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Whelp I spent my time crying for this, it’s time to share!

This AU sprung up on my dash and I was like “I need to record something for this! then it just kept getting bigger and bigger…so the recording is almost 9 min now…I hope everyone likes it!

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Made with SoundCloud you want any art?

So, here is finally my part two of my fanart recs! It’s going to be long, but it’s going to be worth it. So, if you like Miraculous Ladybug and you like fanart, here are these people I love and why. (now with examples!)

[also, there are hundreds of great artists in this fandom, but I am just one person. please remember that.]


I adore Starry’s work. She inspires me often because as you can see, she has soft overall color as you can see in Ladybug’s hair and suit and Adrien’s hair too. But draws the sweetest expressions and makes them glow. Look at how they are glowing in their faces, in their hair, that is the warmth of happiness right there.

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Three time’s the charm

Summary: "I wonder what they’ll say if both of you went out with me now,“ Adrien mused.

"And risk getting more lies?” Marinette asked.

“Where they’ll talk more about you and your adventures?” Nathanaël raised an eyebrow.

There was a pause.


“Let’s go.”

“I’ll get the keys.”

A/N: *whispers* ot3 for your soul. When one of your fav artists, aka @sofiaruelle, ships the things you ship, you tend to scream until your muse is awaken by that. Thanks to @birukimeraki for the beta! ^^

It was getting hard to work on your sketches when you have two boys latching onto you like leeches, which Marinette didn’t mind most of the time but she really needed to finish on this project as soon as possible and make the best out of them.

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Marinette’s Broken Hearts Club 

Listen to it here

Track List:

1. Like I Can - Sam Smith // 2. Dream Come True - Casey Williams // 3. I’m Not Over - Carolina Liar // 4. Invincible - OK GO // 5. Distance - Christina Perri // 6. Leave Your Lover - Sam Smith // 7. Not In That Way - Sam Smith // 8. Jessie’s Girl - Rick Springfield // 9. One and Only - Adele // 10. I Would - One Direction 

(Cover art done by the lovely @sofiaruelle)


I cannot express how grateful and in awe I am that so many of you wonderful miraculers follow my blog. I still can’t get over that I hit 1000+ followers, and this blog was started in January. WOW.

This fandom has been one of the kindest, most wonderful fandoms I’ve ever been in and I feel really blessed for the friends that it has brought me these past few months. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of talking to and interacting with is incredibly talented, creative, and unbelievably nice.

All of the artists, writers, cosplayers, rp blogs, amv makers, voice actors, etc. that I follow are insanely amazing and deserve every note/kudos on their posts.
The talent in this fandom and how hardworking everyone is never ceases to inspire me!

I know it’s not much, but I thought doing a follow forever would be appropriate for this milestone. I’m trying to work on something else to express my gratitude and to really thank all of you, but for now know that I love and appreciate all of my followers! Y’all rock :D

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2000 members 

Today Homestuck PH welcomes their Jane, Roxy, Dirk, and Jake, a.k.a. members 1997-2000 in the group. 

Thank you to our artist/members cashtier (Jane), sofiaruelle (Roxy), the-fresh-prince-of-mirkwood (Dirk), and sillehfrilleh (Jake) for their art donations! :D

We have completed all the steps to begin our new session.

Check out our 1000 members post! from September 2013!

lavnderfae  asked:

Thank you! Either way I'm gunna be up then haha. Ooh do you have any blog recommendations to follow in the fandom too? Or favourite blogs to follow?

I follow only around a hundred people so I assure you anyone I recommend I REALLY LOVE


  • def @miraculousubs for new episode stuff (and download links)
  • @sorarts does really cool pro level arts
  • @huffiestrikes does really sweet art and also reblogs a lot of quality
  • @peachbunni is like THE MASTER OF CUTE and also reblogs quality
  • @shishitsunari can’t be overlooked (AMAZING ART AND COMICS) 
  • @min-xie is a gift// her art is so dang good 
  • @gamnamu is a korean artist who doodles a lot of ladybug in their free time 
  • @coccinellu makes amazing illustrated ladybug videos and just has the most gorgeous style and is part of the french subbing team I believe
  • @michigopyon is one of the first mari/ladybug cosplayers and also reblogs so much quality is is generally presh
  • @syrva has GORGEOUS ART
  • @20053 is just so quality
  • @imasdf for MORE QUALITY REBLOGS 
  • @pozolegirl is like the fandom sweetie and always reblogs a lot of good stuff and draws really cute comics
  • @yaushie​, @spatziline, and @spcake​ have really really great art too
  • @clairelutra writes really good shit (really a++ though often nsfw)
  • @arinyac-2 has VERY VERY NICE ART!!
  • @miraculeusecoccinelle for quality quality reblogs and news
  • and I run @miracurefladyblog​ if you ever need any refs (and have a lot of ladybug doodles over on @caprette​)


Art by @toriitorii

Original post:

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Hi I’m sorry to bother you!

I was wondering if any of you guys authorized for your art to be reposted on instagram? I know this fandom has an art stealing problem so I’d rather be safe than sorry!

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I managed to find you guys cause the person credited your names but not all had credits and not all I could tag!