sofia goth


Sofia: “- Hi! Are you still here?”
Alex: “- Yeah, sorry… I fell asleep on the sofa in the studio…”
Olivia: “- It’s ok! You want juice or something?”
Alex: “ - Nah… can I help you guys clean up?”
Olivia: “ - Sure! I’m gonna go and vacuuming…”
Sofia and Alex started to chat while they were cleaning, she got surprised how funny Alex really was, yesterday he was all grumpy and mousy.
Alex: - “… and then he told me, ‘it’s for the rain!’”
Sofia: “- Hahahaha! That’s crazy!”
Alex: “ - I think it’s done…”
Sofia: “ - Yes, great job, thanks for helping us!”
Alex: “- Yeah, no problem… I should go…”


I watch Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled teaser trailer for the first time and analyse the art references on this production.


jimmy (off-screen): all of you will meet two of my closest friends, cass and sofia ! i’ve dated each of them for a short while when we were younger, but we weren’t meant to be. but this means that i can trust their opinion on who’s the right person for me !

jimmy (off-screen): you’ll have the next two days to get to know them and make them like you. at the end of the second day, they’ll tell me who should leave the bacheloret house this time.

= the one w the lowest relationship score of sofia and cassandra combined will be eliminated.


After they emptied the sparkeling nectar, someone (Demo) came up with the brilliant idea to play Spin The Bottle.
Demo: “- Beth! Your dream came true, I’m coming in!”
Beth: “- Yuck! My worse nightmare!”
Wolfie: “- Sorry Alex, seems like it’s me and you, Blondie…”
Wolfie: “- Beth and Olivia! This will be interesting!”
Hugo: “- Your bestie is really on it!”
Sofia: “- Whatever…”