sofia the first: the floating palace

Its funny how Cedric wanted super strength in “Cedric be good” but sometimes I see Cedric in other episodes and its surprizing to see how strong he really is.

Its like when Cedric lifted that anchor in "The floating palace" and he didn’t seem to struggle that much or look tired afterwards.

In my opinion I think Cedric is stronger than he knows…  

… But then I see Sofia lift an anchor in “The princess stays in the picture" and I’m like 

"Damn Sofia , your 8 years old and you can do that 0.o " Looks like Cedric has some competition here ;) But seriously though how strong are these two XD


Disney Princesses featured in Disney Junior’s Sofia the First (in order of appearance)

  • Cinderella in “Once Upon a Princess” with the song “True Sisters
  • Jasmine in “Two to Tangu” with the song “The Ride of Our Lives
  • Belle in “The Amulet and the Anthem” with the song “Make it Right
  • Ariel in “The Floating Palace” with the song “Joining Together
  • Aurora in “Holiday in Enchancia
  • Snow White in “The Enchanted Feast
  • Mulan in “Princesses to the Rescue!” with the song “Stronger than You Think
  • Rapunzel in “The Curse of Princess Ivy” with the song “Risk it All
  • Tiana in “Winter’s Gift

Okay! The series two, Sofia the First Blind Bag figures have been announced!

We have: 

  •  Sofia in her pink dress from “The Amulet and the Anthem” 
  •  Sofia in her ballet outfit from “The Princess Ballet”
  • Amber in her peacock dress from “Blue Ribbon Bunny”
  • Oona from “The Floating Palace” and “Cool Hand Fluke”
  • Ruby
  • King Roland the Second
  • Queen Miranda
  • Jade YESSSS
  • Finally, a RARE glitter Amber! The same outfit she was in for the series one blind bags!

This series looks kind of not as detailed as series one, but I’m sure we won’t be disappointed, series one had beautiful figures, and series two will defiantly not be disappointing.

I am guessing they will be available at the same places Series 1 was: Target and Walmart in the USA.

Are you excited for Series 2? I know I am! :D