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Cannes 2017

When you’re betting on Cannes it’s always best to bet against the women. That logic held up this year as the Cannes 2017 lineup was announced and the Competion titles i.e. the films that compete in the main program that are the most watched and are eligible or the main awards, and only 3 of the 18 films were directed by women. Since the 70s that’s been pretty much par for the course for Cannes when the number of films directed by women have hovered between 0 and 4 in any given year. Still it’s a huge disappointment given the amount of acclaimed women directors who have movies being released in 2017.

The three women who had films that made it into the main competition, Sofia Coppola, Naomi Kawase and Lynne Ramsay, are worthy additions to any festival line up and were expected to show up at Cannes having all had films that have competed for the Palme d’Or before as well as all having served as jury members in the past.

But Agnès Varda who is a French legend who last showed up at Cannes in 2015 to accept an Honorary Palme d’Or for her body of work, showed up Out of Competition, an especially bizarre choice given her long history with the festival and the fact that, at 88, this might be the last film she makes.

It’s also disappointing not to see Cannes adding any new female talent in their main competitive slot while making room for them in their less prestigious categories. Cannes is a festival that likes to keep it in the family, so to speak, by inviting back the same directors again and again. And when they keep passing over female talent that means that the problem Cannes has with women directors is one that’s going to keep continuing for decades.

Here are the female directors and their films, announced for Cannes so far:


The Beguiled - Sofia Coppola
Radiance - Naomi Kawase
You Were Never Really Here - Lynne Ramsay

Out of Competition

Visages, Villages - Agnès Varda & JR

Un Certain Regard

Jeune Femme - Léonor Serraille
Western - Valeska Grisebach
After the War - Annarita Zambrano
Beauty and the Dogs - Kaouther Ben Hania
The Desert Bride - Cecilia Atan and Valeria Pivato


They - Anahita Ghazvinizadeh
Sea Sorrow - Vanessa Redgrave

70th anniversary events

Top of the Lake: China Girl - Jane Campion & Ariel Kleiman
Come Swim - Kristen Stewart

Short Films
Grandpa Walrus - Lucrèce Andreae
Across My Land - Fiona Godivier
Push It - Julia Thelin

Today in Yet Another OT3 That’s Canon

In case you missed OT3 ANALISIS #1 or OT3 ANALISIS #2

So the movie Sinbad. I’m gonna put this in chronological order (instead of as it happens in the movie, because context is key)

  • So Sinbad is an orphan in trouble in a big city who is about to get the shit beaten out of him. And Proteus, the fucking prince, climbs down a goddam castle wall just to save his life and fight with him. 
  • I mean, how extra is this guy? This is just the beginning of his being super extra over Sinbad. He has it bad for him, okay?

Originally posted by thenamelessdoll

  • So, anyway, they are best friends, nothing can bring them apart EXCEPT a girl. 
  • But here’s the catch. This is an arranged marriage. So this beautiful girl arrives to town and Sinbad suddenly realizes his bff (best fuck friend) has to marry her. So what does he do? He leaves, for their sakes. 
  • And Proteus and Marina have a beautiful, loving and respectful relationship.

  • Except years later Sinbad shows up again to rob Proteus and sexual tension ensues. Loads of sexual tension. Also they keep saving each other’s lives. 

  • Sinbad shows up to their party and ‘nopes’ out when Proteus introduces Marina because double bi heartbreak. 

  • And then when Sinbad gets framed for a murder, Proteus who hasn’t seen him in 10 years, offers his own life in exchange for his. Because this guy is EXTRA. He climbed down a castle to save him, of course he’s gonna die for him if he’s given the chance.
  • Anyway, Sinbad is having a gay panic wants to run away but Marina comes along to stop him and they basically have a conversation in which they both acknowledge they love Proteus. 
  • But, oh no, they fall for each other too. Hard. Fast. Real.
  • So anyway, by the end of the movie Marina declares her love for Sinbad.
  • Then Sinbad comes back to die instead of Proteus which is pretty much a declaration of love itself.
  • And then Proteus urges Marina to go with Sinbad so she can be happy at sea as she always wanted. Because he loves her too. 
  • And by the end we know they all love each other more than life itself.
  • What I’m trying to say is, if you don’t think every few months Sinbad and Marina show up at Proteus’s door to bring him gifts from far off lands and have lots of healthy poly loving sex, you’re lying to yourself. 

(this is Proteus introducing Marina to their new shared boyfriend)

most of this gifs are from @toxzen by the way, I just needed them to prove a point

depending on an angle from which you are looking at the characters of bioshock, everybody is a victim in some way.

and then there’s Frank Fontaine…

Look at this beautiful nerd:

Not only is she super cute…

…She’s also the greatest Rosalind Lutece cosplayer:

And her talents don’t stop there!

She’s also freaking amazing at crossplay. Here’s her amazing Ash Williams:


And her spot on Burial at Sea Sander Cohen:



She doesn’t get nearly enough credit for her cosplays. She brings characters to life that other people don’t. Take for example,Sofia Lamb, the villain of BioShock 2:

She also makes the cutest Jack Wynand/Ryan from the original BioShock:

@punkrockula is super amazing and I’m so unworthy of calling her my friend. Her cosplays deserve so much love. I’ve watched her work on them first hand. She puts so much time, effort, and love into them. 

“Обичам го, ама не е достатъчен тоя глагол. На нас ни трябва друга дума, истинска, гигантска, която като потъне в Черно море, то да прелее до София.”

- Цвета Стоева


royal family july 2017 photo challenge [6/31] : favorite photos of royal updos

crown princess mary:  official visit to iceland (2008) || christening of the twins (2011) || bambi awards (2014) || queen margrethe’s 75th birthday gala (2015)

crown princess victoria: pre-wedding dinner (2010) || nobel prize award (2012) || princess madeleine’s wedding (2013) || royal patriotic society’s event (2017)

princess madeleine: wedding to christopher o’neill (2013) || christening of prince nicolas (2015) || nobel prize award (2015) || swedish academy meeting (2015)

catherine, the duchess of cambridge: london olympics gala (2012) || south seas tour (2012)

princess sofia: nobel laureates dinner (2014) || swedish parliament open (2016)

crown princess mette-marit: crown princess victoria’s wedding (2010) || inauguration of king willem alexander (2013)

countess natalya ilyinichna rostova / sofia alexandrovna rostova


sea of dreams - oberhofer / sylvia - the antlers / firewood - regina spektor / the body decsends - julia brown / should have known better - sufjan stevens / moth’s wings - passion pit / two scars - springtime carnivore / older brother - pepper rabbit 



So uh, This blog recently surpassed 1000 followers!

I am crazy thankful for all of you guys for following me and laughing at my dumb Bioshock jokes and drawings. So, in order to properly thank you I decided to do an art give away!


  • I will randomly select 3 blogs that reblog this post by January 25th and those 3 lucky winners will be able to ask me to draw *anything* they want!
  • The drawings have to be Bioshock related because thats what this blog is all about!
  • You can reblog as many times as you want before the 25th
  • You DO NOT need to be following to participate, but all follows are appreciated
  • I have the right to refuse to draw anything but I seriously doubt I will need to
  • I will draw anything/anyone from any Bioshock games, including OCs and self inserts
  • It should be noted that I am not a professional artist, and I’m doing this just for fun. As an amateur artist things make take a little longer or be a little simpler than people are used to, but please bear with me and I will do the best I can to deliver great art as quickly as possible!!

You can see examples of my work HERE

Good Luck Everyone!!


Small drawings over the last few weeks because I’ve never really had the time to work on anything bigger because of uni. That being said, I realised how much the whole act of drawing and art means to me and I really do treasure it when I get the chance to do anything for myself at this point.

I think rewarding myself but giving myself a little bit of time to draw is a good enough birthday gift for myself too heh 😄 characters who aren’t Daft Punk or Corvo or the Outsider belong to me, @hearditbothways and @cortnan


These are some scans from the small book that comes with the Soul Eater Special Social Studies Field Trip drama CD.
This is volume 1 and the only volume that came out. The drama CD’s that come with the gangan magazine are from a different set. The book has a character introduction and these 9 pages, which are connected to the story of the drama cd, but with a slightly different dialogue and order and only cover a small part of the story. The rest of the book has all the dialogue from the cd written down.

Translation of the pages:

(in Japan a school chime’s sound is described as ‘kin kon kan kon’)

Shinigami-sama: “Chuss, uss, uii~~ss, hello, hello, oii–ss!! Good wo~~rk ♪
(this greeting does not make much sense, think of it as “howdy howdy howdy”) The results of this years special social studies field trip from each group of students sure is something to look forward to, right~~”

Sid: “It is!!”

Maka: “Hn?!”

Black☆Star: “Oh?!”

Maka: “It’s here ♪”

Soul: “Ohhh!! That’s an impressive airplane, actually!”

- Owl tourist guide and stewardess - Sofia -

Sofia: “Attention please ♪
The plane on the right of my hand is the airplane you will soon be boarding~~”

Everyone: “Ooh!!”

Sofia: “And on the left of my hand is, will you believe it, Shibusen~!”

Maka: “…”

Soul: “Yeah… We know that…”

Stein: “Well then, shall we go!! Everyone make sure to greet Shinigami-sama.”

Everyone: “Yes!!
We’ll be going~!!”

Shinigami: “No need to worry about bringing souvenirs at all because I will be totally expecting them so I’m counting on you~~♪”

Sid: “Everyone has gone, eh”

- France - Flower capital Paris -

Spirit: “IT’S PARIS!! BABY!!”      

Maka: “!! Why is papa here!?”

Blair: “Nyahaha♪”

Maka: “Blair, you, too!!”

- Inside of Paris - Louvre Museum -

Patti: “Kyahaha♪”
“Look, this old man is naked! He’s a perverted bastard!! My stomach hurts~♪ Kyahaha♪”

- David Statue - *in real life the David Statue is not displayed in the Louvre Museum. The real one is displayed in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence in Italy. There is also a copy of the statue at Florence’s town hall.

Liz: “…”

Black☆Star: “Hey!! Why are the family precepts of the great me not displayed here!! I don’t care about art… I really don’t give a shit.”

Tsubaki: “Don’t you think that’s rude to Sofia-san who is so kind to give us a tour!”

Sofia: “Then what do you think about this? There is a special place. The spear that the god of the ocean - Poseidon - used, is still being preserved there.

Maka: “EEH!”

Sofia: “Are you interested?”

Soul: “…”

Sofia: “Please watch your step.”

Kid: “Mmph… it smells like mold in here…”

Liz: “It’s kinda eerie, too…”

Soul: “The god’s spear is displayed in a place like this?”

Maka: “Hop”

Sofia: “Since Poseidon is the god of the sea, the display room is built to fit the image of a sea floor.”


Maka: “Wo~~w… So bi~~g…”

Kid: ‘”Hm! It’s quite an impressive spear.”

Black☆Star: “You think so? It’s just a big fork.”

Soul: “It’s not really what I was expecting. Let’s just write a report and get this over with.”

Liz: “You’re right. We’re in Paris. You guys wanna go play!?”


Maka: “Iih!?”

Soul: “Who is it!?”

???: YO♪

Maka: “Woa…”

???: “What’s with that [Whoa].  It’s me! Matasaburou!!”

- Never leaving the side of the god of the sea, Poseidon —-,

Maka: “Eh….e~~~r… What kind of creature is that? Pre*ator?” (predator)

Soul: “He wears diving glasses, a wet suit and holds a spear… Bet he’s an illegal or something?”

- supporting his authority - the spear - Matasaburou… what is its strenght!? -

Witch: ”Ohohohoo o-ho-ho-ho”

- and the witch making her move, performing her sinister plan–…!!

Witch: “I’ll boil all of them in this huge pan.”

Soul: “Hey Maka, don’t you think something’s strange?”

Maka: “Black☆Star, Kid and the others are gone!?”

- the students disappearing with every second, all of a sudden…

Matasaburou: “I told you… I’m not an illegal!!”

- Now stand up… That strenght will even shake the heavens!?”

Maka: “What!? This soul response is from a witch!!?”

Blair: “I can feel a strong magic down here!!”

- Will the two people and animal be able to stop the witch’s plan? With the French castle as the battleground, the fight will begin—-!!!

Maka: “Kya~~~~~! What is thiiiis!! Fucking gross!!”

- Get control of this power of a god’s level!!

(I was thinking about translating the whole drama cd here but if I do that this post will become as long as the Great Wall of China. So I keep this to the translation of above comic pages only.)