sofia the first cosplay

Cosplay update!  I know it isn’t munday yet  but I decided to modify my Sofia dress to look like her new one, now that Season Four has started airing and Season Three is on Netflix.  It was just really important to me to reflect how Sofia has changed now that Elena is out of her amulet, and the new dress really helps!  Last time I wore the dress without the pink, I got some questions about Elena, which told me that the kids actually are current with the series and will recognize who I’m supposed to be even if I change the dress, so I just took the plunge! 

I took this for a test run at a small event yesterday called Halfway to Halloween and so many people seemed shocked and delighted to see a Sofia?  I kept getting so many remarks like “we’ve never seen this” “omg a Sofia,” and so many grown men kept saying things like “Geez she’s so adorable,” which makes me wonder how many men watch StF and just don’t get the chance to talk about it until something like this happens.  An older woman leaned out of her car window to tell me I looked so cute and I just thought “This is why Sofia never has any enemies, she charms everyone with her cuteness.”  But children are a much more scrutinizing bunch than adults, so the real test for the new dress will be next weekend– we’ll see what the kids think!  If anyone is going to Alamo City Comic Con don’t be a stranger!  Just gotta sew on about a thousand more pearls in a week…)

I had so much fun being Sofia today!  I was part of group that volunteered to be hosts for a ‘Special Olympics’ event and I was actually really, really worried the kids wouldn’t recognize me, or be happy to see me, but they were all really excited!

I took pictures with so many new little friends that I lost count, and I would talk to them about Clover and Amber, but I was shocked how many of them asked me to talk about Minimus, and how much they grinned when I would mention Baileywick!  Even Mr. Cedric was the topic of conversation multiple times, but I had to help them understand that we don’t call him “Mr. See-dric” anymore.  The kids won medals for their races, and I congratulated them on earning their own ‘amulets,’  which they all thought was hilarious and flattering at the same time.

One little boy told me he was sad, because he doesn’t go to school at the same place he used to and he misses his friends, so we commiserated about that, since Sophia now goes to Royal prep.  One of the moms told her daughter to bow, but I wouldn’t accept that, since I’d only ‘become a princess overnight,’ and they all laughed.  It was amazing to me how much the parents knew and loved Sofia as much as the kids, whereas whenever I’ve been Princess Anna, the parents are like “Oh look, it’s…um…Elsa?” and there’s very little connection.  This was a totally different experience!


Sooo @supercolm tagged me in a 10 selfies of 2016 thing but I don’t actually take selfies so here’s 10 pictures of me in cosplay? because that’s the only time I’ll allow photos of me to be taken bye

I’ve grown so much as a cosplayer this year, it’s unreal. I started 2016 off with my biggest costume to date, Kylo Ren, and after that, it was just a nonstop stream of learning new techniques and practicing my craft. I also did more charity events than ever. Now, I’m finishing the year with my first ever cosplay commission!

I’m tagging @thoreaus and @cosplayconspiracy to post 10 selfies in hopes that they actually take selfies lmao

Though I’ve done several Princess Parties, I’d never actually attended a convention, so when I found out there was one in my parents’ home town, it seemed like a good time to get my feet wet! 

My mom agreed to cosplay with me and though her Miranda dress isn’t accurate by any means– it’s more of a closet cosplay– we had lots of fun and were recognized before we even got in the door!  I had a wonderful experience at the Special Olympics event I attended being Sofia, but I didn’t know if the convention crowd would be more critical.

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