sofia goth


Meanwhile, in Windenburg.
Alex and Sofia haven’t seen each other since new years eve.

sophMusica: “mom and her L bf is gone! YAY!”
A_Goth101: “Perf! I’ll be there at 7:30 DON’T BE LATE! 😠 (JK)”

S: “- Sorry I’m late! *nervous giggle*”
A: “- It’s ok, Hi! ehum …You look great!” *quick nervous hug*
S: “- Thanks! You too! …Uhm, so what should we do? Do you wanna see a movie?”
A: “- Sure!”

Two hours later
A: “- Aah, look at this romantic view, …the soft light from the occupied sign on the public toilet reminds me of the sunsets in Champs Les Sims!”
S: “*laughs* You’re so funny!”
*first kiss*


Suddenly the clock turned 2017 and they all ran out to the patio to fire up their fireworks!
*A lot of Ooohs and Aaahs*
Beth: “- Happy New Year everyone!”

(btw, The Spencer-Lewis-Kims lives in one of my all time favorite houses, The Villa des Arts by simsontherope)