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Sorry to break it to ya but Cuba is not your motherland because you weren't born there. Get over it. Stop acting like you know every inch and corner of Cuba lol it's embarrassing. America is your motherland. You're not Cuban, you're American. Your parents are Cuban booboo. Idgaf if your dad nutted in your mom in Cuba, you're STILL not Cuban ok? I'm sick of you AMERICANS owning MY country like it's YOURS. #no #byefelicia

Anon, ven aca.

Are you purposely trying to sound like an ignorant teenage girl?

and you call yourself Cuban? You’re the embarassment.

You’re obviously more Cuban than I am judging by your inability to express your opinion without bias and your vindictive nature. You are a prime example of Castro’s system.

Oh and btw, its not MY country, its not YOUR country. Unfortunately, its Castro’s.

So do me a favor will ya? You don’t like my posts? Unfollow.

Te garantizo que no tienes los cojones de salir de anonimo.

Bajando Bajando que esta nevando lipocharda.


On this date in history… Evil was born

On this date in history in 1926, a male child was born to an illiterate teenage maid in Birán, Cuba, who had been impregnated by the old man who owned the plantation where she worked. On that day 87 years ago, that young girl named Lina had no idea she had just given birth to evil. Her son, who they named Fidel, went on to become one of the most diabolical, murderous, despicable, and evil men to walk the face of the earth. That bundle of innocence Lina held in her arms and suckled at her breast would later become the personification of vileness.

There was no way for Lina to have known that her defenseless little baby would later become a malignant cancer on humanity that would go on to murder tens of thousands of people and destroy millions of lives.

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The amount of backwards-thinking-communist-hipster-douchbags that exist on tumblr.

As if any one of them truly lived in a flourishing Communist society.

What the fuck about Communism is in anyway appealing? I’m talking about ACTUAL communism, not theorized or imagined.

Can all of you backwards-thinking-communist-hipster-douchbags please all move in together and share everyone’s salary? How about all of you share one car? And all of you go to the same government run market and get your daily ration of stale bread.

It’s just illogical that in motherfucking 2014 people are so narrow minded and brainwashed.

I’m done. I’m going to lay in my temperpedic pillow top mattress while you commies lay on your relic of a mattress that’s been passed down 4 generations. It’s that same mattress your grandfather “won” at work in 1920 and where you, your parents where conceived.


Maleconazo 2013

Nineteen years ago yesterday the word “liberty” was chanted through the streets of Havana, Cuba by thousands of Cubans spontaneously gathered in protest against the dictatorship and desiring freedom.

Part of the reason that they were out there was the “13 de Marzo"tugboat massacre that had taken place less than three weeks earlier just six miles from the Malecon in Havana. Family members and survivors bravely spoke out and the news of what happened had gotten out.

Thousands of Cubans beginning in the early hours of August 5, 1994 took to the streets shouting for freedom and continued throughout the day.

The response by the regime was violent repression and police shooting at unarmed civilians and beating them down with night sticks. After things were under control the dictator Fidel Castro appeared on the scene and opened the borders. Before that announcement fleeing refugees had confronted snipers and grenades.

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