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Sofia Kovalevskaya (1850-1891) was a Russian mathematician, the first woman in her home country to have that occupation, and the first woman in Northern Europe to be appointed to a full professorship. She had important original contributions in the field of mathematics, concerning analysis, partial differential equations and mechanics.

As women were not allowed to study at university in Russia during her time, she emigrated to Germany to complete her education, and was awarded a doctorate summa cum laude in 1874. Even then, she was not permitted to become a lecturer like she wanted, and only managed to secure a position as a ‘Professor Extraordinarius’ at Stockholm University ten years later. She was eventually granted a Chair in the Russian Academy of Sciences as a result of its rules being altered to allow it.

Sofia Kovalevskaya: Why she kicks ass

  • She was one of the first major female & Russian mathematicians.
  • She was the first woman appointed to a full professorship in Northern Europe.
  • She was one of the first women to work for a scientific journal as an editor.
  • She did some of the original founding work on differential equations as well as analysis and mechanics.
  • In 1874 she wrote research papers on on partial differential equations, on the dynamics of Saturn's rings and on elliptic integrals earning her a Doctorate in Mathematics.
  • She was the first woman in Europe to hold a Doctorate in Mathematics.
  • In the early 1880’s she had financial problems because she was not allowed to lecture at university as she was a woman, she then volunteered to provide free lectures and she was still denied the right. Although in 1883 she was able to secure a lecturing position.
  • In 1889 she was appointed Professor Ordinarius (Professorial Chair Holder) at Stockholm University, the first woman to hold such a position at a northern European university.
  • After much lobbying on her behalf (and a change in the Academy’s rules) she was granted a Chair in the Russian Academy of Sciences, but was never offered a professorship in Russia.
  • She also wrote non-mathematics related works; a memoir, A Russian Childhood, theatre plays and a partly autobiographical novel, Nihilist Girl (1890).
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Sofia Vasilyevna Kovalevskaya – was the first major Russian female mathematician, responsible for important original contributions to analysis, differential equations and mechanics, and the first woman appointed to a full professorship in Northern Europe. She was also one of the first women to work for a scientific journal as an editor.

scribeofthecodex  asked:

I just wanted to ask do you have any Romani women on the master list?

Not off the top of my head (or from searching of the summaries). Open to any suggestions people might have! Or any books I might look at. I must confess that Romani folk are a blind spot in my general knowledge.

A casual web search did turn up Sofia Kovalevskaya, a quarter-Romani mathematician and one of the first female editors of a scientific journal.