looking at you. You’re putting your arms in front of you and try to push your breasts a bit together. „Well Jones, your’re not the boss of me.“. Again you stretch your arms and moan one more time. “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself“ he says, now facing you completely. His voice is deeper and raspier than usual, which you have to admit, turns you really on. His face looks serious but his eyes always stay on your lips.

„Why don’t you?“ you ask, looking directly in Jugs eyes, until his eyes find yours. Its like you have a staring contest for a minute. Then, suddenly, Jug stand up from his chair and quickly joins you on the bed, before crashing his lips on yours. With his weight he quickly pushes you back, so that you lie on your back with Jug on tops of you. As he cups your face with his hand  his tongue instantly finds his way in your mouth, fighting with your own tongue. As you put your arms around Jugs neck, you play with his hair. As yo lightly tug on his hair you hear Jug moan. You break the kiss, smirking. „Someone’s really eager, hm?“ you ask him, only to get an annoyed look back. „Can you shut up for five minutes please???“ he answers, clearly frustrated by you. „Anything for you, loverboy.“ you say, before pressing your lips together again.

Perfect (John Murphy x Reader)

Requested by@no-other-names-availible-blog

Request: Hey I love all of your writing so much! I was wondering if you could do a Murphy imagine where the reader is self conscious, with an average body and love handles and freckles and stretch marks on her thighs. And she is afraid to make a move on him cause she’s scared he doesn’t think she’s beautiful or good enough. But then he finds her crying (oh no!) and they talk and eventually some smutty smut happens and he makes it all about her and keeps asking if she’s okay and stuff, thank you so much!

A/N: I really enjoy writing this, so I hope you enjoy Reading it too. Feel free to send me a feedback.

Warnings: smut


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Perfect (John Murphy x Reader)

You get up, walking away from the fire and all that people celebrating Unity Day. Is not like you don’t like to party, is just… You don’t like to be alone and, as far you could see, the only girl that are alone here are you. And it hurts. So you get up and walk away.

You sit above the stars near to your tent, trying to take away that image of Murphy playing that stupid kiss game of your mind and… Fuck! What have you been thinking? Just because he ask you if you would be there, doesn’t mean he actually care. Or because you always catch him looking in your way, doesn’t mean he is looking at you. How stupid you could be?

Your tears start dropping down and lift your hands to your face with anger, you hate your freckles, you hate you entire body. How you could think he’ll look at you when, even you, would never dare to look to yourself if you were he? Stupid, stupid!

“Hey, Y/N! What are you doing here? I was thinking you’ll came to the party too…” You freeze in your place when you hear his voice, your hands covering your face. God, why now? You wish you could dessapear, you took your hands off your face, trying to look normal. He come close and sit next to you. You try to avoid his glance so he won’t see you was crying, but when he touch you, you knew he alredy notice it. “What’s wrong, Y/N? Why are you crying?”

“I’m not crying I just…”

“Yeah. And I’m a girl.” He try to make you smile but you didn’t. “Look, I know I’m not the favorite person in the camp, but you can talk to me…”

“I don’t want to ruin your night, Murphy. Just go back to the party, I’ll be ok.” You say to him, avoiding his look again, just waiting to him go away. But he didn’t.

“And if I want to stay?” He asks to you and you can’t hold your curiosity of look at him and try to understand what are going through his mind. “What if I want to stay and hear what you have to say, Y/N?”

“I don’t know what to say…”

“Why you don’t start for the reason why you was crying?” He ask looking at you.

“The reason? The reason why, I guess, is because I was feeling lonely.” You say looking to your feets so you don’t have to look at him.

“You? Lonely?” He asks with surprise in his voice.

“Yeah, you know. Everyone seems to have another person and I… You know, it just seems like nobody wants me.”

You couldn’t say how he gets so close to you without you even notice, but he did, and he is holding your face and looking into your eyes with that look… That look that is so closer to anger.

“Nobody wants you?”

“Murphy you’ll not understand that…”

“Yeah, I probably won’t.” He says raising his voice. “I can’t understand why are you siting here telling me the nobody wants you. I don’t understand where you’re coming from by that.”

“Murphy, calm down…” You try do let go from him, but he grab your shoulders.

“I mean… In my eyes I’m somebody, somebody important. And I dare to think that my opionion matters. And I can be a dick in most of the time but I definetly not nobody.” He are on his knees in front of you, holding your shoulders looking right in your eyes, and you don’t dare to move a inch. “So, if you don’t want to hear when I say to you that you matter, listen to me when I say to you that I’m not no one! So don’t say that nobody wants you, because I want you. I think about you everyday. I wonder how you’re doing everyday, because I see how you act when the other girls are next to you, taking her shirts off. I see how you hold your waist instead of take of you shirt too - because is too hot here, and it becomes more hot when we’re working -, but you never do. You never take your shirt off, or your pants, even when you go to the river. And I can’t understand the why when you are so fucking beautiful.” You start to cry again, but Murphy hasn’t finished yet. “So, yeah, Y/N, I care about you and I want you and I’m not nobody.”

You don’t say anything, you just kiss him. You are afraid, but now you don’t because, God, he says he want you and you want him so bad, since the first time you saw him. He was taken by surprise, but soon he’s asking for your permition to put his tongue into your mouth, and you let him. Your hands grabing his shoulder to make sure he’s really here. To make sure that it are really happening.

Time to time he bits your lips making you moan, when he start to slide his hands into you body you grab his hair into you fingers, he hold your waist pulling you more close to him, just to slide, dangerous, his hand in the side of you body until your breasts, and slide them down again. You didn’t think twice before cross his neck with your arms, caressing his back with your nails.

He get up with you into his arms, going into your tent, putting you in your own bed, just to come on top of you. He kiss you again and again and then he stop looking at you.

“Are you sure, babygirl?”


So he leans again and kissing you more hard then before. You cross his waist with your legs, providing maximum contact that you both can have with your clothes on. But when he try to take you shirt off, you hold his hand and he stop the kiss.

“It’s ok, love. Belive me when I say that you are perfect. So fucking perfect that I want you all to me.” He says looking at you again, and you let go of his hand.

When he take you shirt off, he stop moving, he just stare at you, and you feel ashamed, you could bet that your heart stop for a minute, before you move your arms to cover your body. But then, he stops you again.

“No, love. Let me look at you.” He hold your hands above your head, smirking at you while he leans his mouth close to your ears. “Keep them here.” After say it, he start kissing you neck, going to your collarbones and down to your breasts, taking off your bra and smiling agains your skin, with his tongue circulatin your right nipple and his hand holding your left breast. You moan, taking your hands to his hair and feel he smilling agains your skin again. Then he kiss the space between you breasts and joke with his tongue at you left nipple. When he stop, was just to take off his shirt and start going down on you again, kissing your belly, every inch of it. At first you hold you breath but then, Murphy look at your eyes and smile at you. “You are so beautiful. I don’t know why you are ashamed of your body.” And, God, you feel so good listenig it from him.

When he take off your pants, you try to stay calm but, when you feel his hands crossing your thighs, you tensed your body, because you knew that he would feel yours stretch marks, and you don’t want he’d to. But after gave you a look, he leans his mouth in your thighs, making sure he’ll let his own marks on them. When he started to spread you tighths, you close them again.

“No, Murphy.” You say sofly to him. “You don’t need to do that…”

“I want to do that, Y/N. I want to taste you.” He says spreading you thighs again. “And you’ll learn to say yes to me when we come by this.”

And then he start kissing your pussy. And, God, that feel so good that you start to squirm your body and groan, and he stop, just for a moment, to look at you with a smirk on his face, just to start to eat you all again. And you could say that you never ever will feel that good again.

When he start the way back to your mouth, again kissing all your body, you start to think that you should make him feel that good to, so you take your hand to his pants, but he don’t let you touch him.

“No, babygirl, today is about yourself, got it?” He says before start kissing your neck. “I’ll ask it just to make sure: you want me to continue with this? Because if you want to stop, you can say it.”

“No!” You almost scream. “I mean, no… I don’t want you to stop, Murphy.”

“Good.” He sigh before lain his mouth into yours. His fingers working on your clit. “Wait a minute.” He says before get up, taking off his own pants and his underwear. You look at him, but then you look to the roof of your tent, ashamed. “You can look at me, love. I’m not ashamed.” He says smiling at you, and you do what he suggested. You look at him, letting a sigh go out of you mouth, his body is so beautiful and you want him so bad.

When he lains down against you again, he hold you legs, crossing them around his waist, making sure you are in a good position. And then… Then he go slowly inside of you, stoping a little, to make you feel confortable with his size. And when he start to move again, you feel in heaven.

“God, love, you feel so good.”

And for the first time, you actually feel good to him, with his breath beating against your mouth, his eyes connected with yours. He start to move harder into you, touching that spot inside you that make you almost see stars.

“Murphy…” You moan his name.



“Call me John, love.” With this, he start going more and more hard. And you did. Many times. God, you were so wrong. This is definitely the best way, you ever feel.  And when you came, you came hard. Moaning his name louder. And it took him to came harder than you.

“Damn it, Y/N. You so fucking hot!” he groan against your neck. Laying on your bed next to you, pushing you agains his chest. “How you feel, love?”

“Perfect…” You answer to him.

“Good, because it is what you are. Perfect.” He says kissing your forehead. And he don’t need t say it, because you felt it. You felt that he loves you in the same way yo love him.

Imagine Ivar saving you from certain pain. (Part 3)

Work IV

Part I:
Part II:

Summary: After three months of heartbreak you go back to Kattegat only to find Ivar in a terrible stage of rage what almost costs you your life. Luckily love overcomes everything.
Words: 1454

It was three months now … three months since you last saw Ivar, since you last felt his lips against your skin, since you last saw those gorgeous bleu eyes. He asked you then to come back as soon as possible but you couldn’t. You were two weeks home when your father showed signs of sickness. He didn’t get better and you couldn’t spare one moment to go to Kattegat, to see Ivar. Every minute away from your father could mean a minute less spend with him. The first month Ivar was permanent on your mind. But you forgot him a little bit when you fathers gets more sick every day. His memory just faded away while you took care of your father. Half the time you sat in tears besides his bed, praying to the gods he would get throught this. But he didn’t, he died after nine weeks of intensive sickness and you were left alone with a farm and nothing left to live for. That day was the first day you thought of Ivar again. You imaged Ivar sitting beside you on the bed, rocking you to sleep, wispering comfort words in your ear. But when you opened your eyes he wasn’t there. He never looked for you, visited you and you began to wonder if that one week with him was just a imagination.

Two weeks after the dead of your father you just began to wonder what to do with your life. You  couldn’t stay here, not with all the memories and  the heartbreak. Even if you would, what should you do? Live a lonely life far from any village? So you decided to travel back to Kattegat, to sell the farm of your fahter and to look for something else. It wasn’t a happy future you thought of but anything was better than staying in the farm, even becoming a slavegirl sounded good enough. But the closer you get to Kattegat, the more tenser you felt. What if you saw Ivar again? You were scared, scared of what he would say or do when you paths crossed each other. For that reason you left the horse in the woods and did the rest of the road on foot. With spring nearby it was harder to cover your face from al the familiar faces you saw. Kattegat chanched since you last were here. It was busier. More people, and more lookout points. You saw some shield maidens in you walk through the village. The great Hall was still as imposing as you recalled it to be. You looked from behind a wooden pallet to the builing. Ubbe sat on the steps before, staring in the distant. But that was not the only thing you saw. The great Hall had shield maidens in front of it, on each side of Ubbe. Some part of you wanted to talk to him, explain your abscent so he could prepare Ivar for it. But you were scared, even for what Ubbe would say about it. All the confidence Ivar gave you had vanished, you were that scared insecure girl again. So you left you possition, did the things you came for and then went to the beach to watch the sunset.

At some point you must have fallen asleep cause when you waked up it was dark … and Ivar sat right beside you. You startled and moved you body as slowly as possible until you sat right in the sand.
“Y/n.” He said with clenched teeth. You heard the certain rage in his tone and held you eyes on the sea, to scared to look at him. Would he understand if you explained? You swallowed and let you head rest on your knees.
“I can explain.” You began after a couple minutes of silence.
“Sure you can, how is life y/n, have kids already?” The sarcasm in his voice maked you a little angry.
“It’s not like that, I was,”
“My father died, murded by king Aella. My mother is killed by Lagertha.” He spat the words in the sand and you looked in the other direction. Thats why there were al those shield maidens, that was also maybe the reason he didn’t came looking for you.
“I’m sorry to hear that.” You reacted. What else could you said? You felt his gaze on you but it took you several moments to look back. And when you looked back you saw those blue eyes almost spitting fire. His reaction on those words came so fast you had hardly the time to pull back. His hand clutched your throat and he pressed you back in the sand. His face hardly inches removed from yours.
“I asked you to come back, I warned you for what I could do.” His fingers didn’t lost grip. He wasn’t suffocating you … yet. The tears rolled over your cheeks while your hand looked for some grip on his. “I needed you.” He wispered angry against your cheek.
“Please, Ivar, let me explain.” You squeaked, looking for some air.
“Why should I?”
“My father died to.” You threw out. He squeezed his eyes and lost his grip a little bit. You gasped for air and rolled on you side while coughing. Why did he do this? Was it anger, sadness? He almost killed you and yet you didn’t ran away.

You lay with you back towards him while you try to take control over your crying body. It came all at once, the loss of your father, the love you felt for Ivar, what he just  did to you …
“Y/n.” He said softly. He laid his hand on your arm and slowly rolled you over to your back again. “I’m sorry, I would never hurt you, I’m sorry, can you forgive me?” He asked. You had your eyes closed and opened them carefull to look at him. His anger was gone, in fact there was only sadness in his eyes now. “Please y/n, I couldn’t bare to lose you to.” He pulled a loose strand of hair behind your ear and strokes your cheek with his fingertips.
“Don’t do that again.” You replied while you wraped you arms around his neck and hides you head against it. He pulled you as close as possible and embraced you for as long as necesary. “I missed you Ivar, if I had a change to come I would but,” Your words get lost for a moment. He pulled his head back en cupped your face with one hand.
“What happend?” He asked tenderly.
“My father became ill, for nine weeks and then he died.” You wispered through your tears. He wiped them carefull away with his thumb before kissing you. On that moment you knew that you never forgot him, that you missed him with all of your heart. You fingers locked themselves in his hair, pressing your body so close you could to his. It was the most intensive kiss you shared with him and it felt like everything was on his place again.
“I need you y/n.” He murmured against your lips.
“I’m not leaving again.” You reassured him.
“Never?” He asked while kissing you again.
“I leave next week for Engeland, will you come?” It was typical Ivar to ruin sush a moment. You just said you wouldn’t leave him again, never, so your options were limited.
“If thats what you want.” You nodded. He smiled, a small insecure smile.
“I need to avenge my fathers dead.”
“Than I will be there to take care of you when you come back from battle.” You smiled a little shyly.
“Do you forgive me?” He asked, his eyes hurt by the idea of almost killing you. You nodded, planted a kiss on his lips and nodded again.
“I forgive you.” You replied. He wraped an arm around you shoulder as you let your head rest on his chest. You stared at the sea, the stars, enjoying the moment. You had so much questions for him but didn’t want to ruin the moment of peace between you.
“When my father died I pretended you were there to comfort me.” You wispered while looking back at him.
“When my mother died I pretended the same thing.”
“There in Valhalla now, celebrating with good food, laughing and telling stories.” You pussed yourself up on your elbows and looked down at Ivar. “You will avenge your fathers dead Ivar, you will concure, I’m sure of that.” You said with a strong voice, you believed in him. He maybe was a cripple but not in his mind.
“With you by my side I can overcome everything.” He said sofly, with a loving voice.

So … the end? Do you guys need more? Requests? I’m all ears. Hope you liked it, leave a comment if you do.

In Sickness And In Health

Hi! I bet you weren’t expecting a oneshot today, eh? I was rewatching Phil’s ‘‘Why I Can’t Go Back to the Gym’‘ video and inspiration came to me. I gave it a more dramatic tone than Phil did on the video, but you know how this goes, we love drama.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it and as always, every type of feedback is welcome!

summary: Dan takes care of Phil after his gym incident

word count: 1.8k

trigger warnings: vomiting

The sunlight streaming from his bedroom curtains woke Dan up. He turned his face away from the light before picking up his phone and looking at the time it was. He flipped down on his stomach and started browshing his social media, liking some posts on Tumblr… It was a nice start to his day to be honest.

His eyes flicked up to the top of the phone and decided that it was time to have some proper breakfast, probably some fruit and cereal… Yeah, it sounded good and healthy. Now that he and Phil had signed up to the gym he should start at least eating a few more fruits and drinking more water.

Speaking of Phil… He got up and exited his bedroom, the carpet tickling his feet as he walked towards the kitchen only to find Phil filling a water bottle. And was he wearing his sportwear…? “Morning Dan” he heard him say, offering him a small smile.

“Are you going to the gym now? You are all dressed up for it at least” Dan commented, pointing at his colourful sneakers that said “cool shoes”.

“Yes, just grabbing this water bottle before I go” the blue eyed said, putting the cap back on the bottle and walking to the bag that was sitting on the counter, throwing it inside and picking his belongings. “Well, see you later Dan!” and he made his way out of the kitchen, making his way down the stairs a bit faster than he intended.

“See you! Don’t work yourself up too much!” Dan shouted, knowing Phil was already at the end of the steps.

“I wont!” were Phil’s last words as he closed the front door.

It was going to be a lonely morning…


Dan had just finished his breakfast and was about to switch on his laptop to check some emails when he heard a clinking of keys and the front door open. It had to be Phil, no one else had the keys to their flat… But Phil was at the gym, right? He checked the time and saw that not even half an hour had passed since he had left for the gym, it was impossible that he had worked out that fast on his first day!

“Phil?” Dan asked waryly, pocking his head onto the hallway not really knowing what to expect.

But he didn’t receive any response, he only heard the quick steps Phil made to the toilet and the fast closing and locking of the door. Dan was about to go back to his sofa crease when he heard retching sounds coming from the locked door. Phil was feeling sick…

Dan ran to the toilet door and knocked a few times after the vomiting sounds had stopped, “Phil?” He didn’t hear any response, just the flusing of the toilet and the closing of the tap.

He was about to knock again but he heard the familiar sound of the lock and stepped back a bit so Phil could properly open the door. “Dan… I…” a croacked voice called him once the door was fully opened, a slighty green-faced and shaky Phil walking towards him, his blue eyes a bit watery.

Dan grabbed his forearms, stilling him a bit so he wouldn’t lose his balance.

“Hey, c'mon, let’s go to the bathroom so you can clean your teeth” Dan softly told him, guiding him towards it, “I will bring you your pjs so you can change those sweaty clothes, okay?” Phil just nodded and sat at the edge of the bathub so he could untie his shoes.

The brown haired rapidly made his way up the stairs and grabbed Phil’s pjs making his way back to the bathroom faster than he thought he could run. Just as he entered the bathroom again he noticed Phil was finishing cleaning his teeth, the green of his face fading a bit but he was still shaking.

“Here,” Dan handed him the pjs, which Phil took with trembling hands, “I’ll make you some tea so your stomach can settle down. Just go into your bedroom when you have finished changing, okay?” Phil just nodded and Dan walked upstairs again thinking what could have made Phil feel so sick.

He started heating the water and taking out one of Phil’s favourite mugs hoping it would cheer him up a bit. Dan was deep in thought while preparing the tea, thinking what could have made the blue eyed feel so sick. They had a heavy dinner last night, that was true, and maybe due to the exercise… But he was just running on a treadmill, it couldn’t be that bad. Maybe it was just a stomach bug…

He checked that the tea wasn’t too hot and started walking towards Phil’s bedroom, where he found the owner under the blue and green duvet, shaking still.

“Hey, I brought you some tea” he announced as he closed the bedroom door and put the mug on the nightstand, sitting on the side of the bed so he could put a hand on Phil’s shoulder as comfort.

Phil slowly sat up, rearranging the pillows so he was comfier and took the mug that Dan had made for him, “Thank you” he said with a hoarse voice, drinking a a few sips of the tea, feeling the instant warm through his body.

“Feeling better?” Dan asked a bit worried, hoping the tea was helping.

Phil nodded slowly, setting the mug on his beside table again, “Yeah, the tea helped, at least I’m not green anymore, right?”

“No, you have your usual white porcelain skin back, don’t worry” Dan reassured him, giving him a smile but soon a concerned frown appeared on his face “Do you think you are getting sick? A stomach bug maybe?”

Phil slid down so now he was lying on his left side facing Dan but not looking at him, just mindlessly drawing patterns on the mattress. “No, I’m not getting sick… It’s just…” Phil was really hesitating if he should tell Dan what really had happened. He would be grossed out for sure, and he was a bit embarrassed about it but he trusted Dan.

“I arrived and Leon was waiting for me,” Phil wanted to continue but Dan interrupted him.


“The guy who was going to teach me how to use the machines… Anyways, I told him I just wanted to do some treadmill running or cycling but he didn’t listen and he practically pushed me to lift a giant tire.”

Dan frowned at this, “I suspect you did tell him no, right?”

“Must admit it’s in my nature not to deny things and I ended up lifting it. I tried to say no but it was too late.” Phil mused, still distractedly making patterns on the bed.

“Phil, you need to learn how to stand up for yourself! You cannot be polite everytime!” Dan told him, a bit annoyed by Phil’s behaviour but more at the personal trainer for not listening to him.

“I know Dan, and I’m trying too but for me it’s too hard!” Phil groaned, frustrated at his politeness in uncomfortable situations.

“Well, don’t worry about it,” Dan put a comforting hand on his forearm as support, “continue please.”

“I started feeling dizzy and I tried to stop but he was shouting to ‘keep going!’ and I was so scared that I kept lifting it, and it was just the warm up Dan! The warm-up!” the blue eyed lifted his voice, emphasizing the last words.

“Tell me at least he took you to the treadmill after it.”

“No… He made me do burpees, I didn’t even know what that was!” Phil groaned again and rolled so now he was lying on his back, his head hitting the soft pillows. “And that’s when I started feeling pretty nauseous…”

“I guess you stopped doing the burpees, right?” Dan inquired.

“Yeah I did, I was not really feeling well and my stomach was getting more upset so I finally told Leon that I just wanted to run on the freaking treadmill and he finally listened and brought me to the machine room.” Phil explained, looking at the white ceiling.

“Why do I feel this story is not done, yet?” the brown haired said, repositioning himself better on the bed, lifting his left leg to the matress so he could look at Phil’s face.

“Because it’s not…” Phil sighed before continuing, “I was already running on the treadmill and he was explaining the differen modes and everything but then I started to feel really really queasy and wanted to throw up…”

“Please Phil, tell me you stopped running and went to the bathroom not to puke all over Leon” Dan said, running a hand through his curls.

“I… I just…” Phil started saying, his lips trembling a bit at the thought of what had happened, “I threw up, but not on Leon… I threw up inside my mouth and he asked me a question so to answer him I had to swallow it.” Phil rushed his words, hoping Dan wouldn’t understand what he said and turned around not to face him while grabbing the duvet higher so he could hide inside.

“Phil…” Dan sofly said. Yeah, it was a gross situation but he didn’t need to feel embarrassed about it. But apparently Phil wasn’t listening to him and continued his story.

“And then I excused myself to go to the bathroom and finally vomit and then I left. As I was coming back home I was so horrified about what had happened that I just wanted to throw up again so as soon as I entered the flat I headed to the toilet… and that’s it.” Phil finished his speech with a loud sigh as he curled into himself more that he already did, hoping that way it would all go away.

“Phil…” Dan called him again, this time lifting up the duvet a little bit so he could also lie down next to him, facing Phil’s nape, “It’s okay, it happened and now you are okay.” but he only heard a grunt and then a frustrated moan coming from the other human.

“Hey, come here.” Dan moved closer and put his hand over Phil’s stomach, lifting his t-shirt a bit, slowly posing his palm over the soft skin before starting to caressing it gently.

Dan instantly felt Phil relaxing at his touch, “better?” he said in a whisper, his breath near Phil’s ear making him shiver.

Phil just hummed and moved back a bit so his back was touching Dan’s torso. “Stay here, please?” Phil’s soft voice filled the room, making Dan tighten his grip on him a bit as if it was possible.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Dan responsed in the same tone, feeling how Phil was slowly falling asleep, ‘‘you know what they say, in sickness and in health.’‘ making both of them chuckle.

‘‘We are not married, you know? Even though our audience believes we are.’‘ Phil commented, his voice even and calm. 

‘‘Touché, Phil Lester. Touché.’’ 

“Thank you.” was the only thing the blue eyed could say before completely falling asleep in Dan’s arms, not really knowing if the sensation of a few kisses on his nape were part of reality or not.


“March of 2024.” You said, looking out to Central City. The city you called home, but your home was eight years earlier. “God, I miss Central.”

“Yeah, I do too.” Jax said next to you. You and the team has just landed in Central City, looking for the time anomaly that brought all of us here. The city hadn’t changed that much, a few new buildings, some of them changed, but mostly it was your city.

You were a part of the Flash team before you were a time traveller. It felt weird. You knew that the Reverse Flash was here because of the newspapers that he brought back from the future. You knew that Barry was still here too. You knew that Iris was here. It feels like it has been forever since you’ve seen your friends. The people who were your family.

“We should go to STAR Labs,” you announced to everyone, turning away from the city that glowed underneath the morning sun. “We have the Flash here. If he isn’t too busy with whatever person he’s up against now then he might be able to tell us what’s going wrong.”

“Barry? Cisco? Caitlin? It’s me, (y/n)?” You announced in STAR Labs, walking in the cortex. Things had changes in here. They changed where all the desks were and all the computers and monitors were all updated to the highest level. It was what she remembered and completely different the entire time.

“Barry!” You said a little more forcefully, hoping that the man you called your best friend was here, because you would have no idea where he would be living now.

“Oh, hey, babe.” Barry greeted from behind you and Sara. You turned to face him and his lips were on yours. Your eyes went wide and you gently pushed Barry off of you. He went back with confusion in his eyes. “What’s wrong?” He took a look at the blonde next to you. “Why’s Sara here?”

“We’re from 2016, Barry. We were travelling and we could use your help.” Barry’s eyes widened in recognition and nodded his head, taking a step away from you and putting his hands behind his back. Why had he kissed you? Why did he call you ‘babe’? “Why did you kiss me?”

Barry looked taken aback then looked at you then Sara. “Are you allowed to know about your future?”

As you opened your mouth to say yes, Sara cut in. “No.”

You glared at Sara, and you wanted to know why your best friend just kissed you. Were you together? If you were, what happened to Barry’s thing for Iris? You were confused. Sara continued talking. “We’re gonna take you to the Waverider, okay?”

Barry nodded his head and we went on our way back to the Waverider.

“I just want to know what’s going on, Sara.” You told your captain in a hushed whisper. Barry, Nate, Jax, Ray, and Stein were all in the library and you and Sara were on their way now. You were venting to her because you wanted to know everything about Barry in 2024. “I know we’re together, but I want to know the details. I want to know when we got together and I-”

Sara cut you off. “Look, (y/n), you can’t know those details because once our mission is over and you go back to 2016, you’ll be anticipating every little thing. You don’t know how that will affect your relationship with Barry, or the other things that could ripple because of it.”

You groaned, walking into the library. “But, (y/n),” Sara said, stopping you. She leant into your ear and whispered ever so slightly. “I would look at his ring.”

Your head snapped to the small circle of men around the table in the library. You marched forward, going to stand in between Barry and Jax and you took a glance at Barry’s left hand. On his ring finger was a black ring, a wedding band. You gasped sofly, “Holy shit.”

“What?” Barry asked following your eyesight until it reached his ring. He quickly pulled his hand off the table and held his hands together, covering his ring up. “Oh no.”

“We’re married?” You asked, looking this older Barry in the eye. “Holy shit.”

requested by: @arsenalpluswil

Imagine Ivar saving you from certain pain.

Work: II

First of all, English is not my mother “tongue” (can’t say that enough) so sorry in advance for the minnor errors or grammar. Hope you enjoy it, this is very new for me. So leave a comment if you like it?

Summary: You’re a farmers daughter going to trade in Kattegat, one night some men try to rape you, Ivar comes save you and he put an intrest in you.
Warning: Voilence
Words: 1308

You where already for a month in Kattegat. Last time you came here you were a kid, with your father for some business in the market. Since then a lot has chanched, Kattegat was bigger and there were a lot more people coming over to sell and trade. In that month you were here you always had the feeling that someone wachted you. And even now, when you were standing in front of a seller in skins, there was that creepy shivering down your spine that maked you looked up to the surrounding. But there was nothing, there was always nothing except for other people who were selling and buying.

One day you were standing aside of the great hall, your eyes followed the wood and the minnor details in it when you heared laughing coming from the door. Your eyes travelled to the four boys, you knew  them well, who didn’t, it were Ragnar’s sons. Packed in skins for the cold the oldest one slapt his brother on the shoulder and pussed him futher on the pad. Sigurd, the blond one followed while drinking, still laughing. And when you looked to them walking throught the crowd you feeled that shiver again. Your first instinct was to look down, to the frozen mud before you looked up and met those incredible blue eyes starring at you. It was the youngest son, Ivar. He just starred at you, his face flat from all emotions. It was intens, whatever you tried, you couldn’t make you eyes look somewhere else. So you smiled a little bit, uncertain what the meaning of his starring was. It was Ivar who was watching you past month?

You sleeping in one of the houses in the woods, it was a half hour walk and it was dark and cold. Your hands were stiff, you feeled the darkness starring down upon you as you walk between the trees. Some laughing makes you starle and you began to walk faster. “Slavegirl!” One of the men yelled at you. You were no slave, only a simple farmer looking to trade. You tried to ingore the drunk men but one of them walked, not so straight, at you and grabbed you by the wrist. “Slavegirl.” He said, laughing as you were attempted to get away from them. 
“She is a fine looking slave.” The other one said. You hardly saw there faces in the dark. The fear hits you like an ocean when one of them lay there hands on your hips, pulling you closer. 
“Let me go.” It was hardly loud enough for one of them to hear. The tears already rolling down your cheeks as they pussed your back to the try. 
“I want a turn.” “Me first.” They began a discussion over who gets you first.
“Please don’t do this.” You begged but non of them were listening. They pulled the warm animalskin from your body, pulling on your skirt while one of them makes his pants loose. You thought this was it, you would be rapped by a bunch of drunk men. You tried to yell for help but they covert your mouth. Just as you thought it would happen you heard one of them scream. You opened your eyes only to see one of them drop to the ground, an axe in his back. The next thing you now the other one before dropped before you feet. The other two ruched away. Your hands were shaking as you slowly walked away from the body before you. Your legs hardly can hold you so you collapsed against an other tree. 
“Y/n.” The voice starled you again but when you looked you saw him, the boy with the blue eyes, Ivar, as he pulled his axe from the first dead men.

He pulled his crippled body over the frozen ground to you and for a moment you weren’t sure what he was doing, saving you life or making it worse. You knew him harly but there were stories over Ivar the Boneless. You froze when he pulled your skin over the ground and gave it back. “You saved me.” You wispered.
“Good observation.” He replied with a little grin on his face. He sat beside you, shoulder against shoulder. You were almost freezing to dead but for some reason it doesn’t matter anymore.
“How do you know my name?” You looked at him, his blue eyes almost as fearsome like the tales you heard about him.
“I take an intrest in you.” He said.
“Why?” “You ask a lot of questions y/n.” He smilled, a smile you couldn’t put to words.
“It’s my right to ask.” You tried to be a little fearsome yourself but it hardly works.
“I’m Ragnar’s son, I have a right to ask.” He instantly replied. You nodded and looked away from him. The next thing you feel are his cold fingertops over your even colder hand. “Your freezing.” He said sofly. With your free hand you runned the tears from you cheeks, not answering his world. “Do you trust me?” He asked. You looked at him again, his eyes less angry, more commited.
“I don’t know.” You replied unsure of the situation.
“I just saved your life.” He looked at the bodies of the men who tried to rape you again.
“I trust you.” The words came without even blinking. When you looked at him there was that little smile.
“Good, come with me.” He demands and you followed without hessitation. What was it with him that makes you want to jump through fire.

You sat before the fire on the ground, Ivar right beside you. He did nothing really, except for bringing you here. “Why were you watching me Ivar?” You asked softly. It was still for a moment, you looked away from the fire only to see him watching in it.
“Can you fight?” He asked without looking away from the fire.
“No.” “Do you wanna learn?” Now he looked at you and you just nodded.
“I want to learn how the defend myself.” “There are a lot of things you have to learn.” He reacted. What? He smiled, a secretive smile.
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” You said in hope that he wouldn’t go further on it.
“I saw you there, you were scared, you never pleased a men before, do you?” He asked. You cheeks were colloring red and you looked straight in the fire again. A whole time there was nothing but silence and you relaxed a little bit again. “I was watching you because your a beautifull girl who hasn’t been spotted by my brothers,” he was quiet for a moment. “And I want you all to myself.” He wispers. You looked at him, slightly shokked. He smiled again and raised his hand, let his fingertops slid over your skin, you shiverd again but didn’t move an inch. “Lay down.” He demanded softly. You did it, you lay down on your back only to see how he is moving closer, pressing half his weight against your upper body. Your breathing was already reacting on it but you couldn’t do a thing. You just looked at him and closed your eyes when his lips pressed against yours. It wasn’t a hungry kiss like you thought it would be, it was kinda gentle and you felt weak inside. Your hand reacted, reached for his jaws as you tried to keep him just there. But you were no match to his strenght, he pulled back a few inches, his blue eyes locked in yours. “Was this your first kiss?” You nodded shyly. His lips pressed against you  cheeks, travelling down to your neck. “Do you want more y/n?” He asked between kisses through.
“Yes.” You wispered. You wanted more, you wanted more form him…
Part 2?? Or maybe taking a request? …

pastelqueen-sweetascanbe  asked:

Can you make a rfa plus v and saeran watching mc loose to strip poker.

Oh, I’ve already done this. You can see RFA and Saeran here.

But I haven’t done V, so here it is:

V watching MC losing at strip poker (NSFW-ish?)

  • He feels like an old man going through a middle age crisis and crashing to this frat party at your house to feel younger.
  • It’s so wrong to show up like this after being so distant from you, but he needed to see you, he’s tired of being distant from you.
  • He hears people yelling thinks like “High Card” and “Flush” and he assumes people are just playing poker.
  • He’s not really good at poker, but he has a pretty decent knowledge about it. It’s not about luck, it’s always about strategy.
  •  And you probably didn’t have a good one as he hears this guy saying “Straight Royal Flush, MC.”. Oh… he hopes you didn’t lose too much money…
  • “Come on, MC. Time to pay for your loss.” He doesn’t hear your voice, was it that much money? He wonders if he can pay for you…
  • You spot him standing just a few miles from you. Well, he can’t see you at such a deplorable state, at least.
  • “What are you waiting for, MC? Chop chop, your panties will be my trophy! “ Say what now? Ohhhh… this isn’t regular poker, is it?
  • “Dude, you don’t need to yell that loud!” yes, you don’t want V to hear you’re about to be in the buff in front of these people… “Don’t be a bad loser, MC. Just take your panties off, for fuck’s sake.”
  • “I believe pressuring another player is against the rules.” V states standing in front of you, his back to the other players. “It’s okay, V…” he notices your voice getting lower, as you get down… to pick your panties you just dropped
  • “Are you okay, MC?” he asks carefully. “Yes, why wouldn’t I be?” “You sounded uncomfortable… or are you uncomfortable because of me?” Both?
  • “Hey, dude! Get away! You’re ruining the view!” V takes the panties from your hands and throws at the guy. “You wanted this is a trophy. She is not a trophy. And… I really need to talk to you alone, MC, would that be possible?” “Yeah, sure.”
  • You take him to your bedroom, you just put your skirt and tank top real quickly, he can’t see you, but this doesn’t mean you don’t feel embarrassed about being naked with him that close to you.
  • “So, what do you wanna talk about?” “I think you already know what this is about. I own you an apology for being so distant and just barging in to your party like this. I made you uncomfortable back there and this isn’t right.” “I wasn’t uncomfortable, V, I was just surprised to have you here. I never thought someone so elegant like you would show up at a party like this, I… I don’t like you noticing how much of a mess I am, and…”
  • Oh, so were you feeling inadequate for him? He smiles softly noticing how amazing it is that opposites attract that much and still can feel the same way… “Why are you smiling? Are you laughing at me?”
  • “Never, MC. I would never laugh at you. I would rather laugh with you, make happy and sweet memories to you. I’m tired of staying away from you, MC.” Oh my… is this a confession? You’ve been dreaming about this for so long, so you hug him, and you laugh sofly as he hugs you back.
  • “Do you want to start making happy memories right now?” you ask. “Of course, my angel.” Then he feels you moving his hands from your back to between your legs.
  • “M-MC?” “Yes, V?” you try to keep it sexy and playful, but if he only could see how much you’re blushing… “W-Where are your panties?” “You made me let them back there, remember?” yeah, he remembered, but enough thinking about what happened, time to focus on what’s about to.

anonymous asked:

could you do more hc for hybrid jungkook going into rut and jimin becoming like addicted to jk's cum

+ “Fuck!” Jimin moans as he grips the sheets.

+ Jungkook snarls in lust as he sloppily thrusts into Jimin, watching his master’s cock bounce against his quivering stomach.

+ Jimin is embrassed about how often he has been helping his hybrid through his ruts. Jimin doesn’t know if this is ethical but it feels so good.

+ Jimin has always been a hard man to please in bed, no human ever being rough enough or has the stamina to keep up with him.

+ Jungkook howls as he grips Jimin’s hips to get in deeper, making Jimin arch his back as he screams softly in pleasure. “Master! Master feels so good!” Jungkook snarls as he fucks Jimin.

+ “Yes! Right there!” Jimin moans as his eyes flutter and toes curl. Shamelessly enjoying the sex in the moment.

+ Jungkook slams so hard that Jimin’s bed frame breaks but they keep going.

+ Jimin cums after he starts jerking his leaking cock and Jungkook came a handful of thrusts later.

+ “G-good boy…” Jimin says panting as Jungkook pulls out exhuastedly. Jungkook whimpers softly at the praise as he moves to lick softly at Jimin’s entrance.

+ “I’m sorry master, you’re in pain right?” Jungkook says as he licks Jimin’s swollen area. Jimin moans sofly as he pets Jungkook’s hair.

+ “It’s ok. You’re ok.” Jimin says feeling a bit guilty. Jungkook isn’t in the wrong here, “come back up to master Jungkook. Let’s snuggle for a bit.”

+ Jungkook crawls up as shoves his face into Jimin’s neck as his master gently pets him.

anonymous asked:

The silent demon approached the newly introduced Angel. Being cautious about angels he slowly approaches them, a wary expression on his face as he kept his distance when he was a good body length away. the demon didn't speak he just worriedly stared at the angel. a strong feeling of distrust came from them as his tail would twitch and whip, from pent up stress.

He was humming a song when he felt a pressence behind him. When the Angel turned around, he faced a fluffy demon. That was Mute, right? Before coming back to the Earth, he tried to memorize all the names and faces of OFB’s friends and acquaintances.

Also…that tail movement…the demon was feeling unseasy around him. He sighed sofly. Well, he was an angel after all, and he knew most of the demons were going to feel uncomfortable around him, but he wasn’t goint to let that discourage him! 

- Hi~ Is there something I can help you with? -he asked to Mute, with a sweet smile-


Imagine Ivar saving you from certain pain (part 5)

This is the last part of this serie, really enjoyed writing this, hope you all did reading it offcourse! Leave a comment if you liked it or if there is a request, you know where to find me.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Summary: The big Heathen Army landed in Engeland. You struggle with the fact that Ivar is going into battle so soon after you marrying him. But you are there, ready to take care of him when he comes back … alive.
Words: 2623

Björn decided to make camp in the woods. The whole time you traveled at the back of the army, becides Helga and the rest of the women who came along with this great Heathen Army. But when everyone setted camp up you couldn’t find Ivar, or his horse and chariot anywere. “He is with Björn.” Explained Ubbe who came to stood beside you.
“To do what?” You weren’t sure about Ivar and Björn going out alone. Björn stated it that he was the leader over this army and Ivar was frustrated by that since you all left Kattegat.
“To explore the battlefield. He wil be back soon y/n.” Smiled Ubbe. His comfort puts a little smile on you lips before you setted up camp with the others. Back in Kattegat, just for departure, you married Ivar and you were so confused by the love you felt for him that your mind was on nothing other then him. Helga was zo kind to keep your mind bussy while the evening came fast. Ubbe and his two other brothers sat laughing around the fire, Floki a little futher with King Harald and Halfdan. It took several hours as you began to get worried when you heared the familiar noice of horsehooves. You looked up from your tent to Björn who jumped of his horse right besides his brothers, Ivar and his chariot right after him. Bjorn sat down by the fire while Ivar stayed on his chariot. The brothers were having a discussion for a long time. But it was to far for you to hear what it was about. From the looks Ubbe gave his youngest brother you saw that Ivar sujested something that would lead the whole army. Ubbe was kinda proud maybe?

It took them another several minutes before Ivar drove his horse foward towards you. You walked to the middle of the path an awaited his horse. Ivar locked his eyes on you, relieved to see you after this long day of traveling. “Hooo.” You wispered to his horse. The white animal stopped and you petted his head before looking up to Ivar. He had the reins loose in his hands, watching you with a cocky smile.
“Wife.” He said. You grinned, weren’t just to the word yes.
“Husband.” You replied. You took a moment to observe his face. He was happy about something other that seeing you again. “You look cheerfull.” You said. Someone came to help untack the horse so you could walk towards Ivar.
“Did you miss me today?” He asked, ignoring your observation. You stood still after his chariot and looked how he carefully turned his body.
“You didn’t answer my observation.”
“You didn’t answer my question to.” He said while taking your hand and pulling you up his chariot, rather harsh. Such movements give away that he missed you for sure.
“It seems that you missed me.” You smiled while laying one hand on his shoulder. You looked in those bleu eyes and you smile became more tender. “Did you make Björn proud to have you as a brother?”
“It doesn’t matter what Bjorn thinks, the only one I want to make proud is you.” He answered right away. You slitly held your head tilted.
“If it will give you victory,” You felt silent for a moments. The idea that he could die on the battlefield maked you sick on your stomach.
“If I die tomorrow than is this our last night.” He suggested while wraping his arm around your middle. He pulled you closer, so close as possible.
“Don’t joke about this.” You wispered against his cheek.
“I’m not joking y/n.” He wispered back. You nodded, letting a tear out of concern roll over your cheek.
“I’m not ready to lose you.”
“You won’t. At least, if Björn will do as I say.” He smiled with selfconfident and you looked a little curious.
“Are you going to tell me?”
“No, not until my plan succeeds.” And before you can protest on that he pulled your face closer and gave you a passionate kiss. Thats how it always went with Ivar, he kissed you and you always wanted more because of the passion and lust he puts in it.
“Maybe I missed you.” You gave in, he chuckles.
“Brother.” Said a voice from behind. You pulled back and Ivar looked annoyed.
“What is it?” He asked. You turned around at Björn who gaved you a little nod.
“Björn Ironside.” You greet him respectfully. Björn was waiting until the moment you should go but Ivar had his arm still around yo uso you had nowhere to go.
“We need to discuss some things, come join us.” Björn pointed back to his brothers.
“I gave you almost a whole battleplan in hands, do I really have to do everything.” Said Ivar while rolling his eyes as if he was talking to a child.
“It’s oke Ivar.” You reacted when you saw the angry look of Björn.
“Listen to your wife.” Björn grinned.
“If you need my consult that bad.” Spotted Ivar. Björn didn’t replied and walked away. You turned back to Ivar and watched his envious look towards Björn.
“Go.” You said. He looked up and let his hand traveling down over you leg.
“I had other things in mind.” He pointed out. You pressed your lips together and tried to ingnore his touch.
“I want you back alive, to do that you have to talk to your brothers.” You pressed a kiss on his forehead and jumped of his chariot. You felt his gaze over you and when you looked over you shoulder you met his loving smile.

You didn’t wake up from Ivar crawling into bed. This was the first time for you away from home and it was exhausting. However, he crawling out of bed again did waked you up. You murmeld something weird and you heared him laughing about it. “Whats so funny?” You asked with that sleepy voice. You felt his weight on the bed again and turned your face to him. He was already half ready for battle. Your eyes grewed more conserned.
“Y/n, don’t do that.” He said while putting his hands at bouth sides of your head in the bed.
“Do what?” You asked as if you had no idea over what he was talking about.
“I can’t go into battle with the thought of leaving you restless, concerned.”
“I’m not just to see people I love go into battle.” You aplied sofly. 
“If we don’t see each other tonight than it will be in Valhalla.” He nodded strongly. You stroked his jawline and took a deep breath.
“To who do I tell your stories then? I don’t have family, or childeren.” You saw his eyes react on that last word and you let your eyes travel away from him. He lowered his head until it rested on your shoulder. You embraced him and felt in tears again. His lips kissed away your tears before he kissed you. It wasn’t a farewell but it felt like that.
“Make me ready for battle.” He wispered.
“Offcourse my love.” You answered.

You didn’t cried again, you were as strong as the men and women getting into battle. You buckeled one of the leather straps of Ivar’s armor. He grinned at you with a develish smile. “Not that hard woman.” He said before looking back at his brothers who all stood around the chariot discussing the last details of the plan. King Harald, Halfdan and Floki were among them, Halfdan looked at you, intensly. You held your eyes on Ivar before jumping of his chariot.
“I have straps that need some extra attetion to.” Suggested Halfdan. Ubbe and Hvetsirk looked both directly to Ivar.
“If you touch her I cut of your fingers and wair them as a necklage.” Threatened Ivar to Halfdan. It was hard to keep a smile for myself. You looked sideways to Hvetsirk who was laughing, his arms crossed before his chest. Than you looked over your shoulder to Ivar who still was looking at Halfdan.
“We go now.” Announced Bjorn while waking to the great army who stood awaiting orders.
“I pray for you all, may the gods help you throught this day.” You said farewell to the brothers. Ubbe took you in a embrace.
“May we meet each other again y/n.” He said. You smiled and turned to Hvetsirk who let his tumb travel over you cheek.
“Tell Kattegat our stories.” He said. Sigurd did not much and walked after his brothers. You turned to Ivar who was smiling down at you.
“My brothers are far to fond of you, maybe I need to cut of their fingers to.” He suggested. You slapped him on the arm en pulled yourself back in his chariot.
“Do something extrodonairy Ivar the Boneless.” You said before kissing him goodbye. “And come back, come all back.” You followed. He nodded before turning around in the chariot as you walked towards his horse. “Take care of him my friend.” You wispered to the animal.

It was a long day of waiting back a the camp. You stayed at the egde of the woods, against a tree looking towards the battlefield you didn’t see. Hours long you heared some violence but now it was completly still. Your eyes travelend fort and back over the countryside, praying, hoping that all of them came out conquering. You weren’t sure what you would do if Ivar died, do you wanted to live futher? You lost your father, your mother, did you want to loose your husband to? It was one horse and rider that gave you that little bit of hope. “The great heathen army overwon. King Ecbert is captured and we have camp in his kingdom now.” That was the message he brought before heading back. You looked sideways to Helga who laid her hands on your face.
“The gods have heard our prayers.” She smiled.

The kingdom of Wessex was hugh, you walked through those big gates and looked around you. The men where everywere, setting things on fire, yelling, celebrating. Your eyes felt on Ivar chariot, smeared under the blood of his enemies, his white horse not that white anymore. “Did you see Ivar?” You asked the men standing becides the horse.
“Ivar the Boneless? If he survived this than the Gods are favourd him.” He grinned. You started panicking, looking around for a familair face. Until someone grabbed you with your shoulders, you startled so hard you yelled. Hvitserk smiled at you when you turned around and out of relief you embraced him. He looked not that good but he was smiling, adrenalin still kicking in his body because of the battle.
“Is Ivar alright?” You barely dare to ask.
“He is wounded y/n. But his stubborn self. I was looking for you,” He pointed the way and you followed him through the castle.
“Why were you looking for me?”
“Because we all need those gentle hands of yours to fix us up.” He winked.
“If I can help,” You bite your lip and looked to the wound on his arm, a deep cut.
“Ivar doens’t want treatment so the only one who can convince that stubborn ass is his wife. I knew there was a reason why we took you with us.” He grinned. You rolled your eyes but smiled, at least one of them was okey.
“Sigurd, Björn and Ubbe alright?” You asked when you came in a big hall with stairs.
“The plan of Ivar worked, otherwise we would lost this battle.” Hvitserk replied. You nodded and came out in a small hallway with a room on the end, you could here Ivar protesting from where you were walking. Björn stood in the doorway, he saw you and walked towards you, giving you a little pet on the head before he walked out. You looked at Ubbe, he smiled, comforting while nodding to the bed where a woman tried to convince Ivar to take care of his wounds. And Ivar was Ivar, he looked mad and stubborn as always.
“You should talk some sence into him.” Ubbe wispered. Ivar sat with his back towards you so he couldn’t see you. Your eyes traveled down over Ubbe.
“If I’m ready with him I can look to those wounds to.” You pointed. Ubbe smiled. “We are alright. Take care of him first.” Said Ubbe.
“Brothers, if you can’t speak louder than,”
“Hold still.” The healer said. He sounded so angry and frustraded. Hvitserk gave you a promesing look.
“You should listen to her Ivar.” You said loud enough for him to hear you. The healer looked up as Ivar turned around, she was quiet relieved to see you, Ivar even more. You gave the brothers a little nod and they walked away while you walked towards Ivar. He didn’t look that good but he was alive and that mattered more to you than all the scars he would get from this.
“We won.” He smiled cocky. You flattend your face and looked over his body. He had a deep cut in his forehead and a lot of soar places over the upper half of his body. And a lot of blood covering more wounds probarly.
“I’ve heard.” You responed a while after him. You sat down beside him on the bed and laid your hand on his cheek, already concerned over the wounds he head.
“I told you I would be alright.” He smiled tenderly. You trew your arms around him, didn’t cared about the blood that would get on your clothes. He cringed a little under the pain.
“You stubborn man.” You pulled back looking at the wounds while crying again.
“Oh y/n, I missed you, it was the only thing I could think of when I was in that battle, you beautifull face and how much I want to kiss that again.” He became all vulnerable again. You looked in his blue eye while wiping the tears of your cheeks.
“We need to clean you up first.” You said, nodding, taking yourself back in control.
“They have a very large bathtub over here.” He suggested. You smiled, giving in already.

It was more like a pool, Ivar sat on the side, his elbows leaning on the egde while you stood and watched the place. “Weren’t it your words that said you would take care of me after battle?” He asked himself. You looked at Ivar who splashed some water towards you. You walked to the little stairs of the bad and let your dress fall in a pool on you feet. You smiled when you saw his eyes gazing over your body. You walked in the water until the water just covered your breasts before you start swimming. You held still before him, he pulled your body already closer and you grinned.
“My way of taking care is slightly different of yours.” You pointed out. You took a weird kind of sponge and pushed it against his jaw that still was covered in blood. He didn’t moved further with his plan, he just let you take care of him. “This will heal up.” You said about the wounds he had.
“A lot of scars to tell my childeren about.” He said with a small smile. You didn’t looked at him, you followed your movements over his shoulder, from one wound to the other.
“What holds the future Ivar?” You asked him quietly. He run his hand over your neck, breasts, stomach and to your lower back, pulling you so close you couldn’t took futher care of him.
“Only the gods can deside our destiny.” He wispered before kissing you.

- The end