sofia in the sea


So uh, This blog recently surpassed 1000 followers!

I am crazy thankful for all of you guys for following me and laughing at my dumb Bioshock jokes and drawings. So, in order to properly thank you I decided to do an art give away!


  • I will randomly select 3 blogs that reblog this post by January 25th and those 3 lucky winners will be able to ask me to draw *anything* they want!
  • The drawings have to be Bioshock related because thats what this blog is all about!
  • You can reblog as many times as you want before the 25th
  • You DO NOT need to be following to participate, but all follows are appreciated
  • I have the right to refuse to draw anything but I seriously doubt I will need to
  • I will draw anything/anyone from any Bioshock games, including OCs and self inserts
  • It should be noted that I am not a professional artist, and I’m doing this just for fun. As an amateur artist things make take a little longer or be a little simpler than people are used to, but please bear with me and I will do the best I can to deliver great art as quickly as possible!!

You can see examples of my work HERE

Good Luck Everyone!!

Look at this beautiful nerd:

Not only is she super cute…

…She’s also the greatest Rosalind Lutece cosplayer:

And her talents don’t stop there!

She’s also freaking amazing at crossplay. Here’s her amazing Ash Williams:


And her spot on Burial at Sea Sander Cohen:



She doesn’t get nearly enough credit for her cosplays. She brings characters to life that other people don’t. Take for example,Sofia Lamb, the villain of BioShock 2:

She also makes the cutest Jack Wynand/Ryan from the original BioShock:

@punkrockula is super amazing and I’m so unworthy of calling her my friend. Her cosplays deserve so much love. I’ve watched her work on them first hand. She puts so much time, effort, and love into them.