sofia goth


Sofia: “- Hi! Are you still here?”
Alex: “- Yeah, sorry… I fell asleep on the sofa in the studio…”
Olivia: “- It’s ok! You want juice or something?”
Alex: “ - Nah… can I help you guys clean up?”
Olivia: “ - Sure! I’m gonna go and vacuuming…”
Sofia and Alex started to chat while they were cleaning, she got surprised how funny Alex really was, yesterday he was all grumpy and mousy.
Alex: - “… and then he told me, ‘it’s for the rain!’”
Sofia: “- Hahahaha! That’s crazy!”
Alex: “ - I think it’s done…”
Sofia: “ - Yes, great job, thanks for helping us!”
Alex: “- Yeah, no problem… I should go…”


Suddenly the clock turned 2017 and they all ran out to the patio to fire up their fireworks!
*A lot of Ooohs and Aaahs*
Beth: “- Happy New Year everyone!”

(btw, The Spencer-Lewis-Kims lives in one of my all time favorite houses, The Villa des Arts by simsontherope)