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A playlist for Ymir, the worst person ever

(dedicated to Sofie, who helped me out, and is all around wonderful!)

01. Abraham’s Daughter- Arcade Fire|| 02. Eyes on Fire- Blue Foundation|| 03. Human- Of Monsters and Men|| 04. I Know I’m a Wolf- Young Heretics|| 05. Elastic Heart- Sia|| 06. Helena Beat- Foster the People|| 07. Shake Me Down- Cage The Elephant|| 08. Smile Like You Mean It- The Killers|| 09. Wolves Without Teeth- Of Monsters and Men|| 10. Breath of Life- Florence + The Machine

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I’m drawing something really good and I plan on finishing it later on! It’s a really good looking sexy male of @dookoa!!! Can’t wait to finish and show it to you guys, especially you, Sofi~ I’ll make the master piece amazing!!!

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Me: trying the figure out how sofie used to put jongdae on to bottom of her list 🤔🔍 ( I know we left problematic Tumblr User dreamybaeks behind but we still have some mathematical problems here I guess👀)


tumblr user dreamybaeks was a mess idk her 


watch out for lil’ Sofie Sullivan of Gym-Max!

Shattered Into Pieces.

SO I’ve had an emotional day, and I’ve used that emotion to write… If you want to blame anyone blame solicity97 (I’m kidding I love you Sofi, you brought out the best in me). Sofia asked me to write a piece about having to blow up the Foundry and last minute Oliver goes back in having forgot “something”… SO that is what I wrote and I sent it Sofi who told me it was good, but I told her I had held my muse back because of the pain of today… SHE told me to embrace it, to write the ending my muse wanted… SO I did…

FULL WARNING THIS IS PAINFUL, I think this is the most emotional thing I have ever written. So I hope the emotions feel real because this one kind of feels more personal… Anyway I’ll add the story under the read more because it contains spoilers and speculation for 3x19. SO DO NOT READ IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS/SPECULATION.

Word count: 2,909
Rating: T (But it is painful)
Summary: Spoilers and speculation for 3x19, (I honestly have no idea if this will happen, my muse needed to let emotion out, I’m in pain apparently)

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