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El encuentro ☣ Jesús/Sofia

[Timeline: 31st December 2011, Saturday, 10:11 p.m., Barcelona, España.]

Jesús sat quietly in a chair in the middle of his vast living room in his Barcelona pad. The place was packed with people - guests; friends, family, and acquaintances he’d invited over to celebrate the New Year’s with. While the crowd spoke and moved around non-stop, Jesús remained still, riding the last wave of a calm high from smoking a joint a few minutes earlier. He was in the mood to relax and enjoy the changing of the year. It’s always been his favorite holiday. It must be the idea of new things to gain and conquer… After a few minutes Jesús decided to get up to get something to drink when the door bell rang. He walked over to the intercom, letting the person who rang know he was buzzing them in before pushing a button to unlock he front door. He waited for the new guests to arrive. Once the door swung open, a smile spread across Jesús’ lips, recognizing the people joining his party. One in particular caught his attention. “Sofia, que pasa, preciosa?” He approached the young woman who stood a lot shorter than him. He knew her. Who wouldn’t? She is after all one of the young Princesses from the House of Aragon.